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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dachshund Chronicles: Just one more....Fig Newton

9/28/09: Another Toto story...we're a day late with it due to Mom discovering how to make videos over this past weekend.

Rewind to another decade...late 1970's.....
We're on another trip to Atlantic Beach, NC. On every trip we always stopped for a potty break at Neuse Sport's Shop in Kinston, NC. This particular time we humans had been snacking on Fig Newtons. When we stopped, I closed up the bag put them in the dashboard of the car. I got out with Toto while my husband and daughter went inside. It was early spring so when Toto finished checking and leaving pee mail, I put him in the car for a quick trip inside. As we exited Neuse Sports Shop, I could see our car. To my amazement Toto had some how stretched his very short body to reach the dashboard where the Fig Newtons were stashed. My husband is 5'11", the seat was as all the way back. This was a long stretch even for a dachshund. Toto saw me about the same time I saw him. He looked at me, then he looked at the Fig Newtons, then back at me. Finally took one last gobble of Fig Newtons as if to say, 'I see you but you aren't here yet so here I go'. We estimated he ate about 10 of the cookies before we got to the car. It was a deep dashboard. We still don't know exactly how he got to them. Anyone who is owned by a dachshund knows where there is a will there is a way. Thankfully we got to the beach and out of the car before Toto had a major case of the runs!!! Every time he had to go out he'd look at me pathetically as if to say, 'I know I messed up I'm so sorry....please help me'. Bless his little heart he had a rough few days.


  1. Ok first I have to say that although the end results were not fun, the story itself is hilarious - I can just picture it.

    Second, I wanted to add that for some reason I am having trouble commenting on your blog - I had to get out of this post 4 times and go back before it works. Not sure why but I wanted to let you know!

  2. Oh my goodness! Guess when any dog wants something, they find a way to get it.

  3. Toto was a cute woofie! With an appetite for Fig Newtons!


  4. Hi my new friends,

    Toto was such a handsome boy. Mommy cried and laughed when she read his story today. Angel Samantha did in 2005 at 14 1/2 years old but it seems just like yesterday. Mommy used to have a fig tree in the back yard and if she didn't pick them right away, Samantha would jump from the top of the patio bench to the trash can and then
    pick some for herself only she ate them as while she pocked. Mommy said she can't count how many times sge had the "long thin dirties."

    Please send the poctures to & you could even send xome of Toto if you'd like. Mommy has posted pic of our Angel kitty and doggoe friends before.

    Mommy will be sure we come back to visit and for sure on Mondays.


  5. Occasionally, I am "gifted" with a cellophane wrapped brownie from a friend. I have to make certain the brownie is placed on a high shelf with no access by a certain short-legged doggy. He has tried to get the brownie unwrapped but, luckily, wasn't quick enough.

  6. As I said in my post... if you do something bad you pay for it!
    Poor Toto!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Ha! Ha! Sorry but my mom can't help but smile! That is a real great story! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Awww... poor Toto.. but I bet those cookies made it all worth the while!!

    Thanks a lovely story.. thanks for sharing.

  9. My mom says every doxie she has ever had (including me) has found crazy ways to get food. Uh, hello! We are doxies! What do you expect? Great story about Toto.

  10. Great story about Toto!!!
    I checked funny!! Thanks for that great story and you told it so well!
    Love you all, Bambi and Fern

  11. Its a very touching story ;)
    So lovely written !!!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Like I keep telling Beth -- if there's a will there's a way! Toto knew what he wanted and GOT it!

  13. ROFL while reading about Toto!!
    10 Fig Newtons for a human is bad, but for a small dog, that's a "cat-astrophe"!!
    He must have had a lot of spring in those tiny legs to get all of the way up there!! What a cookie monster!!


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