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Monday, August 2, 2010

Held Captive: The Vet Visit

Good Monday Morning Friends...I trust you had a better weekend than I did.
Saturday morning started off as per soon as Mom's feet hit the floor she fed me. Smart Mom. She and Dad were having a leisurely breakfast and reading the paper so I decided great time for a nap so off I trot to my current favorite nap spot, the back of Dad's reading chair.
When all of a sudden.....

Slam, bam, thank you ma'am!! I went from a cozy, warm nap to being held captive.
Not only did Mom stuff my lovely, lucious, full figured body into a crate with a lock on it, she also
put the seat belt around me. Just how did she expect me to escape? My name is
Madi not Houdini....
If you click on the picture, you will my best imitation of a deer in headlights.
I was in the car for a total of 4 minutes, from my house to the Vet; however, I still had time to sing "Don't Fence Me In" by Roger Rogers, in my best soprano voice.... and was about to sing it again when we arrived

at the Vet's....oh look they have a special door just for CATS...but I don't see
a door for Divas so I suggested that we go home.....
that suggestion fell on deaf ears. In we go and are quickly ushered into Room 5.
Unfortunately, there are no pictures of me making a grand entrance because
MOM HAD TO USE both hands to turn my crate upside down....yep I fell out front feet first while the back feet had a death grip on the back of the crate. Thankfully Dr. S always has a very nice soft mat on the stainless steel table which made my landing soft.
Ok this isn't so bad lets check things out.
I quickly spied instruments of torture awaiting me...see right there at the tip of my tail are two vials, two instruments of torture (aka needles disguised in paper wrap) and two syringes...ok it is time to for this chick to blow this joint. I'm trying my darnest to get into my crate ASAP....
While we waited for Dr. S we enjoyed Audio and Visual Arts entertainment.
Who knew my Vet had a K9 choir in house. They were quite eager to sing their rendition of John Denver's "Country Road Take me Home". There was one itty bitty puppy singing off key. Mom told me they were in the clinker for the weekend. Considering this bit of information, I quickly forgave them for being off key.
While they took a water break, Mom and I enjoyed looking a some very pretty pictures room 5.
I was chillin' enjoying the art work, when in walks Dr. S. That man has a sweet tongue (aka sneaky) and a gentle touch. First thing he said was hello Madi you are very pretty and so soft. I'm thinking I have him wrapped around my little paw. All of a sudden he starts poking and prodding and touching my lovely body in places not even my Mom is allowed to touch. He got a death gripe on my upper jaw to look in my mouth to look at my pearly whites. I just missed an opportunity to show him how good they work. They past inspection but gosh Dr. S next time just ask, I'll be glad to show you my teeth. Now the moment of truth...a lovely lady comes in to whisk me away. She said something about a SENIOR blood panel. Surely she wasn't referring to me!!! After stealing my blood they gave me two shots. I made note of her name. There will be a voodoo doll made in her likeness today. She also weighed me. You all know, I'm very proud of my full girl figure!!! In a flash I was back with pleased as punch to tell Mom..........drum roll please..... that there are 12.1 lbs of Madi to love. The evil Dr. S returns he tends to think less (of Madi) is better than more (of Madi). He strongly suggests that I should drop at least 1 lb. He had the nerve to tell Mom she should cut back on my kibble. That was not what I wanted to hear. Since I was once again in my crate and ready to go home, I decided Mom and I would continue this discussion at home.
The rest of the day was a blur, the shots always make me sleepy. Mom and Dad left home which gave me an excellent opportunity to nap.
Thankfully it is all over for a year; however, just before bedtime Mom and I discussed the kibble issue or lack there of...and I sadly report Mom 1 Madi 0


  1. What an evil man! Madi, just for the do not need to call Jenny Craig. :)

  2. Madi!
    Sure you had an interesting day there at the Vet!
    Sorry about the less kibble thing!
    Diets are not funny! Believe me...
    Happy monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Madi! We had the same trip to the vet and everything went on fine :)

    * I haven't got time to share our trip to the vet because I am busy playing and sleeping :p


    Mahzuz and all :-*

  4. Madi,

    What a traumatic day it must have been. When I showed mom the photo of you in the carrier she said that is exactly the same look I get when I go to the vet.

    Sorry to hear about the kibble cut-back thing. Let me know if I need to send you some extra treats to help you keep up your strength.

    Purrs & hugs,
    Cindi Lou

  5. Oh, Madi, what a terrible time you've had and you still have to fight the kibble battle. You may have lost the first battle on that, but you can still win the war. You just have to get your strength back after your terrible time. I am impressed that the vet has a special cat door. BTW, I'm pretty sure the cat door IS the Diva door. They should mark it more clearly.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. MOL! Madi!
    Sounds super traumatic! How dare he suggest you need a diet?!!

  7. Madi, I think you have one funny mom.

  8. OH MY GAWD...your vet lives in Hidden Valley...dat bes where they makes dat super good Ranch dressing. They shpu;d've given you a bottle or two.
    Okays, nuffs bout da Ranch dressing as I am sure you is prolly starving by nows. Thank you so very much fur your very descriptive essay on your trip to da torture chamber. Okay, my mum is laughing likes a total moron now.
    I think it a shame you only has to go to da vet once a year...I go quite often (not to my liking though, things just ALWAYS happen to me).
    I wonders why your mom didn't let you drive yourself to da vet.


