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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sky watch Saturday

Thanks to June and Ann for this fun badge
Reminder today November 5, we all need to remember
in the wee hours of Nov. 6

There were 3 helicopters flying over Wooten Meadow Park.  I could only get 2 in the photo.  Remember to always look up, down and all around when you are out and about.


  1. Ginny has all kinds of clocks today to remind us about the time change. A real hoot. Love your kitty reminder too.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh, I say, were the whirlibirds flying formation?! Nice frame. YAM xx

  3. We often have helicopters flying over our house. It seems that we are on a common flight path for them. Every pet pawrent knows that changing the clocks doesn't mean we expect the time of our meals to change. BOL!

  4. HEY HEY ... look at me, I made it onto Madi's blog. But most peeps 'n' pets aren't too happy about me reminding them about the clock stuff, we were upset to learn that "congress" put on hold that thing about not having our time change, but then they rarely do the right or common sense thing up there on the hill anymore. Sigh, meow, bye.

  5. We won't forget because we got ahead (or back) of the game and started yesterday! In the old days I could of said that might be SSNS up there! Good Morning!

  6. We put our clocks back last week and this morning I just saw one that I missed.

  7. We've turned most of our clocks back already. Mom is very excited to see DST end!

  8. We never forget the time change because I start spreading about it at least two or three weeks before it's coming knowing that we have to struggle through the change for at least a couple of weeks. Especially those of us with pets they know the time they're supposed to eat and they don't care what the clock says

  9. I'd much rather have a helicopter than a change of time!

  10. My clock changed a day early. My mom calls at 7 am daily and I thought it was 6 am and something was wrong. XO

  11. You can change the clock but my tummy doesn't change


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