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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Happy Tasty Tuesday Best Sandwiches

Thank you to our 

 Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus 

On September 12th I asked if
any of you would like to know the best sandwich in your state?
My recent issue of Reader's Digest had an article:
The Best Sandwich in Every State.

 I don't know people from all 50 states.   In your comment, tell me the state you live in or if from another country, pick a state. Over the next few weeks I'll be preparing a post about the Sandwiches.  I thank you in advance if you participate.  *indicates no one selected  this state

1.Alabama:  *Chicken and white sauce

2. Alaska:  Jackie from United Kingdom, Salmon Salad
The Last Frontier is also one of teh last places where Wild salmon thrive, and Alaskans turn their surplus into aa sandwich spread by mixing it with mayo, celery and onion and layering crunching cucumber on top

3.Arizona: * Fried Bread Tacos

4.Arkansas: *Catfish po'boy

5.California: Sandee from Comedy Plus, French Dip
Two Los Angeles eateries, Phillipe's and Cole's, each claim to be the birthplace of this baguette sandwich with rost beef.  The whole shebang then gets dunked in the beef's jus (French for gravy). Turtle lover is from CA but doesn't like this sandwich

6.Colorado: Nobby/Gail from Scotland, Fool's Gold
Peanut Butter, blueberry jam and a pound of yes a whole pound of bacon.  Dreamed up in Denver and served on sourdough, this variation on the classic had one very famous fan: Elvis Presley.
They are also considering moving to Colorado, Missouri or Utah 

7.Connecticut:  Molly the Airedale and Mom Sue, Clam Roll
Fresh clams collected along the Connecticut coast star in several New England dishes.  Frying them up for a sandwich with a splash of tartat sauce might just be the simplest.

8.Delware: * The Bobbie

9.Florida:  MadSnapper, The Cuban
This variation of the ham and cheese sandwich(with roast pork, ham Swiss Cheese, pickles, mustard and sometimes salami,) is often associated with working-class Cuban immigrants.  It was actually considered a luxury item pre-WWII.  A 1919 advertisement told wealthy Tampa residents that the Cuban made a great accessory for their evening drive.

10.Georgia:  Aunty YAM, from Scotland is vegetarian she would,  Pimento CheeseCombine pimento peppers, cheddar cheese, and mayo to make this tangy orange spread served on white bread. Aunty would have to use whole wheat

11.Hawaii *Kalua Pork

12.Idaho Huckleberry PB&J received 3 votes for 2nd choice from Nobby, Aunty Yam and Turtle lover she is from CA.  Wild huckleberries are treated like jewels in this Gem state.  Their taste is similar to blueberries but more intense. Their jam is what Idahoans reach for when assembling a classic PB&J.

Illinois *Italiah beef
Indiana*Pork tenderloin
Iowa*Maid Rite
Kentucky*Hot Brown
Maine* Lobster roll
Maryland*Crab Cakes

21.Massachusetts:  Ruby Rose and Ellen, Fluffernutter
Both Fluff, the marshmallow spread, and the sandwich it stars in were created in the Bay State.  Leila Mercer of Hudson, Massachusetts, says "in the 1960's I think every child in New England could sing the jingle ("First you spread, spread, spread your bread with peanut butter.  Add marshmallow Fluff and have a Fluffernutter.")

22.Michigan *Meat Pasty

23.Minnesota:  My GBGV Life,  said I bet it is a Juicy Lucy.   Walleye.
people fry up this freshwater fish all over the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Crisp lettuce, tangy tartar sauce and lemon wedges and a cold beer are optional accoutrements
AND Minneapolis has its Juicy Lucy (a cheeseburger with the cheese inside the meat patty instead of on top).

24.Mississippi:   Ramona, Slugburger  Said she'd be surprised if it was not Catfish. Surprise it is not.  Don't let the name fool you.  A 'slug' was once slang for a nickel, which is what these burgers originally cost. Patties consist of partly or entirely) of extenders such as flour or beans, dating back to a Depression-era when there was a need to stretch limited supplies of ground beef .The town of Corinth has hosted an annual festival honoring this pioneer of protein substitutes since 1988.

25.Missouri: Mama Kat and her Bear and Pix are both from Missouri. Burnt ends
The fattier edge pieces of beef brisket used to be trimmed of --until Kansas City cooks realized they were the tastiest parts.  As the name suggests, burnt ends get smoked to a crisp.  Then they are cut into chunks dribbled with BBQ sauce and tossed on a brioche bun with a pickles red onions.

Montana *Pork Chop
Nevada*Patty Melt
New Hampshire*Moe's Original
New Jersey*Pork Roll

31.New Mexico:  Rosy, Sunny, Jakey and Staff.  Green chile cheesburger
Green chile is practically synonymous with New Mexican cuisine, so much so
so that the pepper is also called New Mexico's green chile.  So it is no surprise that you'll find it topping burgers all along the state's Green Chile Cheeseburger trail 

32.New York:  Millie and Walter and Staff.  Pastrami on rye
Seeded rye bread and spicy brown mustard meet pastrami piled so high it can slow down even fast talking New Yorkers.

33.North Carolina:  Cecilia and Bryan, My Mind's Eye;  Pulled pork with vinegar and pepper.
Tar Heels (nick name for NC residents) assert that their state is the birth place of BBQ (much to the annoyance of their Carolinian cousins to the South) and they stay true to their original BBQ recipe by basting their pork with thick vinegar sauce and seasoned with red Peppers!!!!  We 200% agree with this.

