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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Serene Sunday

Photos from an EMW
Beautyberry bush
Thanks to the friends who properly ID'd this beauty for me.

Sun just peeping over the roof



  1. That "service berry" bush looks like "American Beauty Bush". We see a lot of them here in Texas.

  2. Beauty Berry is also what we call it around here. They are pretty.

  3. Hari OM
    Yes, Miss C, I rather think that is Beauty Berry (a shrub) rather than the tree Serviceberry... but either way, it is very pretty and you have captured its best side! And I love that sun-peep... YAM xx

  4. we have those beautiful service berries growing wild down here, since I don't go out much have not seen them in a long time. sunshine is the best painter in the world

  5. Such a lovely home and we agree with the others - the purple berries look like beauty berries to us.

  6. WE gottem here too! And what in the world are you doing out at sunrise!?

  7. We love our beauty berry bushes because they attract the birds to their fruit in the early winter.

  8. I like that beautyberry. I haven't seen those around here. XO

  9. The Beautyberry bush really has lovely colored berries! I googled and it said great jam can be made from them... interesting. Loving all those trees and the sunny light.

  10. The berries were so beautiful and the lighting around the house is great. Lady liked the bench from yesterday too. Somehow we have become way to busy, but mostly all good or usually things. Lee and Phod who are doing their best to be patient with their people

  11. Absolutely beautiful berries on that bush and the serenity of the photos is perfect - like a breath of fresh air!!

    Hugs, Pam

  12. That really is a very pretty beautyberry!


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