Sunday, August 1, 2010

Steeple(less) Sunday #21: Good Sheperd Lutheran

This Lutheran Church is about 2 miles from my home. As you can see it doesn't have a steeple. Over they 26 years we have lived in our home I have driven passed this church hundreds of times. Each time I always find myself looking at this huge wreath with the shepherd's
shaft/cross on the front of the church. The banner at the top of the permanent church advertising a summer series sounds like a very interesting

Good Shepherd Church has been serving N. Raleigh since 1983. They have 1,150 baptized members many of whom have come to the church from other states and countries as well as NC.
I don't know anything about the Lutheran doctrines but I really like the saying on the sign below. According to the information I found on the church Believe, Belong and Serve is their motto.

The roof line of the church has several levels with lots windows. The picture below is from the side of the front. At the peak of the roof is where the large wreath and shaft/cross hangs.

The below picture is of the preschool and day care section of the church. The little
porthole windows reminds me of quaint pictures you see of villages in Switzerland.

The church offers trained lay counselors from their congregation, known as Stephen Ministers, along with their Martha Ministry both of which aid congregation members in need.
Note from Madi: I survive the trip to the vet.....just barely....Tune in on Monday for the rest of the story.


  1. So glad that terrible vet visit is over, beautiful Madi; we hope you got extra cuddles and treats when you got home, sweetie!...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. The church itself seems to have very clean lines and simple features. I suppose a steeple would look out of place on this structure. I see what you mean about the wreath/staff/cross, it does stand out.

    Poor Madi, we hope you are not too traumatized by your ordeal.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  3. Raleigh has so many lovely churches, all with their own style, but beautiful places of worship!

    Glad you survived the v-e-t, Madi! Extra love to you for all of the poking and prodding!

    Chin scratches to you,
    Hugs to Mom

    PS Just to warn you, there will be some strangers delivering a new love seat to your house this week!

  4. That staff and wreath are very interesting.

    Thanks again.

  5. That is a very pretty Church. Mom thinks it looks like it's been there way longer than since 1983. It looks very cozy!

    And I'm oh-so-happy that you survived your vet visit, Madi. Can't wait to hear abouts your adventure!

    Wiggles & wAgs,

  6. So glad yesterday is over for Madi! Sure hope you gave her something special for dinner last night.........loke spagetti!

  7. I don't likes fruit, pawsonally.
    My dad is a non-practicing lutheran...oh wait, dat didn't sound right...hehehe!
    Anyways, dat is a luverly church indeed. Has you evers noticed da different styles of churches based on their religious affiliation...weird huh?

    PEES: thank goodness you survived your turture appt.

  8. What a lovely church. I like the motto, too.

    The Cats are dying to hear about the vet visit...they hope Madi drew a little (A LOT!)blood. I can't imagine why!

    MomKat Trish

  9. Different but beautiful!
    I will be back to know about the Vet visit!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Hello Madi and Mom!!! Weez iz back!! We missed you something terrible Madsters!! (Well, honeybun, you know I missed you, but I'm sure Tiny also did...a 'Tiny' bit!! Afterall, SHE doesn't have a crush on you like I do! haha!) What an interesting steeple!!! Mom thought that all churches had to have a steeple...well, you just proved her wrong. (It isn't the first time that she is wrong...she is wrong when she thinks that I don't need a second lunch or dinner....wrong, wrong, wrong!!) Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  11. Cute Series for the summer..."fruits of the spirit" :)

  12. Hi Madi and Mom,
    You are going to blog about your vet visit and tomorrow Bambi is going to the vets!! She went last Monday too. They drained some of the fluid in the lumps in between her toes on her front right foot. I think a lot of the fluid will not be back!!! Most of her lumps have gone down a lot!!! Some have gone preiod!!! The vet says he has never seen that happen before!!
    It is her new diet!! It is making such a difference in her!!!
    Pretty Church!!
    xxo,Bambi & Fern

  13. Lovely church. That wreath is very intriguing.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your vet visit, Madi. You know sharing these experiences is much like therapy, so let it all out.

  14. That's a nice church, although I do like a steeple. Blog Mom's cousins were Lutheran. There are quite different types, she says, depending on the "synod", one being much more conservative than the other. There are probably other differences, too, but that's all we know. The Lutheran church in our town isn't too specatular looking and it's small, but it has some very nice events and things that are open to the whole community.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  15. Hi Madi!

    First we are glad you survived the ebil Vet visit. Did you put the bitey on the asst? We hope so. Ebil I tell you. Ebil.

    Momma said to tell you she was brought up Lutheran, and they are so like the Episcopalians. The church she grew up in changed a LOT over the years, but it is still there. Her parents still attend.

    Happy Sunday


  16. Great post! I can't wait to hear the whole story on Monday....

  17. I like their emblem. Also really like the row of windows going up the side of the building.

    Another neat church.

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