Monday, December 7, 2009

Madi and Mom: A few of our favorite things

This is the angel on top of our Tree...very simple but we love the effect we get with the tree lights

This is a very old and dear ornament. It is in honor of my sister and is on our tree every year.
Mom told me that this little baby was attached to a bow on a baby shower gift she had before Sis was born in 1971. She gets a little misty eyed over this one.

This bride ornament is 40 years old. It was given to Mom by a lady who hosted a bridal shower for Mom in 1969. It is handmade with beads and lace in some type of artificial egg shell.
(Note: Mom's Starbuck's ornament beside it. I call her a coffee snob)

Ok this ornament is in honor of Madi. It is always on the lowest limb of our tree.
I call the the tattle tale ornament. It has a bell in it, if I get too close to it, it tells on me.
Mom says everytime this bell rings a cat loses her halo...
I told Mom I saw 'It's a Wonderful Life' this weekend.
The correct saying is everytime a bell rings an angel gets her wings.
You know what Mom said, ha! ha! ha!

This is a very specical ceramic Nativty scene. It was made by my Dad's Aunt a long time ago.
My Dad's Mother displayed it every year.
Mom and Dad never had a real shelter for it until my Sis's hubby built this for Mom
Mom loves it. He also built the table it sits on.

Mom has mentioned my feline bro, Milky Way, (RIP) many times. He was my peeps first cat and he paved the way for me to be in this family. He went over the Rainbow Bridge in July about 10 years ago. That Christmas the Hidden Valley Animal Clinic the best Vet Clinic, sent Mom and Dad this Christmas ornament in memory of Milky Way. It goes on the tree every year.

Below are just a few of my peep's favorite Christmas ornaments. You might need to click on the picture to enlarge it. Over the last few years Dad has been buying 2 or 3 new ornaments from Crate and Barrel. I expect we must have about 15 by now. They are certainly pretty and thankfully Mom puts them up high so I don't accidentally bump into them.

The crystal snow flake was made by a very special friend over at WareWorld.
We just received it in the mail last week. We say thanks to our friends.
If you look closely, you'll see there is a mouse in my tree. The ornament has a small hole in the back that fits over a tree light. It makes it look like the mouse has a flash light.
You may click on the collage to make it bigger.


  1. Blogger is acting up, so you may get this comment twice!

    Love the post and all the memories!

    Re: TAR
    If I had been in the top 3, I might have just jumped off the building instead of waiting for the harness :)
    I was ok with any of the top 3 winning - none of them really stood out to me, although Cheyne and Megan did win most of the legs of the race. Miss America seemed to be fine when she wasn't stressed, but look out if she got stressed! And I got tired of the guys screaming at each other!

  2. Just beautiful! But.......I couldn't find the mouse. I'll have to try again.

  3. What lovely stories behind your ornaments. And ya know what?!? Our mom was born in 1971 too! Also, mom MOL'd at the bell story! But, we're sticking with your story 100%.

  4. Hi Madi!

    Such nice ornaments, we really like the one with the reindeer on it.

  5. Oh Madi
    Don't you just love it when your Mom starts unwrapping all those ornaments, does she tell you the stories behind each one? That must be so much Mom gets nostalgic when she looks over all of her ornaments, each one has special meanings...we especially like Milky Way ornament.


  6. That was so nice! I love looking at other peoples decorations! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Is it that tiny little thing below the mailbox-looking ornamant? Or inside the ornament?

  8. Those are some very special ornaments on your tree!

  9. I have the exact same angel tree topper!

  10. Isn't it fun to unwrap the ornaments each year? I'm like you, I have collected them over the years and there are many that have very special meaning.

    Each of yours are beautiful. I have a Starbucks one too!

  11. Madi, you and your Mom have terrific 'favorite things'! What beautiful ornaments and great stories behind each one.
    Grandma is doing ok for now. She has to start Chemo soon so we are not looking forward to that. Thanks for asking and keeping her in your prayers.
    PS: Would you mind putting a blurb about my book giveaway on your blog? I hope to have more kitty names to put in the food bowl and I don't have many kitty furiends....yet. Unless of course you want to significantly increase your chance of winning! ;o)

  12. Hi, Madi!
    All those are beautiful ornaments and sure they have a special meaning to your mom!
    My mom and my grandma change ours every two years and give the old ones to my auntie!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Wow have lots of pawsome "storyments". Mama says thos e are the bestest ornaments on the tree. The ones with the stories!!!


  14. Those are wonderful favorite things! Thanks for sharing them with us, Madi!

  15. Hi Madi & Mom
    Thanks for sharing some of your favourite things. We loved the stories behind your xmas ornaments.
    Isn't that what makes Christmas special - treasured memories from past years - that little baby has now grown and how nice that her husband has joined the family and is adding to the nativity scene!
    The bride from all those years ago - a moment never to be forgotten and a memory always treasured.
    Milky Way is gone but still loved and remembered and of course Madi you are always special too.
    Memories past and present - and the promise of future happy family Christmases.
    Yes we agree, all very emotional, enough to make us all misty eyed.
    love and kisses
    Martha, Bailey & Mum (who is now feeling very sentimental) xxxx

  16. Thanks for sharing so many antique ornaments :-)
    Its so wonderful to have it !!
    I have nothing from old ornaments :(
    Thanks for telling us your history from Xmas...
    ((HUGS)) for Madi from Kareltje =^.^=

  17. Thank you for sharing....they are SO nice!

  18. Madi, those are such gorgeous and memory evoking ornaments on your tree! Crate and Barrel have some great ones that look like antiques.
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. Hi Madi & Mom
    Well that is our mum just in from work and she wanted to say thank you for your comment!!
    Enjoy your night out Mom & Dad - we are also very happy to know you.
    This is the nice thing about blogging!!!

  20. Yes, that would be perfect. 'Madi and I would like to invite you to visit Twix (with a link) to read about her book giveaway.' (Incase you forgot what you wrote!) No, Mom didn't write the book....I laughed when I read that! hehehe! I would just like to have more kitty lovers in the mix as well. Thank you so very much! You and your mom are the sweetest! We also appreciate your prayers.

  21. They are all beautiful decorations! We have a bunch of Crate and Barrel ornaments - they have been kept in storage for the past couple years because they are glass and the maniacs would break them. The bell is a great idea - I have a few bells on the tree but they don't really give a good warning fromwhat I have seen.

  22. I have little snow on my blog its funny for christmas maybe you like it !!

    Anja :-)


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