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My 16th Birthday Header
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please pass the peas and rice

I know Madi should not be on the table, Madi knows she should not be on the table...that said...Madi IS on the table. This is not the first time nor the last. It is one of those obsessions she gets. She'll sit with us for several weeks. The cutest thing is when I sit down, she'll rest her chin on my wrist (don't tell her, I love it when she does that). In her defense, I will say she is well behaved when she sits with us and most of all she DOES NOT do it when we have company.


  1. Madi is not the only one who does it - but you are lucky that at least she is good up there. My kitties have decided that they are allowed to go anywhere all of a sudden, and they are not always sweet angels like Madi is - resting her chin on your wrist - so cute!

  2. Madi has very tolerant keepers.........

  3. Hay Madi!
    Tell them to pass the tuna!

  4. Happy got on the table the first year she was with us. I told her no!! I whipped her( not too hard ). Nothing worked. Then I found the thing that worked, a spray can of Lysol. I sprayed it into the air, not at her, just into the air. I did it 2 times. She has not got on the table since.
    Love you all Bambi and Fern

  5. It is ever so hard to make them be good when they are ever so cute!!


  6. Oh Madi,

    You have such lovely table manners!


  7. Oh Ms. Madi, Look at you sitting at the table, like you own the place...
    oh, yeah, I forgot-you DO own the place...
    Head rubs and nose taps,
    Ms. ~K

  8. Madi!
    Would you please teach me how to do that??
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I have always wondered why cats like to do that. Guess they all think they own the house and everything in it. I am so glad you are not getting into the plates Madi, but I sure would laugh if you did!

  10. She is a sweetie!! Awww.. Love the part where she rests her chin on your wrist. How can you possibly ask her to get down right?

  11. I don't get on the table, ever. Well sometimes when I am dictating my blog to mum. But not when there is food up there.

    Huffle Mawson

  12. How else are you suppose to enjoy a nice meal with the family?

  13. I sit also always on the table,
    WHY NOT ........ LOL
    Cute picture:)

  14. Hi Madi!
    We are tagging you back for your award with another one. If you want to participate stop over at our blog for the details.

  15. "Close to you!" (Karen Carpenter song from 1971)

  16. This wouldn't bug me, but the DH would never stand for it! He's much fussier than me. I laughed at your cat's antics, because they sound so much like mine - he's determined that one day he WILL find a way to climb onto the ceiling!! Currently it's the top of the bookcase - which he can't quite make in one leap, so he hangs off, scrambling, the empty bookcase swaying dangerously... no one's been hurt... yet....!! I told DH it's time to anchor that thing to the wall, before I get it loaded up. Cats! Crazy Entertainment!

  17. Madi
    With our kitchen being remodeled we now eat at the formal dining room table just like Momma!

    *woo hoo*

    I have a feeling when the new kitchen is in we will be back to the old way of eating!


  18. Hi Madi! Thanks for your post. I just wanted to let you know that Beth did the deal on my head. She thinks it's funny because I don't mind that stuff at all. She said I am a poser because I like to have my pic taken!
    Hope you get to sit on the table some more. Dud does it all the time!

  19. Madi, you sure are one lucky girl to be allowed to do that! Mom will let us, but the second Dad walks into the room, we take off like speeding bullets! Then he tells mom we shouldn't be on the table. But, she doesn't listen to him...Teeheehee

  20. Madi, That is great that you are so good when you are on the table! I haven't tried to do that when the humans are eating yet! Though one of the kitty's who used to live here did often!


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