  9. Poor Madi,
    I hate to hear that you had to endure such torture! Butt, I gotta admits that mom and I got quite a chuckle out of it! Heeheee

    I am with da Puddles.....I furst thoughts that you were going with your mom to stock up on da Ranch Dressing! BOL


  10. Oh Madi.......Billy wants to sneak you some of his treats now. I can't believe he actually feels sorry for a kitty......(He hates that awful place too!) Just show your teeth when Mom feeds you, ok? Then she will get scared and add extra kibble.

  11. Madi, I would be serenading you too in the choir if we went to the same vet!
    Aren't you so glad that torture is over now?!
    My mom is still giggling and thinks this is your funniest (at your expense!) post!!
    Rubs and hugs,

  12. Oh Madi, that sounds just awful. I have to endure the dreaded "senior blood panel" too. And, the vet always makes several comments about my weight ...

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Um, Madi - I hate to tell you this but my mom is cackling like a hyena at your Most Unfortunate experience. Oh, she thought that was funny! I, on the other paw, feel so terribly sorry for you. And imagine! That V.E.T. wanting you to lose weight! That's the most craziest thing I ever heard! As you know, Capn Ripley is a full-figured pirate himself and he just said that he "likes a lass with some meat on her bones - yarr!"

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. I feel for you Madi. I had a visit last monday to my Dr. The evil nurse Sharon poked me 3 times before she got her vampirish fill of my precious blood.

  15. Oh Madi, I'm so sorry that you had such a stressful Saturday...Stress is very bad for you maybe you should practice some breatheing exercises....In....and.....out....very slowly :)

  16. Madi--Thanks for the update from the vet. I was wondering how it went for you.

    Someone once tried to take my kibble away from me. was not pretty.

    Get that voo-doo doll and then get scratching!

  17. MEOWZA, what an adventure!!!!!!!! We are so sad all that happened to our darling Madi.

    See, you should have stayed with us for the weekend....instead you got homesick and had to go home Friday night!!!!!!!! :)

    We love you, gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Drop a pound? Oh please! Madi, you look great!!You just keep on keeping on!

    BTW--Marching season started here today... oh dear.. all the hustle and bustle again :(

    Licks from Olive

  19. Madi: I go to the other half of this vet practice. But, I love to go, they love me and give me treats and hugs and kisses (yucky). I have to go this afternoon for a shot--OUCH !


  20. Oh poor Madi!
    We thought as much. The vet is NEVER good. The touching, the poking, the car's all bad.

    Good thinking to make note of names for later!

    Ask your Mom for stinky goodness instead of kibble. We quit eating kibble and have all trimmed down!

  21. Glad the vet visit is over for a year, sweetie, but sorry about the diet, that's never fun!...Wet food might help as well as a diet version of your current kibble...Good luck, beautiful girl...Enjoy the day and stay cool, it's 103F here today...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  22. Oh the abuse! Will it never end! You need to pack your bags and come to Minnesota ASAP! I will have the guest room ready for you.

  23. Well, you are much better than a certain someone at the vet. Someone tends to get VERY happy when he sees the vet and will not stop wiggling for anything, which makes it a bit hard to get good readings.

    How come your car isn't covered with dog hair? I thought that was standard on cars today. :)

  24. Aw, Sweet Madsters...just pretend to go along with the diet (yes, the dreaded "D" word) for a little while then your Mom will forget about it and soon you will be back to your normal food intake...that or practice making sad faces and keep doing showing them to your Mom...she'll crack in no time!! If all this fails, come visit us and I'll share my kibble with you...well, some of it...a couple of them...well, we'll talk about it once you are here...if anything, I could make it so you get Tiny's portion!!! haha!! Purrs, Lautrec

  25. Oh You Poor Dear!!! Dr. S sounds like a vishus man from a James Bond movie. All sweettalk, then WHAM! Stickin' ya with pokey things! So, uncool. We think you should sit your mom down (AGAIN) and discuss the kibble issue, or we can mail some to you with your name and a Confidential sticker on the package so only YOU can open it...just a thought...

  26. Hi Madi Diva Cat

    Girl, your bloggie made our hooman howl with laughter. Especially where you said you took the name of needle nurse lol. Personally, we love every single pound of your lovely little self and think your mum should give you some tuna or pilchards to make up for the needles and pokings from Dr S.

    Lovin yer work Madi

  27. Oh Dear Madi
    We area so sorry to hear about the rationing of kibble. We hope that you find a way to burrow into the spot where the kibble is held and keep nibbling your way to happiness!


  28. Hi Madi and Mom,
    You poor poor girl!!! I feel your pain, dear girl. And the nerve of him saying you have to go on a diet!!! You look fine to me!! If you ever get sick you might need that weight!!
    Thanks for your visit!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  29. Poor Madi! We've been through this too! We don't know what is worse...being ambushed and put in the PTU or being poked and prodded by some stranger!! And then give the evil shot!! We're so glad that's over for you....

  30. I'm definitely going with you to the vet next visit...


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