Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Madi:Grooming of a Diva Island Princess

Mom, the brush is not clean. There is a lot
of gray in there. Did you use my brush?No
well ....whose fur is that

Mine you say....ummmm let me take a sniff ok
well maybe it is. From now on PLEAZZ

clean the brush after each brushing....

Yes right there under my chin needs brushing
you hold the brush I'll do the rest.....

Ok now please do my back and chest
Thank you and remember to clean the brush.
NOTE:Madi actually begs to be brushed.
She sits in front of the end table where
the brush is kept
meowing until I get the brush
out. Then the purring begins
and eyes glaze over.


  1. BOL...My kitty Addie used to be the same way...unless, of course, my Mama got the brush out and TRIED to brush her.

    Madi...tell your Mom that no biggie on Bilbo's name...He is Bilbo and he is my brother..ergo Bilbro, and why she just assumed it was a cutesy name for she can keep using it if she wants!

    Mom's gotta love them but they sure do confuse easy huh??


  2. I LOVE to get groomed. Beth does it every day! Don't we look good? That is why we are in pictures....

  3. MOL and LOL!!! Skeeter is a noodge when it comes to brushes being visible. Mom has to fend her off while she's brushing the little bean's hair!!! King and I, well, we could really care less. We left something on our page for you today!

  4. Sure wish someone would brush my hair. lol Maybe if I come to your house, your mom will????

  5. Jack doesn't need to be brushed - he has decided that he can just shed all over the house and that will be good enough. Amazingly, he is not yet bald, although I've found enough hair for about 18 dogs.

  6. Madi
    I know how you feel. I just love it when Momma brushes me.

    Miss Boo
    Abby hates being brushed.

  7. Happy Brushing Day, Madi!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Madi, we can see all that brushing makes your furs beautiful!!!

  9. Note from Gizzy: NO BRUSHING FOR ME!

  10. Hi Madi
    I love it when my Mommy brushed my fur :)
    (Thank you for inviting me for tee ;)
    I wish I could ..... LOL
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=
    and Mommy Anya :)

  11. If mom touches me with a brush I freak out!! We enjoyed the photoshoot with you and your brush!

  12. So it has the same effect as catnip?

  13. Madi, Our Bambi loves to be brushed!! Happy really does not! I think it is because Happy came to us when she was 2 or 3 years old and had not been brushed when she was young.
    Tom went to work today, a day before I thought he should. If he is alright tonight I will blog after dinner. I still need his help to put pictures on the blog. I am really still new to the computer.
    Love you all, Fern

  14. Yes, the brush should be cleaned each time...who wants to use a dirty brush?!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. That is so good that she likes to be brushed! My kitties for the most part will tolerate it at best. But mine don't mind it with a little fur - of course, when I pull it off they have been known to try and eat the fur, so I think they are very strange.

    Thanks for the nice post on my blog by the way - I appreciate it after the way this week has been going!!


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