Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doorbells: I don't like them

I should have known when the table was moved there was trouble brewing...
then it happened. Ding dong the wicked door bell chimes. I took cover just enough to
see who might be daring to request admittance into my domain

Ok I don't recognize that voice or that smell who it is? I hope it is not a
R E P A I R M A N...they come and never know when to leave.
Yep it is the guest that never I hid behind my couch and yes
there might be a little dust back her but I don't care.....I can see the feet of the intruder

Anytime we have the intruders, Mom always stands close by because they often forget to close doors as they go and come....they not only don't know when to leave but they are careless

This is me giving mom a pitiful look asking have they left yet?


  1. OMC! Most of us hate the doorbell and strangers! The Baby treats intruder people as an escape she gets locked up in the yellow bedroom.
    Madi, we feel for you. Strangers in the house are BAD. Unless they bring treats. We hope you didn't have to hide behind the sofa for long...

  2. Hi Madi,
    I don't like those doorbell sounds either, most of the time it wakes me up and you know how much we like our sleep. And then if that weren't bad enough a strange human will come into MY house.
    Looks like you have a good hiding place behind the sofa, I have a dark corner where I hide.
    Cindi Lou

  3. Not to worry Miss Madi, I will protect you from the REPAIRMAN! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Madi, I know door bells can be startling, but I miss my old one! How else can I protect my humans if I don't have an "intruder alert"?!
    It was my cue to bark like a rottweiller until I could determine if they were friend or foe!
    Yeah, some people can be careless!
    Thank goodness for moms!

  5. I love repairmen myself, but you're right. There is reason to be concerned about their door closing skills. My Moms are always worried about that. Hope he's left by now.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. It's a shame you can't bark to tells them just how you feels. I mean it is YOUR domain and all.
    Try having 3 doxies barking when da doorbell sounds beautiful, although mum would haves to disagree.
    Ummmm, dat last pikture looks like you eyes lit up from da cord...hahhaahahahaha!
    PEES: my bloggie pikture was my "come hither look"

  7. Its nice to have the repairman fix the problems, but I don't like the mess either.

  8. The Evil Repairman....Messy and Rude :(
    We are lucky all our door bell does is go "dink" and you can't hear it unless you are right at the front door...its pitiful, but I don't mind :)

  9. Oh, poor Madi. I'm so very much sorry abouts your DoorBellOPhobia. We hates the doorbell, too. But we don't hide. We just run up to the door and bark and bark. Of course, I'm saying, "Come in! I can't waits to meet you!" and Brudder Ranger is saying, "Go away! Or I'll have Capn Ripley draw and quarter you!"

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. I am with Mayzie on doorbell mania - sends me wild with excitement just who this visitor might be. Repairmen are great entertainment, they have tool boxes which they leave unattended (sometimes) and I likes what's in them, anything with a wooden handle is fair game with me. Thens she stops me havin' fun and puts the thingymajig back.

    As for you Madi, well a girl has to be careful with strangers and bells and things.


  11. I'm always glad to find another NC blogger. I look forward to reading your archives and your new posts.

  12. Strangers are so forgetful and ruuuddee. Our own brother closed poor Elfie in a back bedroom the other day. I only found him because of his pitiful crying.

    Glad your Mom watches out for you so well Madi.

  13. We all love doorbells. We all sit at the top of the stairs and wait for Beth to open the door! It's like Christmas! ha ha!

  14. Oh MAdi
    I love when the doorbell rings cuz that mean company. I act all pitiful like I dont get any attention and then they give me lots attention, works everytime and mom is like Oh brother Jazzi!!!!

  15. Doorbells are for barking at, Madi. That's what they're there for. For to bark and jump around when they make that sound. Everybuddy knows that!


  16. We don't like the doorbell either and often run for cover or at least halfway up the stairs for a quick exit with a good view...Those repair men are all the same=Mommy has to stand guard for the front door to stay closed as well...We hope you got extra cuddles and treats when the intruder left, beautiful Madi=what a streesful day!...kisses sweet friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. Madi, the door in our new home by the sea plays music sometimes. So far I have not seen one of those repair man people but I will pay more attention next time. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  18. I totally understand your angst, Madi! I often hide behind chairs too when the repairman comes!!! I also run and try to hide when he tries to give me the bill!

  19. WE don't like doorbells either! Our house doesn't have one anymore (yay!) but we don't even like it when we hear one on the TV! But we do admit we are ok with the repairmen - Virgil especially likes to inspect their stuff and try to steal it. But we do usually have mom around because of the door issue - mom knows the repairmen don't always do a good job closing doors!

  20. Now why does your mom have that chair blocking the door? How can she get out to go running naked in the yard if she needs to? :)

  21. Oh and Jack LOVES the doorbell, because it means someone is coming and might want to play with him! :)

  22. I don't like the doorbell either. I run and hide in the bedroom when I hear it. Eric doesn't mind because he thinks it might be someone to give him scritches.

  23. How dare they intrude on the Diva!!!

  24. Hi Madi
    We don't like anyone coming to our front door either, especially someone coming in. YIKES time to hide and be a sleath kitty.

    We are going to have a roof put on in the next few weeks and Mom already knows we are going to be in bad shape.


  25. Any one coming to our house would not guess we had cats except for a few who like to check out strangers toes.

  26. We don't like strangers in our house either, Madi. We usually hide until they are gone!

  27. Hi, Madi!
    I don't like those repairmen either!
    They make me feel nervous!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Darn intruders. We hate it when they leave doors open too. Usually I (Oreo) let mom know the door is open. Then I dash out, forcing her to chase me! It's SO fun but for some reason it makes mom mutter.


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