Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wicked Cat eyes Wednesday...

I'm on the inside, Mom is on the outside. I'm watching her feeding the birds when she should be feeding the DIVA. If she had fed me first, I would not be asking you to take notice of the dots on the picture are of the dirty glass door. HE HE HE Bet she'll feed me first next time.
I'm giving her the Wicked Cat Eye stare which is pretty intense.


  1. You won't find a challenger here! Someone is in full-on stalker mode. :)

  2. Psst!! Madsters!! If you really want toget her attention, rub your nose all over the window and maybe put your paws on it. OR!!! While Mom is outside feeding the birds, HOP UP ON THE KITCHEN TABLE and eat stuff that is there and if there is nothing, push stuff OFF the counters. That will get her attention!! Good luck with that. I'm sure though that the WCE will is a TOP (ahem) secret weapon that must be used on humans only in very unique, but important go girl!! Purrs, your man, Lautrec

  3. P.S. My Mom wanted me to tell you to tell your Mom that those leaves she saw on our grass come from our Linden tree which seems to be losing leaves all the time, but that no, the leaves here aren't turning colors yet. Our Linden tree is over 150 years old and some summers it sheds leaves (it has tons!!) all summer long...and it makes Mom and Dad crazy!! Oh! we also have lots of edible mushrooms growing in our grass right now so maybe your Mom saw some of those, too. Mom doesn't know their name in English, only in Czech. Sorry! Purrs

  4. Mom should always feed you first, sweet Madi; we sure hope she's learned her lesson from that look!...If not, Cat had some great ideas to make your Mom realize the error of her ways!!...Good luck tomorrow, beautiful friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Hey Madi, that's just wrong. Feeding the diva should always be the first thing on your mom's list.

    Looks like Lautrec has some great ideas to get any mom's attention. I always used the "please mom" eyes and my best squeaky meow. If that doesn't work I go to the persistence, annoying meow.

    Those are some really wicked eyes you have.

    Cindi Lou

  6. What in da world was your mom thinking....obviously she WASN'T thinking. I ema, I fur sures thought you came before anything else. You must get in PLAN MODE asap!

    We haves da most luverly nose art on our windows too.


  7. Rosie says you have the wicked cat stare down perfectly!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Madi, you call that a dirty window?!
    HA! You should see what I can do with my nose and breath on the windows! I call it "Golden Art"!

    My mom is forever cleaning the window behind the couch and muttering something about all of the dog slobber! I gotta keep an eye on my peeps, doesn't she know I'm protecting them?! They're never happy are they?!
    Slurpy kisses to you and nozzles to your Mom,

  9. HEHE......Very good Madi! Mom will be turned inside out with those eyes!

  10. Sometimes the Cap'n and Abby gives me wicked cat eyes like that, Madi. It's a Most Amazing (and kinda Skeery) talent.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. WoW Madi your eyes are very intense!! You could probably hypnotize mom into feeding you first!!
    You should try it.....

  12. Relax, princess!
    Did you wake up after the birds?
    I bet you don't accept " first come first serve " rule 'cause you're the DIVA, hehe

  13. MOL!!!!!!!! You are just tooooooooooo adorable, Madi!!!!!

  14. Mom doesn't want to feel your wrath Madi. Next time, you'll get fed first!

  15. Madi--You have POWERS! Use them wisely!

  16. Wow Madi you are scaring us!

  17. Those are very pretty eyes! They are almost the color I painted my kitchen!

  18. First its the VET and NEEDLES and now its feeding BIRDS!!! Is there no end to Madi's Mom's misguided good intentions?

    Carry on with those EYES Madi, those birds will soon get the hint.


  19. VERY intense! I bet she won't do THAT again!

  20. Madi
    You tell her!
    How could she feed those birdies over you?
    Wicked eyed stare is probably the least of what you're planning inside that gorgeous little mind!



  21. I can see you were not very happy with the situation, Madi!
    Your mom should know... Feed Madi first... Feed Madi first...
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Those are some wicked eyes you got going there, Madi! We bet those eyes bore a hole right through your mom. She's never gonna do that again...who feeds the birdies before us cats?? That's just plain wrong!

  23. Madi, we are sure that your wicked cat eye stare will get you fed first next time - she won't want to face that wrath again!

  24. Wow, Madi...those are some pretty peepers you've got there!


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