Monday, August 24, 2009

Madi's first year: Trials and Tribulations Part II

Madi Climbs, strolls and jumpst to the top of the Secretary.

Madi's fascination with heights did not end after the grandfather clock caper. A few months later, she changed her focus to the mantel. This trip was a slightly more challenging. It took her about a month to complete her trip. She had to jump on the back of this white chair only to find the lamp was in her way. We thought she is stumped. Not to be defeated she enrolled in a refresher Physics class to figure out the math for the jump. She finally had access to the mantel only to find she needed some fancy foot work to cross the mantel w/o knocking over the knick knacks to the other end. Once again she was not defeated. The Cat Woman in her said, I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Once again Dad comes home, as soon as he walks into the family room Madi announces her presence with a triumphant MEOW. Dad is not happy but he can't reach her from the floor, he doesn't want to scare her. Slowely he sweet talks her down. Now it is time to rearrange the furniture. We move the white chair to the middle of the room for a few days. Finally it dawns on me, Madi is screaming for mental and physical enrichment. Her inner mountain goat needs something HIGH that is HERS. That is WHEN and WHY we bought blue perch. You've seen lots of pictures from that perch. There have been no more trips on the mantel. As you can see a little adversity, brings out the best in Madi. She worked hard from day one to train us properly, too bad we were sucg slow learners. At about 1 year old Madi traded in her jumping shoes for her Diva crown. A Diva's needs are easier to handle than those of a mountain goat.


  1. MOL and LOL...she sure does have you trained! That's what she wanted all along...The Blue Perch!

  2. That is funny! (Remington speaking)
    I love your house! It is beautiful! The fireplace -- WOW! AND the beautiful furniture!(Beth speaking)

  3. Madi the Amazing!!!

    We have a mole in our yard, making a mess...
    Madi, you don't "do" moles do you?
    You're too much of a diva!
    Head rubs and nose taps,
    Kit and Crew

  4. Quite the story Madi. Glad you didn't knock any knick knacks over! hehe

  5. What a character little Madi is.
    Our little buddy Ping is part mountain goat too.
    One morning bright and early (like 4AM) I found him on top of our curio cabinet. That cabinet is 6 feet tall and it still on a half wall of brick.In all he was up about 9". We've had to devise ways to keep him from repeating his feat!

  6. We haven't had any wild nights with our fur babies. Probably because they just like to stay in bed with us.... It's starting to get fall like weather here so the hummers are loading up and will be gone in about 2 weeks. Then we will have our "winter" birds to take care of! Don't know how they do it in the cold weather we have! Poor little guys....

  7. Way to train your humans Madi!
    Oh by the way Madi, thanks for the award we had fun with it.

  8. Madi, I am sure Mom and Dad have forgiven you. How smart they are to figure you out. You just needed your special place. We love your visits!
    Love, Bambi, Happy, and Fern

  9. are too smart for your on good!


  10. Hi, Madi!
    I guess is much better to be a Diva than a mountain goat!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. What a great climber Madi is! We have a lot of high up places to climb here.

  12. Madi is a Diva--I'm sure she has nothing against mountain goats--however they don't meow! I like the crown too... :)

    Take care!

    Noir in Texas

  13. Madi is one smart cat........she has you wrapped around her paw..........

  14. Wow Madi was quite the kitten adventurer! I am happy to say we haven't had anyone up that high (yet) in our house. But they do love to go up where they shouldn't be. We used to have a set of shelves in our old apartment, and they would each sit on one of the top 3 - eventually I gave up using it as anything other than cat shelves!

  15. Hi Madi,

    I am so happy you could come to my birthday party. We are going to party until the comes home! Your mommy asked about the rollers, well I can tell you one thing, it wasn't easy! and it didn't last long either.

    Well, gotta get back to my guest's, this is fun!!!

  16. I meant until the COWS come home! Oh, I've had too many Shirley Temples!


  17. Hahaha! You sure trained them right, Madi. We're still playing mountain goat, though Mommy has learned not to put too many knick-knacks out on anything that resembles a shelf... MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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