Monday, September 20, 2010


Mom went to Quail Ridge Bookstore on Saturday to meet the nice lady who wrote this wonderful
book about her Blind Kitty, Homer, who today is 13 and healthy as a horse.
Click here to visit Homer and Ms. Cooper's Blog.
If you haven't read the book, WE HIGHLY recommend it!!
Homer is ruler of the universe and Ms. Gwen Cooper is a superb writer.....
Mom said Ms. Gwen was excatly like she expected her to be!!!
This book is about Homer. Ms. Gwen adopted him when he was 3 weeks old.
His owners brought him to Ms. Gwen's vet when he was 2 weeks old and very sick. They wanted to put him to be put down. The vet discovered that he had a severe eye infection but other than that he was healthy. The only way to cure him was to remove his eyes. Once he recovered she called Ms. Gwen to tell her all about this beautiful blind, black kitten. Ms. Gwen agreed to come meet him but she knew in her heart he was going to be hers.
When Ms. Gwen decided to write about Homer, she Googled "Blind Cats" just to see what was out there. She found there were two no kill shelters one was in NC. She called the Blind Cat Rescue in St. Paul, North Carolina. She and the owner became very good friends. When she decided to write this book 3 years ago, she told herself if she made any money off the book she was going to make a donation to the Shelter in St. Paul, NC.
On Saturday, before the reading she presented the shelter with at $10,000 cashiers check to
help build a no kill shelter for kitties who have been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia.

After the reading, Mom waited in line for Ms. Gwen's autograph........
OH MY CATS look at this...not only did she address it to US, she sign her name and Homer's!!!
Quail Ridge Bookstore is an independent bookstore. It is owned by a local family and will celebrate it's 26 year in business this year. Thankfully, it is still thriving in this world of mega bookstores. Mom is very thankfully to have such a nice place to go to meet great authors like Ms. Cooper.


  1. What a lovely story! But of course a cat named Homer would have to have a book written about his journey! I will look for it!

  2. We are so excited that you got to meet Homer's mom, she has to be a very wonderful person. It would have been so exciting to be at the reading and then get to meet the author. And that is a really cool autograph.

    We have a copy of Homer's Odyssey ordered and can't wait for it to arrive. Cindi Lou is especially excited because Homer is a black kitty like her. (I think she might have a crush on Homer)

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  3. How great to meet that author! I think we need to get that book, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Bless her heart for adopting Homer! That must have been some challenge raising a blind kitten!
    Thank goodness the book is doing so well so that she can help out other felines!

    She must be a great writer, I'll have to look that one up!

    Cute pic of you, Madi, rubbing your chin on the corner of the book! :)
    Chin scratches to you,
    Hugs to Mom,
    PS Raider says "Hi", too!

  5. So wonderful!! We love Homer and the Blind Cat Rescue. They do such wonderful work for blind cats!!!

  6. It is very exciting meeting an author that you really like and like their books.
    Adorable picture of Madi :)

  7. Wrooo wrooo,
    Nice story and cool for Mom to meet her!

  8. That was certainly a very worthwhile trip to the book store!
    Sounds like a good read too. Well Madi we reckon your mom will need to get started writing a book about you - life with a Diva kitty!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. Ohmidogness, Madi! That's Most Exciting! Miss Gwen sounds like a very much wonderful pawson and how lucky for Homer that he got a second chance at life. My mom wants to go find this book now. She luvs books like that abouts animals!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Oh...ummmm...a kitteh kat book???
    Who would haves ever thunk it.
    Okays, mum says I has to play nice...I haves been nice too long.
    Nows, I was actually gonna say dat it sounds like a phenomenal book...seriosly! Mkaes da heart all warm and fuzzy to knows they is good peoples still out theres and dat Miss Gwen is definately one of 'em.


  11. Oh, this does sound good! You know I am an equal opportunity reader - I like dog and cat books!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. First, the independent books stores are the BEST!!! You find so many good and worth while treasures there.

    This book reminds me of a cat book I read this past year...have you read it? It's about a Library, sad, tearful and just plain outstanding read. Let me go to my blog categories and see if I can find the title...BBS

  13. Okay...the book is DEWEY Excellent. If you haven't read, you won't be disappointed.

  14. What a wonderful lady. Glad Homer found such a loving mom and home.

  15. How exciting to meet the author! Mommy has the book on her reading list.

  16. That is SOOOOO super PAWesome and it's even addressed to you too, Madi!!!

  17. Oh my paws Madi!
    We have followed Homer's Mom for some time and we read her posting about this event and when we did we immediately thought of you! WOW -- kismet -- we can't believe you were in attendance. THAT IS so great! We are so glad that this book was pawtographed to you!


  18. Oh my, how exciting!! You got her pawograph!! Nice trip for mom and Ms Gwen looks and sounds very nice.


  19. That is so cool that your mom got to meet Homer's mom - we have heard about the book but not read it (mom can't read any animal stories without getting weepy so she avoids them for the most part) and we have heard great things. And how cool that she raised all that money to help kitties out!

  20. That is the coolest story. I will have to have Beth get that book. I think I would like her to read it to me. It is so cool that she signed it to both you and your mommy!

  21. Homer's mum sounds like a wonderful person. That is exciting that you got the book autographed.

  22. Pawesome bookstore!
    Pawesome book!
    Pawesome writter!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Hi Madi and Mom,
    We will difinitely look for that book. Both Tom and I are interested!!! Thanks so much Cecilia for telling us about it and your neat visit with the author.
    I take pictures of the coons all the time and some are really looking like they are poising!! I know they are not but some look pretty cute!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern
    Ps, thank you for your nice complement.

  24. What a nice experience for your mom, Madi! That sounds like a great book...our mom says she wants to read that one for sure!!

  25. Wow! Mom had a great day out! What a wonderful story. I will have to check it out.


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