Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring walk in Downtown Raleigh

While I stayed at home surveying my Kingdom, Mom and Dad took a nice walk in the older part of down town Raleigh.
She made a collage of pretty places the saw on their walk. We hope you enjoy it.

Please click to enlarge..
All of these lovely old homes are within a few blocks of downtown Raleigh. Several are listed on the historic register. The picture under the daffodils is of the old brick used on some of the sidewalks. The picture on bottom left corner of collage is the Governor's Mansion.


  1. I do miss that area. It's been years since I was in Raleigh!! Thanks for bringing back some nice memories!!

  2. Oh Madi, the laser eyes are perfect for keeping watch on your kingdom.

    Love the mosaic, those are beautiful photos. I really like the clock tower, that is an amazing looking building.

    Have a great weekend,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  3. Beautiful collage of Raleigh...Madi, we are very impressed with your lasers...Have a fun day, you beautiful girl...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Hi Madi, what a great collage. We love seeing places we have never been to and Raleigh looks very beautiful.
    We are sorry you stayed at home looking a little scary we would have to say!
    We think next time your mom should take you in a little basket!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Such beautiful grand homes you have in Raleigh!
    The collage is great by the way you have their great features and textures!
    Looks like it was a gorgeous day, too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love historic areas.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh how nice it was to take a walk with you. I love the houses! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your ice cream this weekend, or is it all gone! ha ha!

  8. HI Madi and Mom!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog!
    You are beautiful inside out!!That's why we love you!

    What a beautiful town Raleigh is!
    We wish we could take a walk there...
    That is a beautiful collage!
    And we hope it will be a very good weahter this weekend for your husband!!
    Hugs from Teko

  9. Hi Madi, your pictures are beautiful! I have heard that it is really nice in the Raliegh. I've only been there once for work and I didn't get to sight see!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Oh I would just love to visit there and see all the old buildings! So beautiful. Madi, I sure am glad you kept the kingdom safe for Mom and Dad!

  11. Hi Madi and Mom! Those are some really pretty pictures. My mom has been to that Raleigh place a coupla times to visit one of her best friends but hasn't been there in awhile cuz her friend moved to a place called Morehead City. Thank you for sharing your Most Beautiful town with us!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Oh, how beautiful. I've never been to Raleigh, but Alpha Mom has. She spent a year in NC about a thousand years ago, before I was born. And HER Mom (and also Blog Mom's Mom) went to college at Duke, so I guess there's sort of an ancestral connection to NC with our family. :) I'd love to go on that walk.

    wags, Lola

  13. I've been to Raleigh once many years ago...Unfortunately, I didn't see the pretty historic section of town.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely collage!
    Hope you're enjoying this special weekend,

  14. How pretty! Mommy will be in that area the beginning of June. She'll be sure to take a few walks!

    xx Lounge Kats

  15. Looks like a lovely walk!

  16. What a kingdonw that you live in there Madi. The old houses are beautiful and we love old houses. Ours is over 100 yrs old and it is cool!!


  17. kingdom

    sorry about the spelling spoof

  18. What a beautiful collage!! We love all the blooms and the blue, blue sky!!

    Dory and Mama

  19. Wowee! We can hardly believes you have family living in Morehead City! My mom's been there a coupla times and thinks it's a really Most Wonderful place. Her BFF has lived there for prolly the same amount of time as your daughter. How very much coincidental is that?

    My mom says that it would be REALLY weird if they knew each other, although we know that it's prolly not very much likely. BUT you should go ahead and ask her if she knows somebuddy with the name of Laura Murphy.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. I have never been to Raleigh! I really want to come, but I would like Madi to be my tour guide. Something tells me she would know the best places to nap!

  21. We like your collage of Raleigh. Since knowing you we have learned much about North Carolina ... more than my mom ever new in her previous 55 years.

  22. Hi, Madi!
    I hope you had a nice day!
    Your mom and dad had a nice walkie!
    They captured beautiful pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Hi you two!! What great pictures of Raleigh!! Looking at them is like taking a little walk there with you...Mom loves the door pictures, especially!! (But that is no surprise!) The weather looks like it is really nice in your area...will you take more walks and share more pictures with us? We hope!! We love pictures!! Have a nice weekend! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  24. Beautiful collage!!!!!!! But most beautiful of all is Miss Madi and her powerful lasers!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx


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