Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday Friends (or not)

Hi Cyber Friends...

I've had a rather interesting week filled
with visits from some strange creatures.
Some I'd call friends others I'd call
Not friends....check them out......

This first guy is a cool cat we call PURPLE Cat. Mom

told me his entire body lights up. Whoa that would be something
to see. Here I thought I was a cool cat cause I had
laser eyes.

Next may I introduce
Wee one
Mom told me he is called 'gnome'. Don't you mean "G"nome I said
no gnome...the 'g' is silent. Well all I can say is that is
just plain silly. How about calling me Adi and let my 'M' be silent.
I think I'd call him a friend in spite of his silent "G".

Squirrel Patrol where are you guys...this is definitely

a friend of mine. He comes on my porch
several times a day shaking that bushy
rodent tail in my face.

This green guy was on my door after dark this
week. I don't know what it is but he can sure
jump so, I'm thinking he might be a skinny
green mini cat??? And I'll call him

Respectfully submitted,
Madi aka (silent m)Adi


  1. Hey Madi! The green guy might be a little tasty to you! (hehe) You may have figured out by now, that I am a bit of a trouble maker. See ya cutie!

  2. HI Madi!
    You may not like that squirrel guy, but I bet he would be real fun to play with and chase around.

  3. *woo hoo * Madi we gotta see the purple kitty light up! Guess what Momma has a black kitty that lights up too. She will put it up furr 'alloween.
    WE do think that your little squirrel friend would be fun to with. heeheehee


  4. A gnome! Hummm!! That is a very interesting purple cat! That would be cool to see him all lit up! And I like that green bug!!

  5. Madi, may I talk to mom please.----Lynn, Tom came home in pretty good shape tonight. Thank-the Lord. I think the worst is over.
    Poor Patrick Swayze, he lived longer than most people with his kind of cancer. Lynn, you and I have a lot in common!!! Thank-you for your friendship. Fern

  6. Wow, is it Easter alreddy?

    Mom! Put Riley in his cage!!!

    Luv, Riley and Star.

  7. You had lots of very interesting creatures visiting you, Madi!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. You are a humourous girl (M)adi... Can my H be silent so you can call me Uskee? Heehee...

    Wow.. you have quite a number of 'friends' visiting you huh?

  9. Hi Madi,
    Lots of unique friends came to visit you!
    Is that the Gnome from Travelocity?!
    Let me at that squirrel, I'll keep him off your porch! Let me at him, let me at him!!!!

  10. Hi Madi!
    I hope you enjoy your award, we will probably be by Sunday to check out your post that we miss over the weekend. Have a good weekend! And relax with some good cat nip!

  11. Don't worry Madi errr still loves you more than the light up purple keep on smiling....

  12. Ooooo, getting ready for Halloween!!! YAY!!! We likes your furriends and not-furriends! We have a really bad squirrel that comes to our suet feeder and eats big, giant chunks of it! Our beans yell at him alot, but he'll run up like 2 branches, then come right back down! He's really fresh!!! We also like your green mini~kittie! We hope you have a furry fabulous weekend!!!

  13. I am so sorry, I got you mixed up with Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dreamt about it last night!!! I knew in my sleep, that I was wrong!!! Please forgive me!!!
    LOve Fern

  14. M can't argue with humans.....

    Interesting pics...........somebody's been very busy!

  15. Well, thanks for introducing us to everyone - friends or not. That Purple cat sounds very neat - I hope we get to see the lights on him some day!

    HAve a wonderful weekend!!

  16. You are right I did not know your first name...
    I do now and it is a very pretty name!!! I will never get it wrong again...I promise!!
    You are very kind. Thank-you!!
    Have a good week-end.. fern


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