Friday, September 24, 2010

Pot Luck Friday #10: I've been published......

It is true and I nearly fainted and my eyes glazed over when Dad
came home from his Wednesday Train Day. Dad is a Train Brain.
He builds them, he reads about them and he plays with them
but not Lionel trains. His train of choice is O Scale, brass.

After everyone is finished oooooooh and ahhhhhhhhh over the next picture, I'll tell you the rest of the story.
Below you will see a My Whisker in a national O Scale Train Magazine.....September/October 2010

My WHISKER is disguised as a CB antenna.
On Wednesday Dad's train club meets at a friend's house. He has an entire railroad layout in his basement that replicates the Tehachapi Pass in Californa. The guys run their trains on his railroad layout. In return for his generosity, they often help him with different things on his layout. In this particular scene, the person taking a picture is portraying Mr. J and his black Suburban. Mr. J is also has CB in his car. As they were setting up the scene, he said it is too bad I couldn't find a car with an antenna on it. The men ponder this a moment when lo and behold my Dad said Madi leaves whiskers galore all over the house. Would a cat whisker work? Mr. J said it just might be purrfect. So the next week Dad took in several of my stray whiskers AND OMC it fit right on the bumper and is the purrfect scale for the car. Mr. J submitted an article to the O Scale Magazine about his layout along with pictures.
Needless to say, Mom and I are thrilled to know one of my whiskers is a Star...we just hope
it doesn't forget its humble beginnings and the folks who made it what it is today.
Madi and Mom


  1. BWAHHHAAAHHAA! Your so funny Madi!! Your whisker is famous!!!!!! Oh I am so proud that I am the furend of of cat that has a famous whisker!!


  2. MAdi
    BOL that was so funny!! WOW A Diva whisker~~How cool is that huh?? Now, you are really portant MAdi!!


  3. First of all....congrats on being go girl!!! Second of all, the antenna couldn't be more purrfect. Then, no less, you're a star!!!!! Both in the photo and on your own blog....AND in blogosphere!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness Madi, you whisker is going to be famous. Now I can tell all my friends I know the owner of a whisker star. Maybe you could be the whisker's agent & manager, after all who knows it better than you my dear diva friend.

    But even without the famous whisker you are still a star to all of us.

    Cindi Lou

  5. Wow Madsters!! What a great way to be famous AND still keep your anonymity!! So cool!! Too bad your whiskers aren't really antennas...just think of all the cool stuff you could listen to if they were!! hahaha!! Purrs, Lautrec

  6. Madi,

    Your dad is very smart! What a wunderful idea to use your most diva-like whisker for an antenna...Congrats!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Amazing! Your daddy is so creative! So does this make you a member of this club now?

  8. Good happy Friday morning t'ya!!

    I'm thinking about you both as I've been working on the church steeple post for Sunday.

    Hope your day goes well.

  9. Oh My! That is just sooooooo cute! What a fabulous hobby Dad has, and also what a brain! lol

  10. Go ahead Madi girl with your badself!!! LOL

  11. Well, of course your whisker's a star! It came from YOU, didn't it? And you're the brightest diva star I know! That is just SO neat! You oughta get lotsa copies and paw-toe-graph them. Cap'n Ripley says he'll take 20.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Wow, you really are the cats whiskers!!! Can you get the cartoon channel through that wonderful arial :)prrrrr

  13. Okays dat is just WEIRD!
    Hehehehee...okay, I can't stand it..dat is FUUUUUNNY!!!!! I loves it. I thinks it is very genious and creative of your dad to comes up withs da idea.
    We know you is already a famous diva and all but dis is just gonna be immeasurable stardom nows.
    Wheres da red carpet.


  14. And people wonder why cats have we know!
    Very cool Madi!

  15. What a way to recycle a whisker. Congrats to you and your Dad for being so cleaver!

    Ya'll have a wonderful weekend.

  16. WOW!!! Your whisker is going to be FAMOUSE! That is super kool! Mom's dad is a train head too. He has them old Lionel Trains and stuff! next time, you could be like CATzilla walking through the train town and get THAT published!

  17. Madi, folks will be lining up for pawtographs!

  18. I just hope Dad does not get the idea to sell these on E-Bay!

  19. YAY, Madi!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud to hear the beautiful Madi has been published!!!!!!!!

  20. are the form of your whisker! I am sooo are a very lucky cat Madi. We are humbled to be your friend!! Do you give autographs!!! :")
    Hugs and wags, Mitaya

  21. We are very impressed - we were going to say you are the cats whiskers but we see someone has beat us to it!
    Martha and Bailey xx

  22. Madi
    YOU are not just a diva, you are a STAR!


  23. Madi, your whisker makes a perfect CB antenna.

  24. LMAO - Congrats Madi... what's next; movies???!!! LOL!

  25. miss madi,
    holy cats!! you and your whisker are totally famous now!! i can be like, "i knew miss madi when..." ;)

    the booker man

  26. Well, that's pretty cool, Madi!! Can we have your autograph??

  27. I clicked on the picture of you on that fancy rug... kind of like a magic eye you are huh?

    I really love how you have a whisker that is famous far and wide, and for eternity.

    Your dad's train club is cool. My dad has Lionel, the big ones, in the basement packed away. I wish he would take them out and show us. I think Miles would love it too!

    bonks happy day, happy week-end

  28. Madi!
    Your whisker is famerous now! Pawesome!
    I am sure your Dad and his friends have lots of fun with their trains!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. I used to have a really cool O gauge train set - until a neighbor's kid destroyed it. I was devastated. I do still have a great Lionel set I rec'd for Christmas the year I was 4. Dang, that thing's old now! BTW, your whisker is purrfect there!


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