Thursday, June 3, 2010

And they called it Puppy Love....

What a surprise Mom and I received. A few days ago I rec'd an email from
Mango a most handsome Maltese Puppy and his mom. Mango went on to ask me to be his special friend. He said he read on my blog that I have a short 'attention' span but that he would like to be my friend for as long as he had my 'attention'.
When a Southern lady receives such a nice note for a Southern Gentleman...what else can she do except say YES.
Mango sent me a box. NOW he has my 'attention'!!!
You all know I love Boxes!!!

Mom open the box, took out the contents and I jumped right in the box.
Ummmm I like this box it is just my size.
Sorry Mango but this So. Belle does so love her a nice box!!!
Oh my Dogs and Cats Mango sent me a very soft kitty bed.
The pink is just the right shade with my gray fur...
Currently my bed is being occupied by Earl the turtle...he had this little
tab on him that had to be pulled out to activate his squeak.
Guess what Mango I chased that paper tab all over the floor.
That was lots of fun!!!

Then I decided I better give Earl the once over to see if per chance Mango sent me any smell-mail
(he is too much of a gentleman to send me p-mail)

Mom got a present too she told me that normally when a young man comes to call on his lady friend he might bring her mom flowers...but since Mango lives in Texas we think he was wise
to select a very nice coffee mug (mom is a coffee freak) with an appropriate cat saying and a very beautiful red scarf with kitties all over it.
Thank you very much Mango and mom for the very thoughtful gifts.
Mango I do believe you have my FULL attention NOW!!


  1. Hi Madi and Mom!
    We are sorry for not being able to visit for a while.
    Our mom is still sniveling a lot and stuck in lots of jobs!!
    But we read your comment and really wanted to say THANK YOU!!
    You are such sweet friends!!

    What a cute little pink bed!!
    and Earl!!!(so cute)
    Mango seems like a real gentleman to send your mom those beautiful gifts,too!!
    YAY for Mango and Madi and Moms!!!

  2. What thoughtful gifts from your special friend, Mango!...The pink bed is adorable and it seems Mango was trying to make points with your Mom too=a sure sign he wants to be more than friends?...Could this be a romance sweetie?!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Hi Madi, what a catch! A puppy who sends boxes! We know you would have been completely happy just with the box Madi but a beautiful new pink bed - very fitting for you - you are such a princess.
    What a cool mug for your mom too - clealy a puppy who knows how to play his cards right!
    Enjoy your pressies.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

    ps we do sometimes worry just a little Madi about these younger doggies!!!!
    Ah well mum says there is nothing wrong with a toydog - keeps you young!

  4. That bed does go furry well with you, Madi. I also want to congratulate you for your good taste in being special friends with a doggy. Not every cat has your wisdom. I am making Simone and Happy read your post as soon as I can safely do so.

    wags, Lola

  5. What a sweet guy!!
    A new bed for you and a fun mug for Mom!
    I can already hear you purring, all curled up in the new bed!

  6. Awww Very Sweet! Mango you can have my full attention
    Enjoy your new bed Madi and Mom enjoy your coffee mug :)

  7. Hey, that is great! Mango sounds like a real catch Madi! Enjoy all your new stuff!

  8. HI Madi and Mom,
    How sweet of Mango!!! Love your new bed Madi!!!!
    That looks like a big coffee mug there Cecilia... That for sure will make you happy!!!
    Enjoy all!!!
    XXOO, Bambi, Happy & Fern

  9. Wow Mango sounds like a keeper! He got you a box!!! What a wonderful gift. The other stuff is great too... but a BOX!
    Was very thoughtful of Mango to gets your mom a gift as well. Is sure nice to see the old ways being respected.
    Have fun Madi!

  10. WOW! What great presents for you and your mommy! So are you and Mango going out now?

  11. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful gifts Mango sent you.....we especially love your new pink bed. Mango has good taste. As he's a fellow Texan, we're off to meet him.

    Don't forget that we love ya, Madi. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Oh My Madi, I'm sure you were blushing with excitement when you received this package!
    Yes, Mango knows the way to a lady is through her momma...

  13. Madi,

    I has missed you my feline furiend! Mom has promised me that I will never stay away for so long ever again. What great pressies you and your mom got from Mango too, I know you will enjoys them!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Holy Kats!!!!! I can'ts believe he sent you all those most fabulous stuffs...and a bed too. WOW!!!!
    You gots that southern lady bit down justs right. I bets you haves a southern twang too...hehehehe, my mom does, it's just bad.
    And to answer your question...yes, da kids haves been known to throw things at us. They haves thrown huuuuuuge rocks (about 5lbs), a mop, buckets, etc. And they also bark at us which really just makes me bark even more.

  15. Madi, what a wonderful surprise and even a awesome box to play in. You are one lucky girl!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  16. Well I am really glad to hear that you like pink! :)

  17. Gosh, so Mango is your new 'man'? What about me Madsters, baby? WHAT ABOUT ME??? Don't you love ME anymore?? Must I also send you gifts to show my love to you? Am I not enough??? Oh, I think I will go hide under a blanket now and cry....then I'm going to look up this Mango guys address and sic Tiny on him!! Ha! That'll serve him right...he'll get the Tiny treatment!!! Purrs to you anyway my lovely lady!! Lautrec

  18. Uh oh...Madi, you have jealous admirers! It's a good thing that you are such a loving kitty! You "Southern BelleCats" attract attention...the ManCats are falling for you right and left. hee hee!

  19. Wow Madi! A woofie has a crush on you! SWEET~!!! That is such a lovely girlie bed and that coffee mug is adorable (and true!) Enjoy your pressies and we loves you too!!!

  20. Wow Madi - a woofie boyfriend! How cool is that! And boy that bed is just the perfect one for you - very Diva-esque! And that box was so cool too! And the turtle was cute - and a tab to chase with him - super awesome!

  21. Well now, what thoughtful gifts those were! A very bright pretty bed for such a pretty girl, indeed.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  22. Woof Madi,
    I'm so glad that the pressies got to your paws in one piece, especially the coffee mug. I was debating to see should I got you two beds to sandwich the mug but that was the only bed left on clearance sale rack (just kidding, sweety).
    Your mom is really a great paparazzi, she captures the hot color pink bed, the tiny paws on the mug, the black lines on the turtle's house, Mr. Earl (I love your name). And Mr. Earl has the catnip scent that I hope you like it.
    Everything looks so much better in photos.
    Are you gonna sleep in that dream bed tonight, think of me, baby. And I love to be called the Southern Gentleman even my pug brothers keep calling me redneck Mango.
    Sweet dream baby Southern Bella Madi and hats off to your mom's pretty photography.

  23. HI Madi

    What a lovely surprise for both you and your Mom. We can see that Mango is quite taken with you, and why not you are a beautiful southern belle with many charms.


  24. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts from Mango. You have certainly won his heart.

  25. Mango is the purrfect (er.. I am sure he can learn to purr!) one! :)
    Go for it Madi!!!

  26. Madi, what a lucky girlcat you are to have a special furiend like Mango!! That is a wonderful box he sent you...and that kitty bed looks pretty cozy!! We wouldn't mind curling up in that ourselves!!

  27. Hi, Madi and Mom!
    Mango sent you two beautiful presents!
    I am sure you are enjoying them a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Oh my Madi, we didn't know that you and Mango were an item. Those are some really great presents and packed in a really cool box too. You are going to look so regal on that pretty pink bed.

    Cindi Lou


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