Thursday, October 15, 2009

Madi: Friday Friend, My Dad

Hi Friends...I'm excited to introduce you to my Dad. Mom calls this picture 'My pumpkin holding his green pumpkin'!!! Pretty silly but that is how she talks. Here is the thing, Dad and my human sister love pumpkins. They like to one up each other on who buys theirs first, how much they paid and how big it is. Dad and sis have been talking about green pumpkins. Sis hasn't seen any in her city so Dad can hardly wait to tell her he has a green one. Our dogwoods are just starting to show off their fall colors.
Dad is my buddy we spend our days together.....

Mom took this last weekend...when it was warm.
She was going to post this a little later but with the cool weather here (barely 50 today) she thought she better post now. BTW Do your moms and dads have weird habits like mine do? Dad always hates to have to give up wearing shorts. Mom wears sandals until her toes turn purple. She had to wear socks yesterday for the first time since early April...They are weird birds but I love them anyway. Thankfully I don't have issues with clothes or shoes. Thanks for stopping by, Madi


  1. That sure is one kewl green pumpkin!!! Our beans were thinking about gping pumpkin picking this Sunday, but as of right this second...IT'S SNOWING!!! We're due to get about 6 inches!!! We like that mom brings some in for us to sniff and lick, she sometimes makes snowballs for us to whap around! Our beans are weird to and Dad's the same way about the sandals! Mom, she's just weird all the way around! Don't tell her we says that though! BTW...we are totally loving your picture today purrty Madi!!! Then again, ALL of your pictures are furry PAWESOME!!!

  2. Hi Madi!

    It sure is getting cold early, where we live it struggled to get in the 40s and we had rain and snow mixed, some areas get mostly wet snow.
    Sadie says " Snow sucks!" Sadie hates the cold weather.

  3. I don't know if that would make a good pie!

  4. *woo hoo*
    Green pumpkins!
    We have lots and lots of orange pumpkins in our pumpkin fields right now. No green ones that I have seen though. We are still ahead of the cold spell and it's not supposed to turn "cold" until the weekend and be 70.

  5. Thats a very nice pumkin Madi! Your picture is so pretty today too. And I also wear my sandels all year. Hoping I can still wear them in MA next week! lol

  6. Madi, tell Dad nice picture with his green pumpkin and his shorts. I guess Dad won this year....Love ya Madi, Bambi and Fern

  7. So dat pumpkin is ripe, right? That's pretty cool Madi!


    PS. Boomer gets held on her back like a baby to get her nails trimmed just like you, and she hates it too!

  8. That is really an unusual pumpkin, Dark Green!!
    Has your sis seen it yet? I think Dad won this contest!!
    I bet that dogwood looks so beautiful when it flowers!!
    Yeah, moms and dads all have quirks!

  9. Hi Madi! We've never seen green pumpkins as big as that one your dad has! Only little ones! So cool! Our mom has got quite a few pumpkins, big and small, all around our house. We just hope the evil squirrels don't eat them!

    You know, our dad doesn't wear shorts at all! But our mom has a hard time giving hers up when the weather starts getting now.

    Have a great day!

  10. Green pumpkins? Our pumpkins are orange, we do have green squash. Are your squash orange?

  11. Oh, we have never seen a green pumpkin before. How pretty! I bet your sister can't beat that one.

    You ought to live here in Texas, people wear shorts and sandals all year long, even when it's cold!

    Riley and Star.

  12. Re: Picture on Jack's blog -
    Actually Jack and Armand are wrestling - playing. Evidently the puppies try to grab each other as part of the playing. Jack likes to wrestle in the grass instead of getting up and running.

  13. Cecilia,
    Thank-you for your kind comment on our land!! I love this land more than any other place I have ever lived. I really do not love this house tho. I bought the house in 72 and it was started and then just left with only the sub floor and the plumbing started. I had enough $ to get it built but not finished. So I moved into a house free of any mortgage and not finished. It really is still not finished. It will probably never be finished.
    Love, Fern

  14. Madi, that is a great picture of your dad with the green pumpkin - I have never seen one before (other than pictures of them growing). I think you dad has won with that one!

    And as far as being weird - that is how us humans are - we all have weirdness we can't hide!

  15. Hi, Madi!
    Nice to meet your Dad!
    My mom loves sandals too! And if she could go out barefoot... she'd be happy!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Now, there looks like a huggable guy.......
    love the pumpkin too.......

    (You could just spray paint the pumpkins and fool sis.....she only sees pics)


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