Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Smart Dog

Hi Friends...Mom read this story to me. I thought you all would enjoy it especially our dog friends. Madi

Below is an excerpt from an article by columnist A. C. Snow, in our Sunday, August 23, 2009 newspaper, The News and Observer. The article was about the bumper stickers you see in and about Raleigh claiming my child is an "Honor Student at so and so school".
Mr. Snow wrote, "Well, we have an honor dog down the street. On a recent morning at 3 am, Rusty let his mistress know he needed to go out. Upon reaching the door and discovering that Raleigh was undergoing one of its recent gully washers, Rusty turned tail and raced down the hall, into the bathroom. There, he cocked his leg and let fly at the commode. He missed the bowl for the most part, but his owners gave him an 'A' for effort."
To the best of Mom's knowledge this is a TRUE story, as you can tell by Madi's expression...she
is skeptical.


  1. Hi Madi!
    That is a smart dog, but our cat Maxx is kinda in disbelief like you.

  2. I didn't let Buddy and Zack read this post...I don't need them trying to "copy-cat"...
    No offense, Madi

    ~Ms. K

  3. Why do kitties think that dogs are all dumb? I say good for Rusty and I have no doubt that it's a true story.

  4. Madi,
    I am skeptical too...


  5. Cute - either way it makes for a good story! :o)

  6. Silly woofers. They are always exaggerating!

  7. Very smart!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Madi,I have been trying to come on your blog all day! Left a comment on my blog for you because I gave up.
    Smart dog, he knew what it was for anyway. I made a rain coat for Amanda because she would not go out in the rain. Bambi uses it now.
    Rubs, Bambi and Fern

  9. I believe it! The only times Billy has ever "gone" in the house, it is on a small throw rug, right in front of the toilet. So if we are gone all day, I don't worry, just throw the rug in the washer!

  10. That is a great story! I think it is possible.... though I can't imagine Monty dog ever doing that!

  11. Hello Ms. Madi--and you have a SMART puppy!

    And you asked on my blog, if my Uncle MaxMaxx has a pink nose...nope....BUT my Mommy does! You two look alot ALIKE...Divas all around! I have pictures of her on my blog too!

    You're pretty!


  12. Hi Madi!
    Sadie said to tell you that, a Wubba is a toy made by the Kong company and they make one for cats to, Maxx has one. They are smaller, kinda cat size.

  13. Hi Madi! We're a little skeptical too, Madi...we didn't think woofies were that smart!

  14. Uh, ok..... I don't think I'd want my puppy to learn that trick! :)

  15. Madi, I have to agree with you - I am in disbelief on this one myself. I mean, it may have happened but was it just a coincidence - probably. Now if it were a cat...

  16. Hmmm...it's possible...maybe....

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  17. Madi.......your look is priceless.............

  18. MOL...that's a GRRR-8 story. Our mom's grandmother (RIP) had a cat she found on Halloween who was all black and named him Spooky (RIP). Anyhoo, she taught him how to go on the potty and one day, he flushed!!! She didn't teach him that, but figured it was from all the times watching her. He was a flusher from there on out...


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