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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madi: Breakfast Routine

I bet you are all saying I've seen this before but you have not seen this exact one. This was taken at 5:45 am today. Every morning I lovingly prepare Madi's small portion (1/4 can) of Fancy Feast. If it comes out of the fridge, I add 2 tsp of warm water to it, yes really, the Diva is not fond of cold food. While she is inhaling the Fancy Feast, I go up to clean her box. When I return, she is ALWAYS exactly where you see her, staring in the direction of her dishes, impatiently waiting for her morning portion ( 1/3) cup of Natural Choice kibbles. If it isn't promptly served, she will resort to a pitiful meow, quickly followed by circling my feet and loud meowing. The Diva's Cook


  1. Madi it is great that you have your mom trained so well! You are a true diva cat!

  2. 5:45 AM? I didn't even know there WAS such a time! :)

  3. Hi Madi!
    Sadie prefers her food microwaved.
    Maybe you should tell your mom, it might be quicker, and quicker is better for a diva.

  4. me neither JackD...

    Madi, why do you need to be up that early?

  5. MOL!!! She's an early riser!!! Skeeter and Scooter(RIP) get up at like 4:30 and run around the house like total freakazoids!!! Of course her foods must be warmed, she IS a Diva!!!

  6. Please come to my house. My food is cold.

    Grrrrrs (and hopeful longing) from Gizzy

  7. Madi
    I see your have your Diva Cook trained very well!
    From one Diva to another -- way to go!


  8. In answer to a few of the above questions:
    Jack and Tank yes there is really a 5:45 am on the clock. It is very dark at 5:45 am. I'm not the one who wants to get up it is Mom...she leaves for work at 6:45 am. If I want to eat I get up. As Dad says (he is retired) someone has to work to keep me and Madi in the fashion to which we are accustom.
    Sadie...Mom thinks the microwave would make my cat food smell a little too strong for her tummy in the morning.
    Skeeter: (from Mom) Thank goodness Madi doesn't get up at 4:30!!!

  9. Hi, Madi!
    It is importante to have a breakfast routine, right?
    I have mine too!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Is that A.M. or P.M.? What are you do'n up so early? We bet you go back to bed, don't cha?

    Riley and Star.

  11. Madi, Our Happy wants her breakfast at 5:15am.
    Tom gets up at about that time to get ready for work too. If he is late getting up Happy will wake him!!!! Loudly!!
    Love, Bambi, Happy, & Fern

  12. Madi, we are just like you...we have our routine and we do not like deviation from it!! It's great how well we have our humans trained, isn't it??

  13. Oh, that is way to early for Billy! Maybe 9-10 am lol

  14. That is good that you have a cook that will fix your food just exactly right. Sometimes we have to wait... especially on the weekend when the humans sleeps in!

  15. Isn't it nice to be pampered? I really think our people like to pamper us! I know Beth loves to comb me and give me yummy treats. And I would not want to disappoint her so I just keep letting her do it! We are so blessed, aren't we Madi?

  16. Hi Madi,
    Warm water sounds a lot better than "nuking" the cat food in the microwave and smelling up the micorwave oven!! LOL
    You have Mom trained well!
    Raider rarely is up that early! He's like Billy!

    Beautiful hardwood floors reflect your white fur!
    Raider's Mom

  17. It's a good thing you have your mom trained so well, Madi! It's important to set a good example for the beans...

    And then of course, once the food routine is done, you can go take a nice long nap. ;)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  18. Madi, we are so impressed that you have trained your mom to do everything exactly how you like it!
    That really is how it should be - you were born to be served after all.
    From you humble basset friends
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


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