North Dakota*Hot Beef 
Ohio*Polish boy
Oklahoma*Chicken Steak
Oregon*Bahn mi
Rhode Island*Hot Weiner

40.South Carolina Brian, Kiki, Seal, Simon and Staff  Pulled Pork with mustard sauce
As opposed to their neighbors to the North, S. Carolinians use mustard in their BBQ sauce.  "Carolina Gold" as they call it has a tangy, mildly sweet flavor that pairs well with pork.

South Dakota*Pheasant salad
Tennessee*Hot Chicken

43.Texas:  Hootin' Anni.  Beef Brisket
Juicy slow- smoked brisket often cured with coffee and served with pickles, chees or jalapenos--satisfies even Lone Star-size appetites.

44.Utah: 2nd choice for Nobby and Gail, Pastrami burger
After Crown Burgers of Salt Lake City started using deli meat as a burger topping, the craze quickly caught on.  Burger joints throughout the state now offer pastrami burgers usually with melted Swiss cheese and Utah's famous fry sauce (a mixture of ketchup and mayo)

45.Vermont *Vermonter

46.Virginia:  Pam from One spoiled Cat aka Teddy: Country Ham Biscuits
A Commonwealth staple since the Colonial era.  Virginia ham pairs perfectly with a buttermilk biscuit and a smear of mustard, if you like.

Washington*Smoked Salmon
West Virginia*Pepperoni rols
Wisconsin*Beer Brat
Wyoming*Bison burger

Da Phenny and Da Nelly and staff did not select a state but they were very excited to see the list and hopefully a recipe.  Sorry Da Phenny and Da Nelly no recipes were included.

If you would like to see the entire list of 50 state sandwiches and pictures, 

click HERE *

PS you might have to click one more time on the top link on the *page.


  1. oooh many thanks for the links... that was interesting to read... and it is so good that some of the old things are with us... like the slugburger...

  2. Oh how I wish I could come and tour the USA and try ALL the sandwiches.
    But with the desperate state of the UK currency, perhaps a better idea would be for all our American friends to visit us in Scotland. Cheap bacon rolls all round?

  3. Hari OM
    Well that is one way to tour the States!!! A fun post. YAM xx

  4. We have had many clam rolls at Lenny and Joe's in Madison and they are yummmmmmmmmm!

  5. Wow, I'm salivating!! Sandwiches are so good, no matter what is chosen. This post musta been hours of work. High-five!!!

  6. We could see the Walleye, because fishing is big here, but Mom hates fish. Interesting list.

  7. hahaha, okay I would have never guessed that because I've never heard it. Also, I wonder where these folks get that kind of information? I'm sure they didn't survey any of the people I know :)

  8. i enjoyed hearing about the sandiwches and our friend and where they are. I could live on sandwiches for 3 meals a day, of course not for LONG he he he.... next to the cuban and a burger, I LOVE pulled pork

  9. INDEED: crab cakes ... any which way! But as said once before, must stop visiting your blog: always leave hungry. You are
    making me add pounds ... you know I'm blaming it all on YOU!

  10. How fun. It's fun to see what sandwiches are a favorite in each state.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hugs, my friend. ♥

  11. That's an interesting list of sandwiches. We would argue that the creators of that list only looked to NY City and not the entire state when coming up with the sandwich for our state. The pastrami on rye is a deli staple in the big city but not so much anywhere else.

  12. I'm not sure what a Vermonter sandwich is. They do sell them down at the store, but I never paid attention. Go figure! I would've said hot turkey, myself. They are everywhere.

    OK, I looked it up and it varies widely, but basically maple roasted turkey, ham, Vermont cheddar, maple and/or apple butter, and sliced apple on any bread, toasted or grilled. I think I'll try it!

  13. Ed loves the Green Chili Cheeseburger....its a bit too spicy for me though.

    What great sandwiches for all states...I don't think there is one I wouldn't try(or haven't tried already!). Thanks so much for sharing them!!

  14. Kentucky's Hot Brown has 'em all beat! Iowa's Maid-Rites come in a close second, maybe a 2nd place tie with Maine's lobster rolls!

  15. I do love fluffernutters, but definitely not my favorite. I prefer a burger or a turkey club. :) XO

  16. Tell Da Phenny and Da Nelly that they can probably find recipes if they Google the names of the sammiches. Our huMom was googling PoBoys and Lobster Rolls a couple weeks ago and found recipes for both. Our huMom also says she has lived inOhio all her life (70+) and never heard of a "Polish Boy" sandwich. So she will probably be googling that tonight.

  17. That was a fun list and yes, the one for SC sure makes sense, I like the NC version too!

  18. What a fim. fun. post ~ something for everyone ~ I used to love fluffer nutters ~ Xo ~ Hugs to Angel Madi ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Wow! That's quite a list! Around here in WNY, we prefer beef on weck which originated in Buffalo (along with their famous chicken wings.) We also love a good reuben, like the ones made at Fox's delhi. Oh, and don't forget Danny's Favorite sub from Wegmans!

  20. We may be a divided nation but we all love a good sandwich.

  21. There are a lot I have not heard of, but lots of them sound delish.


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