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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #112

 Today is Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 


I am old enough to remember when TVs became the center of homes. 

My thoughts today come from all the letters of


Everyone was in awe
Life as we knew it changed
Entertainment at the turn of a knob
Incredible invention
So much has changed since their invention
I am especially happy about the size of the screen!!
On Demand is a favorite of mine... I never miss a program
Never did I guessed how many channels would be available


  1. Love the picture and the poem. Gail remembers so clearly going to a friend's 8th birthday party and seeing her first ever colour TV!

  2. My nan had a TV like that, and when the screen went snowy she sent my uncle up on the roof to wiggle the aerial!

  3. Remember when at the end of the day the national anthem played with the flag waving?!!
    Does that age me, or what??

  4. I don't remember when TV's were that small and look how close they have to sit to see the little screen! I do remember watching my first color TV. I love On Demand too!

  5. Hari OM
    Our very first television was only a ten inch screen, B&W. We have indeed come a long way in visual entertainment! YAM xx

  6. we got our first TV when I was 15, dec of 1959, a 19 inch console. lt was magic. and require rabbit ears/tv antenna. black and white only. went off every night to the snowy screen. we did get to watch 3 shows a week in 1959 in KY. the neighbors got a TV and we would walk down and watch Highway Patrol, Dragnet, Wanted dead or alive. bob says their first tv looked just like this one but the screen was even smaller, he thinks in the late 30's early 40's

  7. My boyfriend and I were just talking about the miracle of microwaves last night! It's funny to think of a time when we didn't have them (much like tvs)!

  8. oh yes it was! and neighbors came to watch tv together... and they came in their "town clothes" not in their wellies and ole jeans...what a has something...

  9. Oh yes, I remember our first one.

  10. Television sure has come a long way. We never imagined we could have more channels to watch than what we have now. Cable TV has brought entertainment of all shapes, sizes and colors to satisfy everybody.

  11. I was well into my teens when a TV came into our home. The best memories are really sitting by the bookcase, listening to the Jack Benny show, Sunday nights I think ... loving the sound effects as he'd go down, down, down into his vault to check on his money ... oh how all those sounds would stir the imagination. TV when it came was a wonder for sure, and yet something was lost ... with the old radio, as with books ... we create in our minds, that's where we set the scene, the color, the shape ... the real magic is there.

  12. I don't remember our first TV but my Dad was a techie (before we had the name techie) and a gadget guy so I am sure we had one. I do remember our first color TV. I watched Make Room for Daddy ( I recall that being in black and white) after school while I chomped on a Nestle Crunch or the Hershey's version. Loved Ozzie and Harriet.Truly enjoyed your poem!

  13. What great thoughts....The TV was one of the main babysitters in our home growing up. I remember watching reruns of I Love Lucy, Creature Feature and so much more(we probably watched a bit too much TV LOL).

  14. We always love these "letter" poems when you do them. This one ROCKS!

    Hugs, Pam

  15. The TV has played a big role in most of our lives, whether family time or alone. When I was a teen I would go to my girlfriend's house to watch "The Monkees" because they had a color TV!

  16. That was a good one. I sure remember those small screens and big boxes.

  17. Very clever not just doing a poem but assigning the first letter


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