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My 16th Birthday Header
Spring in NC

Friday, October 16, 2009

Madi: There is a mystery brewing.....

Yesterday I overheard an encrypted conversation between Mom and Dad. It went something like this, Mom said,"I can hardly wait, we'll be heading to the hills tomorrow for some R&R".

They are both looking pleased as punch about something; however, it seems a tad mysterious to me. I believe I'm going to have to call in my friend Detective Cy(ber) Geek to assist me with a thorough investigation.


#1 We live on a hill, why go to another hill?
#2. R&R is short for rock and roll right? We have R&R right here on our hill.
Cy says I should 'surf the web' for answers to my mystery.
Cy gave me many tips to help me with my investigation.

He said you will have to get very close to the monitor so that you can read all the information

and I would have to click a mouse to maneuver around cyber space. I'd rather chase a mouse but for the time being I'll follow Cy's instructions .

After asking a few questions, and a lot of mouse clicking, I found out the following:

'Heading to the hills' is Peep Speak for going to the mountains and 'R&R' stands for rest and relaxation. It appears I'm not invited which is fine with me. I don't like to ride in cars, I'm perfectly happy to stay on my hill for some R&R. Miss Debbie the best pet sitter in the world will be dropping by each day. She takes very good care of me but she doesn't BLOG so Madi and Mom Blog will be on R&R too.

Mom told me some of the things they are going to do and quite frankly it doesn't sound like rest and relaxation. They will tour the Biltmore Estate and and have supper at The Deer Park Inn. Depending on the weather, they hope to take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Scenic Railroad. Stay tuned for more pictures than you care to see of what mom and dad did in the hills while they were on R&R. They'll be back home in just a few days. Evidently getting R&R doesn't take long. (Hint: if you click on, mountain, Biltmore Estates, and Great Smoky Mountain Scenic Railroad you can read a little about each)

NOTE FROM MOM: It only took 4 pieces of kibble placed directly in front of the monitor and about 10 pictures, to get Madi right where I wanted her!!! Who can teach an cat a few tricks...with the right motivation. Everyone have a great few days, we'll miss you.

Madi and Mom


  1. We hope you have a furry safe and exciting trip!!! We will miss seeing Madi's Cutie~pa~Tootie-ish face while you're away! But, we'll be glad to see what all the hubbub of "Offur the hills" is about! We once again, hopw you have a great time and a furry excellent weekend!

  2. Have a wonderful time Cecilia, and I will be interested in seeing pictures fron the Baltmore.
    We went their on our honeymoon. Have some fun R&R.
    Safe trip, Fern

  3. Your post is a riot!!!! Have a blast Celia! (Madi, I'll see you at the petparty!)

  4. Maybe it's a surprise and they are going to take you with them! :) Just make sure your bags are packed!

  5. What cute pictures - no matter how many treats it took! :o) Have a great time!!

  6. Oh Madi
    YOU're a genius I tell you! And you put Sherlock Holmes to shame. Well the best thing is that you get to stay on your hill while you Mom and Dad get to go visit a new hill, that sounds fair to me. We hope your Mom and Dad have a great time. Biltmore House is fabulous and they will love their time in Asheville.


  7. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

    Riley and Star.

  8. Hi, Madi!
    Sure your Mom and Dad are going to have a pawesome R&R time!
    I hope you have a great weekend too!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Have fun with your petsitter. Maybe you can con her out of extra treats for some R&R of your own.

  10. I hope you're okay by yourself Madi. Let me know if you want me to come over and bust you out.

  11. Party on dudette...................

    (Be very aware when that kibble deal is going on)

  12. NOW you will FINALLY be able to get some rest! Enjoy your time off from all the modeling you have to do! Sleep and eat! Have a good time Madi. I hope your mom and dad do too!

  13. I hope you have a great trip with very good weather up in the mountains!
    At last, we see Madi at work on her blog! Very cute pics at such a small price! LOL
    Hugs, K

  14. Hi Madi's Mom! We hope you have a great trip and get lots of R&R!!

  15. Hope you're having a great time in the mountains!!!

  16. Madi, you should become a private investigator! You sure solved that mystery fast. I hope your mom and dad have a great time and do a lot of relaxin'. You will have the house all to yourself!

  17. Madi, I hope your mom had fun in the mountains. Maybe she will feel bad fur leaving you and give you extra treats fur a while?


    PS. Mom saw a green and orange pumpkin yesterday at a roadside stand next to tons of orange ones, so I guess it was just changing colors like yours. BOL!


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