Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Madi's Nose Knows

Tuesday night was our annual heat pump inspection.
Below are the receipts the service man (aka intruder to Madi's domain) left.
Evidently they had a very 'interesting' smell on them.
Madi was giving them sniff test from the counter. They fell to the floor
she continued to thoroughly inspect them ......then

she either decided they smell so good she wanted to absorb the odor
or either she wanted to save them for later. Whatever her
reason she ended up sitting directly on top of them.

I've been fortunate enough to be owned by 2 cats for a total of 21 years thus far. I
still can't explain 95% of what cats think or why they do the things the do.
I'm just tickled for the opportunity to enjoy them.
I'm pretty sure their noses control their brains.
Thanks Madi for making me smile and doing things to make me think.


  1. It's because Madi wanted you to pay attention to her. Our cat Boomer is always sitting on something mom is trying to read. How dare mom pay attention to anything other than the Queen of the Universe...! BOL!


  2. I have always wondered about cats because all mine have had what seems like an unusual fascination with paper. I wonder if it is because of everyone who handles it. I never thougth about that before you talking about the receipts.

  3. Addie always loved paper of any kind...big or small. I am with you and enjoyed the quieks and loved the cat!!

    The Mama

  4. She was checking the math! Maybe she's a cat-culator! :)

    (I'm sorry - I just had to say it! LOL)

  5. We think Madi what checking your receipts and concluded you had been overcharged. This is why she is sitting on them!
    You should have consulted with Madi re the bill!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  6. Madi sure makes us smile too!!
    By the way, we got your totally pawsome card in the mail today. Thank you so much! We'll hang it on the fridge with pride!
    ~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

  7. Maybe she wanted to pay the bill?

  8. The last picture would make a great ad for the heater guy..."Stay cozy as a cat!"
    Meows to Diva Madi,

  9. Oh Madi,
    You are so cute!! They were something that did not smell like the rest of the house so she was rectifying that! Love you Madi, Fern

  10. Hi
    There was something about it that she liked. That was so cute!! Only a cat huh??


  11. I'm with Gloria! I think she wants to pay the bills!

  12. That looks fun!

    I especially love it when my mom gets down on the floors with fabric and tissue paper! It is so fun to helps her!

  13. Hi, Madi!
    Did you see something wrong with those bills and wanted to tell you mom??
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Hi Madi!

    Maybe you were just hiding them from your mom and dad so you could play with them when they weren't looking.

  15. just keep doing those things that keep the humans guessing...that's what we cats do!!

  16. Thanks Madi, for making our mom smile too!! Were you trying to hide them from your mom? Hmmm.. maybe you can shed some light on why Hershey likes to sit on our mom when mom is sleeping? Heehee...

  17. That is the best way to protect something....just sit on them! You are so lucky....your mom and dad love you so much!

  18. Oh Madi, we knew right away that you spotted this was a bad repair bill!!
    That is just not what you need before xmas.
    We will keep you in mind if we win the lottery.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  19. Geez, we're furry late posting here! Mom was home yesterday with the little bean and got to get on the computer sporadically. Maybe Madi was trying to hide them, so you'd think there was no bill and take that money for her Chrismouse pressies???

  20. Hi madi
    Lovely post today !!
    I run always away with toilet paper
    and my Mommy don't like that ..... LOL

    Hugs Love
    Kareltje =^.^=


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