Sunday, May 16, 2010

Steeple Sunday: Edenton Street United Methodist

This church has been located in downtown Raleigh on the corner of Edenton and Dawson Streets since 1811. The current sanctuary is the fourth one for the church.
The third sanctuary was lost to a fire in 1956. The current sanctuary was completed in 1958.
The steeple is quite impressive...I took the picture in parts
Please excuse the over head power lines...but don't you just love the brick steeple tower.

Now here we are at the front door which in itself is beautiful

This lovely little courtyard sits at the side of the is quite peaceful
The church is most known for its new Pipe organ which is a Letourneau Opus #112. It has 5,447 pipes and was designed and built by Orgues Letoumeau Limitee from Canada. I don't know much about organs, but I'm told this is the Rolls Royce of Organs. This project began 2005 and was delivered in November of 2007 in two 53' tractor-trailer trucks. 150 church members assembled on November 4, 2007 to unload the trucks which took 4 hours. Then the tedious task of assembling the organ began. On March 16, 2008, Palm Sunday, 1,200 church members and Mr. Letoumeau were in attendance for the dedication of the organ.


  1. A beautiful church with a lovely courtyard...The organ, with all those pipes, must sound very impressive; I bet it's a beauty too!...Happy Sunday friends; kisses to sweet Madi...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Lovely pics again - we see if we look at the pics in a line we get the whole thing which gives us some idea of the scale of that particular steeple!
    Organs always make us think of Phantom of the Opera - bet the sounds are wonderful inside - or should we say acoustics!!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. I wonder if there is a reason that some churches look different than others. Sometimes I can pick out a Lutheran from a Methodist from a Baptist.
    Interesting info again on churches.
    Makes me want to find out about our area churches.

  4. That is a beautiful steeple! I would love to hear the organ!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see that AND hear the organ! Thank you for sharing! Hope you are having a fun weekend! Say hi to your mom from us -- hope she is home and resting....I am sure your dad is taking good care of her....

  6. Oh, nice. That steeple is great looking. Would love to hear that organ, too.

    wags, Lola

  7. Oh we love that courtyard,too!
    This church looks so clean and beautiful!!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful steeple pics on Sundays!!

  8. Very much pretty steeple and WOW! That is one BIG organ! Did they sends an instruction sheet on how to put it together? You know...insert pipe A into slot D...and so forth?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. My mom says thank you for the nice things you said on her postie. It means a lot to her to hear. And she says that she bets your Duke was just beautiful!

  9. You always have beautiful weather for your steeple photos.
    We have so many beautiful old country churches around here.
    Happy Sunday,
    Kit and Pups

  10. That's a magnificent steeple!

    Mommy says that microsoft has a free "stitch" program that puts your photos together to make panoramics, or in your case "heightoramics"! Daddy uses it all the time...Mommy is a total failure at photography...

    We're going to put an e-mail link on the blog today (paws crossed) so drop us a line if you want to know more.

    Happy Sunday!

  11. MAdi
    That is one mighty tall and cool steeple!! Your city should be named Steeple town!! Sorry I havent been round as much to your blog, but Mom has been under the weather most of the week.


  12. So pretty! Love the brick too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  13. What a wonderful story about a beautiful church. Your photos are wonderful. Gail

  14. Wow, the organ even has its own Wikipedia page! :)

    And I found this as well:

  15. Oh wow what a beautiful steeple.
    H*ly smokes -- now that's an organ!

    Hi Madi!


  16. You have grand and beautiful old churches in Raleigh! Amazing that place of worship has had a church since 1811!!
    Hugs, Kathy
    Chin scratches to Madi!

  17. Madi,
    My mom always looks forward to your pictures on Sunday. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. Thanks for sharing this one too!
    I hope you had a nice sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. A beautiful church. Gosh, that sounds like a huge organ. Bet you can hear it from outside, way outside. Like down the street.

  20. Another beautiful steeple!!!

    Thanks so much for the great pictures and info!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  21. Hi Madi & Mom,

    We are so impressed with all the different church steeples in your town. This one is gorgeous and looks very tall.

    The organ sounds enormous. I'll bet the sound is very beautiful.

    Cindi Lou sends Madi lots of purrs and kitty kisses.


  22. I'm a member of this church, and the organ does sound pretty impressive. I was actually up inside the steeple today. There is a ladder and trap door in the back of the balcony in the sanctuary that leads all the way up the steeple. It was over 100°F inside, but it was really neat to see all the framework and the loudspeakers inside the structure.


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