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My 16th Birthday Header
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Madi is Back with a Cat-atude

I'm back from a blog hiatus. Mom took it over I had no choice. I'll be going to a hoe down this weekend so while I was gone I practiced dancing the Hokey Pokey. I've never been to a hoe down, but I hear it is fun, held in a barn, food galore, lots of places to hide, cute cat men and there could be mice....yippee what more can a cat woman ask for?
It goes something like this...

Thanks to Jack and TG for asking an interesting question about front or back legs. For safety reasons all puppies and kitties please only use your front legs when doing the hokey pokey

first you hold your tail high and shake it all about
put your tail as low as it will go...

put your left foot out and shake it all about while winking at the cute cat men...

put your left foot in to hide your toesies

put your right foot out and shake it all about
while watching yourself with laser eyes

you take your right foot in, close your eyes half way to appear very uninterested
in the entire dance

turn yourself around and shake what your mama gave you
That my friends that is what the hokey pokey is all about on a Friday night.
Afterwards, a girl acts very coy as she tries to attract all the cat men in the barn.
Yours truly Madi....
Mom says she promises never to take over my blog for 3 days again because all I do is get in to mischief.


  1. You raise an interesting question. When you are supposed to put your left foot in, which left foot is it? Is it the front left or the back left or both? And then if you tried to shake them all about, wouldn't you risk falling over? I think I'll wait until you've got it figured out and then you can share with all of us :)

  2. And just when you thought you hit ALL the bases Madi....more questions to be answered. BOL! BOL!

    Grrrrrs from Gizzy

  3. Madi, you are so funny!!! And a thought to ponder...

    "What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?"

    Hmmmm, makes ya think...

  4. (LOL)

    Well that explains why it was more like the herky-jerky instead of the hokey-pokey when I was doing it! :) -- Jack

  5. That hoe down sounds like a fun thing to do on a friday night! Madi have you ever thought about entering "Dancing With The Stars"? You would be a shoo in!


  6. Ha! Ha! My mom does the Hokey Pokey with the kids at school sometimes!

    You do it so well!

  7. Madi,
    You are so talented! A dancing kitty. You should go on a Talened Pet Show!!!
    Big $$$ coming your way!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya, Bambi & Fern

  8. Madi, I'm not sure if I told you this before, but I love the black spots on your hind legs. :-)


    PS. It looks like you are a good dancer!

  9. Haha! It was fun watching you do the Hokey Pokey, Madi!

  10. Oh Madi,

    We luved your Hokey Pokey dance! Adorable! And the song was good too.

    Mommy says she's sorry that she has been out of touch lately but our hooman Sister, Ashley had surgery on Wednesday.

    She has two little babies and we are only eleven months apart! We are taking care of the four month old at our house. Boy, are we tired!

    Monday we will take little Harper back to her mommy and Daddy and stay up there for a while.

    Ashley will have to rest for six weeks so mommy will only be able to blog and post when ever she can find the time. She will do her best to keep in touch as she can.

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  11. Oh Madi, are you exhausted after all of that dancing?!
    Not to mention avoiding that flash box again!
    What's a Diva Princess Cat to do?!
    Well, you are probably used to all of the attention by now!

  12. Ohhhhhhhh Madi
    I love your dancing poses
    You are my girl....
    HUGS love from Kareltje =^.^=

    Fantastic post
    I love it :)
    Thanks for your get well wishes ^___^
    Have a great weekend
    Anya (@^.^@)

  13. Madi, your hokey pokey was too funny!!! We sang along and now we are trying to follow the moves. Great post.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  14. WOW Madi! You are just too KOOL!

  15. Hi Madi!

    It sure sounds like your hoe down is a hit.

    But the true question is did you catch the eye of any of the cat men or may by a mouse or two?

  16. Madi, I hope you had a great time at the hoedown. Did you teach all the cat men the dance? You sure are cute doing it!


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