Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How I spent my Saturday Morning Part II,

Part II...continued from Monday, 4/19/10
Saturday started off absolutely delightful, as you saw on yesterday's post.
(and BTW because of yesterday, my demerit board is now empty)!!!
Today I want to tell you about the 2nd half of my Saturday morning.
We are having a very peacefully morning when all of a sudden Mom bellows (I wish she'd use her inside voice) look a BUNNY
Exhibit # 1
A Bunny with a cotton tail too
(big deal) we have lots of bunnies but then she bellows (A G A I N)
OH NO where did he come from run bunny run!!!
Exhibit # 2

A(nother) C A T
in my yard....ok the bunny is one thing but another cat
and one that is brazen enough to sit right there at my window
staring at me with his 'I triple dog dare you to come out here look'.
Well let it be known it got my kitty dander up
As shown in Exhibit #3
The Darn Cat jumped up on my deck.
A very short but explicit video.....that shows exactly how I handle that very stressful situation

We thank the following for providing audio for the video:

Sons of San Joaquin for the music and

God bless Dad (he sneezed at the end). He did not know Mom was making a video!

As you can tell, we fly by the seat of our pants in this house anything goes.


  1. I could really use a hand dusting around here. Can I just move you around and show you kitty pics? ;)

  2. You had an exciting Saturday Madi; we're very impressed how you stayed at the window and watched out for your Mom and Dad like that...You were a very brave girl, Madi!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. The nerve of that introoder kitty! You handled yourself very well, Madi!!!

  4. Meowwyyy such a brave gal!Good job Madi!!
    Thank you for the furriendship!!^_^
    *Purrss and Huggs*

  5. Haha! We knew your dad was going to sneeze at the end, but mum still jumped.
    You certainly let that introoder kitty know he wasn't welcome.

  6. WOW! You sure have some movement in that tail! "America's Best Kitty Tail", perhaps?

  7. I've seen that same tail down here in MS when somebodies are not happy at the house!

  8. Your tail movement really fascinates us!!
    The way you handled the stressful situation is so smart,Madi!!
    BTW,Yes,we are learning new English words everyday and it is exciting for us!! Thank you!!

  9. Another contender for the Film Awards.

    I like you both, so I can't take sides.

    AAA's stick together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Holy Moly~!!! An Introoder?!? The nerve. AND to get up on your porch. That's some swiffering tail you gots, Madi!

  11. After seeing your video, Madi, Sammy is totally in love with you!!!! He says you are a ladycat after his own heart!!!!!!!!

    Mama's note here: Madi, you react quite like Sammy does when there's an intruder outside....Sammy gets quite persistent about getting through that window to get to them!!!!!! We call him our "watch cat"!!!!!!

  12. You looked VERY stressed out! Something a lovely Diva like yourself should not have to put up with! Poor, poor Madi! How ever do you take it? I will have Beth talk to your mommy about protecting you from all of these stressful things.... I believe you deserve an extra treat or two for all that!

  13. Love your video Madi
    I know sure
    you are my girl :)))))))

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  14. I know you are not waving hello to that silly cat in your yard with your tail. but I understand how upset you are. I am the same way...except I am a dog....I do not allow strange animals in MY yard either. Tell your dad...Bless you! for the sneeze! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  15. I would like to think that you were going to protect the bunny!!

  16. Hi Madi, that is a very expressive tail you have there!
    At least the floor will be clean and free from dust - perhaps that is what caused your Dad to sneeze.
    Tell him we send him blessings!
    Martha & bailey xxx

  17. Barney loved watching that video (he is on my lap) - the rythmic tail swishing was very relaxing for him!

  18. Your twitching tail says it all....warning, warning, alien approaching.
    Good job Madi!

  19. Hi, Madi!
    Well... sure you had an interesting saturday!
    The funny bunny and the kitty visiting and teasing you!
    Nice tails moves!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Madi, we hope you gave that introoder kitty what for and he/she never comes back again...oh yeah...and we hope he/she leaves that cute bunny alone too!!

  21. Oooh Madi, there was a stranger kitty in your yard. The nerve of the creature to sit there and stare at you. You were very reserved and dignified, a true lady. I like to hiss at them while swishing my tail. I hope he/she doesn't come back to bother you again.

    Cindi Lou

  22. How dare that kitty jump up on your deck. Nice tail work though!

  23. You sure are an expert tail flicker Madi!

    PeeEss...Mama says to tell you that she is doing ok. A little better every day and is hoping to be back among the sitting very soon. Thanks so much for asking.


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