Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is this yours?????

C(at)S(leuth)I(nvestigator) Madi here...I had to come out of semi-retirment to help the peeps on my cul-de-sac solve a mystery.   As you can see by my intent stare, I, Madi, have on my CSI face.  So here is our problem:  When the sun rose on Sunday morning September 12, 2010, we all awoke to find something on our cul-de-sac that no one had seen before.  We all thought oh it must belong to someone visiting.  Since I spend many hours a day napping observing on the bed that looks out over this part of the street, I was asked to keep a watch over it. As the week progressed, it became obvious no one knew anything.   Mom and I decided it was time to solicit help from the blogging world.  This post was prepared on Sunday, September 19, 2010.  The mysterious item IS STILL in the very same spot it was in on September 12, 2010!!!  MOM and I want to know .......................... DOES THIS SCOOTER BELONG TO YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW?
It does not have a license plate on it. Today we are placing an A(ll))P(oints)B(ulletin) to the world.  If you see a stranger wandering around you city looking like he/she lost something, please ask them if they are missing a Scooter.  We would like for it to be moved sooner rather than later.
Thank you,
CSI Madi


  1. Cool Madi! If no one claims it does that mean you get to claim it as your own? You could ride it to the fish market or the meat market or.... Gosh, the possibilities are endless!! Let me know..I want to ride around the block with you!!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  2. Heehee! Maybe its Puddles!


  3. Oh Madi
    Those scooters are a blast to ride. Almost as much fun as my bike, If no one claims it, take it for a spin and let the fur fly!!


  4. Oh Madi! You and Bilbo should start a detective agency!! You both are great at solving mysteries!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  5. You go girl!! Did you get your finger/paw-print kit out and dust the scooter? What about hair/furr fibers...did you find any on or around the vehicule? And any other determining factors...papers, matchbooks, etc. on the scooter? I'm sure that you, Inspector Madi, will find the rightful owner of this lost 2-wheeler....I have every confidence in your snooping abilities!! Good luck Agent M and keep us posted on your findings!! Purrs, Lautrec (a.k.a. Agent L)

  6. How amazing!Such a cute scooter too! Looks like it must belong to a girl who likes blue! Let us know when you figure it out!

  7. Hmmm, we love a good mystery. We are sure you have already done a thorough investigation of the area surrounding the cute little scooter and questioned all of the usual suspects. Perhaps one of your canine friends could take a sniff and see if they could track down the owner.

    If all else fails maybe it is time to call the local K9 squad, its owner may have reported it missing in action.

    Good luck with your investigation Madi!

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and J

  8. Now this sounds like a really fun mystery! I am anxious to hear how it turns out. Ya know.........Puddles just may know something........just sayin!

  9. Now that is just plain weird. Someone rode up on that and just forgot about it? In a cul de sac? You have to let us know if you solve this mystery, OK?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Interesting.........
    I think Madi and her mom should go for a ride.

  11. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!
    Wroooo wroooo, we're coming up for a ride!!!

  12. Hmmmm, you're like a Super Sleuth! That's very strange and we're wondering what happened to the person who's butt was last sitting on it>?!?

  13. Ummmmm...yea Madi...fur safety concerns...don't nears da scooter. You know, if I was you...though I am admitting to nuttin!




  15. Madi, we are just about to set off on our walk today and we will enquire of everyone we meet if they are missing a scooter.
    We see Puddles comment and you can never be certain of anything with her around.
    Then again it could be a scooter belonging to an alien craft that has landed somewhere......or indeed perhaps it IS an alien craft!
    you know like in Dr Who where the Tardis can take on the form of an everyday object which ever time zone it lands in..................!
    Oh goodness, don't go near it Madi - they may be looking for a feline to inhabit the spaceship and travel with them around the universe!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  16. Oh goodie, a great mystery. Hope that Madi that first class detective discovers where that scooter came from. Very interesting.
    By the way, I just read where your Mom got to meet Homer's Mom. How exciting. I loved that book.
    Hope all of you have a great day.

  17. Well, we know it's not ours...
    Madi, have you contacted the Local Authorities? They made be able to provide some insight. Tell you Dad to go over and get the (V)ery (I)mportant (N)umber off the scooter before you call.

  18. Madi, we'll happily be your CSI's in San Antonio!!!!!!


  19. Madi--Don't you remember? You asked me to place it there so Mom would be distracted looking out the window at it while you made mischief around the house. Did it work????

  20. You on da job Madi! I like that scooter. I think I could even ride one of those!

  21. Yes! It's mine! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for it. I musta left it there the last time you, me and Puddles went out and just furgot where I parked it. Could you please box it up and send it to Mayzie Gal, Collie-rado, USA. K-thanks!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Mayzie's mom here. Don't listen to Mayzie. She doesn't really have a scooter and has obviously been hanging out with Puddles' too much. (Note to self: Give Puddles' mom a call.) Have you called the police? My guess is that it was stolen and dumped on your street. What? (sigh) Fine. Mayzie says that if you can't find out who it belongs to, to please send it to her as soon as possible.

  22. Oh Madi I think you should take it for a spin. Feel the wind in your fur. Think of the mice you could catch!!!



  23. It's a pretty cool scooter, but I think I would call the local police and let them run the plates....ya never know...could be stolen
    (I was married to a cop once)

  24. This is a quite a mystery, indeed! I am going to my thinking hat and see if I can come up with an answer. Perhaps, it fell from outer space? Maybe it is really a camera and your neighborhood is going to be featured on a reality show?

    Your pal, Pip

  25. If no one claims it Madi...grab it and run like the devil. It would be PURRfect for you to take your mom to buy more friskies!!!

    Thanks for visiting my Witch Doll in the making today!! Much appreciated.

  26. I think you and I should just drive it around and maybe the owner will see it then! I'll be over about 6....I promise I won't keep you out too late!

  27. It is a mystery Madi. We think maybe someone stole it then abadoned it when they were finished with it, or when it ran out of fuel.

  28. Madi
    That is an excellent CSI face!
    WE can't wait to see how this mystery resolves itself.


  29. Yay, so nice to meet you new friend!
    That scooter looks like it belongs to a child... it looks tiny. we have a lot of them here in No Va, perhaps some boy left it there... ran out of gas
    it is good to be watchful for your neighborhood and you family too!
    bonks for a happy day

  30. Madi!
    Sure that scooter-left-there needs a full investigation!
    I hope the owner is ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  31. I think.. you should ask Jack, something tells me he may know about that there scooter...


    Licks from OLive

  32. Now who would leave that scooter there?? Madi, we're so glad you're on the case!!


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