Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flashback: Toto the mighty Mini Dachshund

Mom and I recently met Puddles, Whitney and Albert from We 3 Doxies
Mom says Puddles reminds her so much of Toto in looks and ATTITUDE, you go Girlfriend.
If we had been blogging when Toto was ruling the roost, he would have been the Male Puddles.
So today we thought we'd share a few things about Toto.
1. Loved his people and they loved him
2.Thought he was a Great Dane, once he charged a horse and lived to bark about it
3. There was nothing he could not do once he made up his mind
4. Expert at seeking revenge:
Once we boarded him for 11 days, upon our return he was doing cartwheels of joy, left pee mail
all over the yard. Once inside the house, he barked for my attention, lifted his leg and left a ton of pee mail on the kitchen floor, barked at me again, leave me again and you'll get more of the same, then, turned and marched over to his bed. He had never p'd on the floor before that nor did he ever do it again.
5. Needed an hourly attitude adjustment
6. Stubborn as a mule
7. He loved Barbie doll legs
8. Was not fond of matter how many times I told him he was German and was supposed to like it.

9. Loved to go to the beautiful NC coast
10. Toto was a K9 comedian. He kept us in stitches with his antics.
Earlier I said he was stubborn; however, I quickly learned he was smart as a was his humans who were stubborn. So Puddles, Whitney and Albert does any of this sound familiar?
Madi and Mom


  1. I love the story about Toto lifting his leg in the kitchen the one and only time! Very direct communication...

  2. Sounds familiar to us too! Toto sounds like a great wee dog.
    Lots of attitude. How dare you go off and leave him behind - you were lucky he only peed the floor.
    Sometimes a dog just has to let his owners know where they stand.
    He was just so cute too.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Toto sounds like a real character with an overabundance of attitude. That is a cute story about the kitchen floor, a good way to teach his humans a lesson.

    Toto was a cutie. Is that a Barbie doll leg in his mouth in the first photo? Too cute.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  4. Hi Maid and Mom,
    Toto is reincarnated into "Buddy" our friends mini doxie! He's the one that ruled the roost of the Quartzsite Montana dogs! UNTIL one day Raider couldn't handle being bossed around any more!! As Raider was running from Buddy, a little light went on and said "wait, you're bigger than him!" He twirled around and barked a fierce non-Golden Retriever bark in Buddy's face! It was like a cartoon, I can still see Buddy's ears flapping in the wind! Buddy never messed with Raider after that, they are good friends to this day!
    Hugs, Kathy
    Licks from Raider

  5. Is there such a word as "doxitude"? If not, it seems like there should be because it sure seems to exist. Toto was very direct about his. Thanks for telling us about him.

    wags, Lola

  6. What a wonderful story! Guess he told you, when he peed on the floor! He sounds like he was a super wonderful dogie!

  7. Toto sounds like he was a fun puppy! Thanks for sharing him with us today.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. You just reinforced why our dogs have all been outside dogs.......
    How do you suppose the Diva and him would of gotten along?

  9. Ohmidogness! Puddles is Toto reincarnated! I'm just sure of it! Or they at the very least haves to be related somehow or another. And yes, my mom said lots of times when dogs "seem" stubborn, it's just that they're too smart for their own good.

    Thanks for sharing Toto with us. I just LUVED meeting him!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Oh Daaaaaang Mayzie, I was gonna says I was Toto reincarniated. And OMD, da resemblance is uncanny. Ummmm, mum says all of this is VERY familiar to hers but I don't think I knows what hers is talking bout. Every single one of these descriptions completely describes me to a T. Well, I've nevers been to da coast though. And you know hows I likes me some revenge...hehehe...neves mess with a doxie girl. Oh and I prefers Barbie heads, you talks about some fun ripping those things off...hehehehe!
    I thinks somebuddy needs to take an early retirement so they can gets themself a see, that goes along with us doxies being smart and having great ides.

  11. My friend has a dog like this too! Sherman can be so sneaky and then so loving in the next moment and there is nothing like it when he curls on your lap!

    Thanks, Madi for the comments on Mabel this morning! Big-boned gals must stick together!

  12. Great post! They all sure have their own ways, don't they?

  13. HiC, thanks for sharing these wonderful memories and photos of Toto...You know I love Doxies too!
    Excel On, Girlfriend (private joke),

  14. Hmmm. We have just decided that Toto was a Cat accidentally inserted into a Doxie body!

  15. Toto sounds like a silly sweetheart=what a wonderful little guy who left huge paw print impressions on your heart!...Happy Friday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. What great Toto memories! thanks for sharing them!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

  17. Our mama thinks doxies are the greatest also....several of them have owned her during her lifetime.......but we're thankful she doesn't have any of those barkers at present....:) :)

    Madi and Mom, we love you.

  18. Your mom sure knows how to tell a story! We loved hearing about Toto. The return-from-vacashun antics were funny. (We does that too when mommy leaves us.)
    Has a great weekend

  19. Hi Madi!

    Thanks for introducing us to Toto!
    What a character and he must've kept your Mom and Day in stitches!


  20. Well, Toto sounds like quite a character to be sure! And how funny is it that he liked barbie legs - that had to be my favorite of all the facts!

  21. You are sooo lucky to have met my wonderful friends. I'd love to meet them myself, but I live too far! Madi, I have news for you, we've adopted a kitty and mom says that she reminds her of you. She also says, and I agree, that she's not as good looking as you. She's pregnant and she needed a home. She's no diva though...the exact opposite.

  22. Hi, Madi!
    Toto sure was special!
    I just can imagine his atitude when your family came back!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Toto was a cutie!! Thanks for sharing his story with us!!

  24. Um, is there supposed to be a problem with Toto's actions? I didn't think so.....they all sound perfect to me! Heck, I've been known to pee on mom and dad's bed when I was ticked at them! I think they got the hint AND they still love me! Thanks so much for sharing....also reminds mom of a few things that Max did.

  25. Puddles sounds like the doggie version on my B&W paint horse Star........

    A lot funnier when you can pick up the attitude package. On a 1000 lb. horse its not so funny sometimes if ya know what I mean.

  26. This blog sounds so very familiar. Me and my wife both disliked all small dogs. Oh no we were big dog people. Our favorite breed was the German Shepherd.Then back in 09 some unusual events happened.
    My neighbor purchased a female miniature longhaired dachshund puppy. My wife and I are retired. We spend a LOT of time in the summer outside. The little dog hated both of us as only a doxie can. doxie hate has to be experienced to be appreciated.

    I'm going to shorten this story a lot here. 6 months later my neighbors divorced and the man moved away leaving the dog with his wife. 2 weeks later the little doxie named Dolly decided that my wife and i would be her new owners. Rule number 3 and 6 above applies here. Stubborness and the unwillingness to give up a task once we start it.

    Needles to say my wife and I now own Dolly. We love her more than any other dog we have owned. Through the internet I quickly learned a lot about doxies. Right now the doxie that once hated me is asleep on my shoulders while I sit in my recliner typing on my laptop. She hated me because I walk with a cane and I was the tallest person she had ever seen. She also does not like old men but old men who are 6 foot 6 inches tall, have a beard and are disabled are completely OK by her.

    I have left out many funny and sometimes sad details here. I could write a book about Dolly.


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