Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Wordless Wednesday

I have special permission from Madi to do today's post

note from Madi: Mom is never wordless



Although I'm not a Diva Princess Cat I am a
creature of habit.....nearly every Saturday for the last

12 years (maybe more)

my sweet hubby and I go to lunch at a very special Cafe.

We call it 'Our piece of Heaven'. The owner

Rick calls it:

It is located in what used to be the old Seaboard Train

Station in downtown Raleigh. When we walk in we

are greeted like family and treated like Royalty.

No matter whether you dine inside

outside on what was the passenger platform
the food is delicious and the atmosphere is fantastic.
Butterflies,birds and fragrant flowers all around.

If you are ever in Raleigh, please drop to see

Rick and his friendly staff. You can see their menu and

get directions @


  1. MOm will SO go visit Rick when they come down next summer!!! Thanx for some more "tips" of the area!!! And, Madi??? That was super sweet of you to let mom have the bloggie today!

  2. Hi Madi's Mom!
    That sure was nice of Madi to let you do the post by yourself today.
    That cafe kinda reminds me of a place I go with my husband, but before we had Sadie, I would bring a little "doggie bag" home for Maxx. (we try not to give Sadie people food)

  3. That was great of Madi to let you post. That looks like a great place to visit - if we are ever in the area we will have to stop by - mabye we would see you there too!

  4. Nice kitty, Madi! Looks like a real special place to eat.

  5. Madi
    That was really nice of you to share your blog with your Mom. It sounds like she found a great place visit!


  6. Madi! You are a nice girl to allow mom to post! My mom keeps trying to put her say in my blog but I won't allow much of it. My mom says thanks for the information!

  7. Hi Madi and Mom,
    That looks like a very nice place to eat! If we every get there we will surely eat there, and say you sent us.
    Very nice of you Madi to let Mom post today.
    Love you all, Bambi, Happy, and Fern

  8. What a great place to dine and relax the old fashion way!
    Why, I can taste the sweet tea just looking at your pics!!
    I've marked it down on the "Must See List", after seeing you of course if we ever get to Raliegh!
    Hugs, K

  9. I told Beth that it be worth the drive just to eat there. Do they have any bibs for big black dogs? I can get kinda messy....

  10. Remember going there when Emily was itty bitty? It was my first time out alone after having her... boy - seems like yesterday! :o)

  11. Hi, Madi's Mom!
    Rick Perales looks like a nice man!
    I am sure his place is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. It looks a very interesting place there :)
    I wish I could drink coffee there with your Mom
    Madi :)
    Anya ^__^

  13. What a great place for you to visit and enjoy some time with your honey. Don't know how soon I will get in that part of the country but will definitely visit if I can.


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