Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madi and Mom: Tuesday toes

February 2,
Happy Ground Hog Day!!!!

The secret is out..Mom is infatuated with my toes especially my pads.
She says they take on lots of meaning
like below they are expressive as "My point is"

when I'm sleeping she likes to play with them she loves that they are black and pink

here they are crossed but she says that doesn't mean I'm cross (as in mad)
I'm probably trying to keep her from playing with them.
So I say turn about is fair play...now I'm playing with Mom's
toes or at least I was but by the time she snapped the picture I had stopped.
Mom talks about my pad colors being pink and black.
One thing for sure I'm glad they aren't green like hers HA :-)

Respectfully submitted Mom and Madi's Toes


  1. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Happy Ground Hog Day!

    I guess everyone over your way is hoping he doesn't see his shadow and spring will come soon. While you are having snow and very cold temps it's starting to look like spring over here, very weird.

    I like to play with Cindi's toes too. They are so soft and pink and very sweet. You have very beautiful paws too Madi.

    Have a great day,
    Judy & Cindi Lou

  2. MAdi,
    Thats cute that your mom loves your toes. I bet she can give some good toe massages!! They do feel good, mom rubs mine.


  3. Madi our mom is a little crazy over our toesies too!

  4. HAHAHA CUTE Madi! Bet they are nice and soft too!

  5. Madi, I can see why your Mom loves your toes!

  6. Madi, you are totally adorable from the tip of your tail to the ends of your toesies. We loved the snaps of you. xxxxxxxx

  7. Madi, my mom luvs Boomer's toes too! They are black and pink just like yours. I don't get the fascination, my feet are way cuter than hers and they don't have sharp claws OR bop innocent doggies on the head if they try to sniff them. Hmmph!


  8. We love pink and black toes!!! Your's are especially adorable.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. We totally LOVE your pink and black toesies!!! We wanna play with them too!!!

  10. Does she play with your toes and say "This little piggy went to market...." and so on? Beth thinks it's fun to do that with my toes. I like it too! You should ask your mom to do it to you! She'll know what I am talking about!

  11. Cute toes! Happy Groundhog Day too.

  12. Madi and Mom, You do have VERY cute cuddly toes. I want to play with them tooooo! My toes, (Josie's) are very cute too. My nails are black and white and they alternate. My mom loves to just caress my Pussycats toes and my toes. It does feel good, though. I love the photo with your toes curled up. You look so comfy. Oh and I very HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY TO YOU AND MOM! Woof soon, Much LOVE!

  13. We can see why your mom loves your sweet little pads, Madi.
    You are just so cuddable! Happy Groundhog Day to you and your mom - sorry we are so late but another late finish at work!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  14. We love those cute little toes too.

  15. Yeah, sure Madi, as soon as the camera's out, you give your mom a hard time. Not fair. Although, I admit, I do the same. Isn't it fun to train our humans? Love the paws crossed with Madi nose photo!

  16. I am ready for spring. I am tired of the cold!!
    Happy will not let me touch her toes. Madi I wish I could play with yours. You had a good kittenhood, Happy, not so much!!!! Our next cat will be a kitten. Hopefully!!!!

  17. Madi you do have some very cute toes!! My toes are pretty hairy right now...Mama says the hair around them needs to be trimmed...I don't THINK so!!


  18. Madi, you do have pretty cute toes...we like them too!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  19. Madi. A very clever post! I love your mom's "green" toes! Most of the time M.O.M.'s are a dark green then sometimes she takes them off and and then they are a brown color and M.O.M. calls them slippers. Weird!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya.

  20. Oh Madi, we want you to know that you ain't alone! Our mom has a 'fetish' with our paws too and likes to sniff (yup, you read it right... she's weird huh?) our paws!!
    LOL.. After looking at the pics of your cute pink/ black paw pads, our mom is begining to wonder how she can try and sniff some kitty paw pads for a change!!

  21. Our mom loves your cute toesies too, Madi!

  22. Happy Ground Hog Day, Madi!
    We don't know much about it but sure we hope spring comes soon!
    I can see why your mom loves your toes! They are soooo cute!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Madi, Our mom has always had a fetish for kitty and doggie paws too...I think our moms need to start a support group!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  24. Your mom is just plain weird if you ask me.

  25. I see your mom and my mom are from the same strange mold!


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