Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Flashback Milky-Way

No Milky-Way did not have an orange nose....he has a sticker on his nose.
No one remembers who put it there, why or what it said. However, the real story here is that
Milky-Way was the most laid back cat any of us have ever known.
I expect if he were living now he would be one of the few cats who would enjoy playing dress up.

MW thanks for the memories.
I don't think I need to tell anyone that MW and Madi are not at all alike.
In fact, when Madi came to live with us we were clueless as to what we were getting ourselves into. After all we had MW for 14.5 years how different could two cats be...the answer is 360 degrees different.
Madi thank you for making everyday an adventure and keeping us young.
Mom and Dad


  1. All of my girls now are very different in some basic ways: their personalities, attitudes, body types, the way they like to be held, play, loved on, etc. and I try to accommodate their preferences...Milky Way sounds like a precious wonderful boy and we already know Madi is a sweetheart!...Happy Friday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. That is a cute photo, Milky Way must have been a really sweet kitty to let someone put a sticker on his nose.

    Cats can be so different, each one has a totally unique personality. Cindi Lou is nothing like her predecessor Tasha. But that's what makes them so special.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  3. You are so right! I often wonder if I will ever have another dog as sweet as Billy. He is irreplaceable!

  4. Hi... MW look cute that way ;)

    have a happy weekends :)

  5. What a sweet pic - you can just tell how laid back Milky Way was!
    We have only ever had one cat so far but we can tell you that each dog has been completely different!
    Well we guess you don't get two humans exactly alike!
    Have a good weekend - our mum has survived the first week back at work................just!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  6. I can see the fun in MW's eyes!
    Happy weekend and Happy Birthday to Dad!

  7. MW is totally adorable....and what a beautiful memory of him. Mama has been going down memory lane the last few days with some of her "late" kitties. We luvsya Madi. :)

  8. MW looks so cute with that orange sticker on his nose!!
    Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory of MW.
    Have a happy weekend!!

  9. We are just imagining that chocolate ice cream birthday cake!
    Tell your Dad to have the bestest birthday Madi!
    We hope you and your mom spoil him rotten!

  10. MW looks so furry cute with that sticker on his nosie! And Madi, you just keep being you! We loves you!

  11. I think you should get a puppy next. They have a way of making you feel young every morning about 3AM :)

  12. Hi Madi,
    Happy birthday to your Dad, Madi!!
    MW was a very sweet cat to let you put a sticker on his noise!!
    I have not been doing very good. Spent most of the day dizzy, and before getting dizzy I fell face first in the dirt at the feeding station, putting out fresh water for the critters!!!
    Not fun!!!!
    Have a good week end, Bambi & Fern

  13. LOL. I just read your comment! You didn't know that Madi tells me everything that happens to you did you? :)

  14. Your not kidding about some of them being so different. My Putter has a stroke if you put anything on her.

  15. There are people that think us cats do the things we do out of instinct and the need to get noms.
    This drastic differences really are the defining catribute that should tell them that they are wrong.
    We thinks that sticker might be a friut sticker, cause Milky-Way was the apple of your eye?
    Heh, has a great weekend Madi and fambily.

  16. Hi Madi
    So nice post from MW
    he was a beautiful cat so sweet and lovely..
    Nice to shar memories on bloggyworld :)

    Happy Birthday for your Dad Madi....
    Give him a wonderful present and he will be very happy :))))

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  17. Thanks for coming round to my blog today. I had a cat like this once. She enjoyed playing dress up.

    And I think North Carolina is beautiful. The best beaches, too.

  18. Heehee, Milky Way looked so cute with the sticker on his nose. He didn't even look mad at all!

    Have a happy weekend!


  19. Awww...I just luvs reading about Milky Way. I will tell you this right now - Cap'n Ripley would not stand for such "insubordination" for a second.

    Oh! Guess what? Speaking of Cap'n Ripley, mom and dad let me and him be in the same room together last night without me being on a leash! It was SO cool! We got along real good but it was only for abouts 5 or 10 minutes cuz sometimes Cap'n Ripley can get cranky and mom and dad wanted it to end on an up note. We're gonna do it again tonite so maybe I can gets mom to take our picture together!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. Oh, we sure do know about different purrsonalities! But we know for sure NONE of us would sit still for a sticker...LOL!
    xx Lounge Kats

  21. Mom here......

    All of our kitties are so different.
    Abby is the alpha. She is so tenacious and dominating. But she is so loyal and ultra protective. Her only drawback are her nips. I don't understand why she loves to chomp down on my thumbs.

    Boo is a gentle quiet girl who has the heart of a panther. Corner her and she will come at you like a mountain lion (the other cats, not me).

    Ping is our unforgettable character! He is a true Dennis the Menace! But he has such a sweet nature, he really doesn't mean any harm.

    Jinx is totally mild mannered and laid back. Nothing riles him, but if really pushed he is the one most capable of being the protector.

    Gracie is our former feral, and she is still scared. Even after 5 years she is still a 'fraidy cat'. She is such a gentle kind soul, whatever someone did to her it really spooked her and I wish I could get her to understand that will never happen again.

    So all of ours are very different.
    Thank goodness we have only one Diva!

    Abby's Mom Debra

  22. What a cute picture of Milky Way! And yes, it is amazing how different cats can be!

  23. Milky Way, you were quite a cat!!! But Madi, so are a different way!! No two cats are ever the same!!

  24. Being so different sure it would be interesting to have both of them interacting!
    MW looks so cute in that picture with the sticker in his nose!
    Kisses and hugs


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