Friday, February 5, 2010

Madi: Puss and Boots.......

I (Mom) am tired of snow and tired of having to put on boots everytime I go outside.....
Madi loves it when I come back in after walking around outside in the boots.
Before I could get to the camera she gave them the Madi sniff of approval
then she marked them as hers...


  1. She could almost get inside one of those, hehe.

  2. We like to hide toys, especially our mousies in Mom's shoes, but we really like to mark all Mom's stuff=our furs are the best part of any outfit!...We hope you have better weather for the weekend...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    So many new smells to check out, then a little white fur to decorate your boots. Madi, you are so cute.

    Cindi Lou does that too, I think she's checking to make sure I haven't been near any other kitties.

    Speaking of snow, is your area getting part of the big storm? I hope not but if so stay warm and safe.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  4. Hi Madi & Mom
    Those look cool boots - almost as though they have handles on!
    We can see Madi is quite taken with them - perhaps you will get a shot with her inside!
    We drop things into our mum's boots - well Martha does!
    If she is looking to hide a biscuit it is often dropped in the boot so mum has had a few crushed bonios!
    We have trained her to shake the boots first and we suggest you train your mom to do the same Madi!
    Have a great weekend. Temperatures set to drop even further over here!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Madi, those boots go great with your furs!
    Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

  6. Oopsssss.....
    The snowboots!!!!
    My Mommy hate those shoes this winter ;)
    But she will need it always when its snowing ...
    Your Mom had nice red ones
    i love it so fresh from color !!

    Hugs for you Madi
    Kareltje =^.^=

  7. So many good sniffs are on boots!

  8. Boots? What are those? Tommy doesn't have any of those. If she did, we would do just what Marvelous, Pretty Madi did. And I think Madi is just glad you came back in from that cold snow!


    Stay warm!

  9. awwww....You guys stay warm and dry this weekend.

    Licks from Olive :)

  10. Madi and Mom, Madi curls her tail the same way Mizzen does. Josie wants to chase her around the boots! LOL! We are supposed to get pounded this weekend by a snowstorm. I love how Madi is rubbing and scenting those boots. I bet she did that for a while. Make sure you stay warm this weekend. Not sure if the snow is going that far south. Thanks for a Madi picture, she's priceless. Meow from the Pussycats. Woof from Josie. Much love.

  11. Hi Madi,

    Well red is your color for sure and don't give em back either! Tell your mom, you snooze, you loose! If you tell her we said that, we'll deny it!

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  12. pretty cool red boots.Its a wonder that MAdi doesnt crawl right inside and jump out and surprise you~~That would be funny!!


  13. It is most important to have Madi's approval!!!!! And we approve of the red being one of our favs. xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Great shot and I LOVE your red boots! So sorry you are tired of all the snow and cold weather -- wait -- was that sarcasm I hear....ha ha!

  15. Madi & C,
    I have black boots that I wear everytime I go out in the yard-because we don't have a yard like in city yards. With 3 acres, it's more like woods!!!
    Tom and I are allergic too but we have found a remedy for that, and we have told Cathy about it but she wont use it. Our passion for the animals are much more important than living without them. We use am herb two times a day to be able to live them.
    Good to have your visit.
    Purrs for Madi, Happy, Bambi & Fern

  16. I bet they had lots of nummy smells!! What a cute sniffer kitty you are Madi!


  17. Well, she DOES have to let effryone know that she's "taken". And Madi...we think red is TOTALLY your color!

  18. Good job, Madi. I hope you marked them real well. I just found out your mom locked you in a closet and not only that, instead of expressing extreme remorse she's just glad you didn't leave her presents! I think us divas should unite. No more lock up!!!

  19. I agree about having to put on snow boots - what a pain in the butt! We hope the spring comes soon.

    And Madi is just like my cats - any boots or shoes that were outside must immediately be inspected!

  20. We think you are doing a great job of marking those boots. That way everyone know Mom is yours.

  21. was a very friendly meeting on that video. You know everyday we walk by their house and she is so excited to see him. They cry to eachother and run to meet..they share kisses through the fence..then like strangers in the night...go their separate ways...It is really a sight.

    Stephanie and Olive

  22. She wants to make sure if you run into any other cats, they know you belong to her!!!
    Very Sweet!!!

  23. Madi!
    Your Mom's red boots are pawesome!
    I know you supervise them to make sure nothing strange came into your house, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  24. THis pic is mint! Puss and boots.

  25. Of course Madi claims them as hers! Anything in the house belongs to the Diva! Just ask me, I know.

  26. She has to make sure that no strange kitties were in her domain!


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