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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How I earn my Madi Mad Money......

First of all, YES, the DIVA is sitting on the toilet.

Puddles give me your best shot I'm ready!!!

Butt there is a reason.
You see my morning job is Lady-in-waiting to my Dad.
It is my job to see that he is purrfectly shaved and showered each and every day
This is where I sit to over see the care and grooming of said Dad!!!
Dad I believe you cut yourself there on your chin...yep you got it...
A shave and not a hair cut will be two bits and a Dollar.  Inflation has hit my world too.


  1. Maui is the Dad Inspector at our house, and May Ling waits on Mommy. Madi, we hope you get a nice tip!

  2. I guess that's ok, as long as hubby puts the seat down :)

  3. Oh Madi, you are on your throne which, in our opinion, is just where you belong!
    We are sure your Dad could not leave the house without your inspection - thank goodness you are there to maintain standards.
    love you lots BFFF
    Martha and Bailey xxxx
    ps hope we got the right number of 'f' in there!

  4. Madi, what would our humans do without us to make sure they are properly groomed? Can you imagine what they would look like if they tried to groom without our help and purrfect guidance?

    You get paid? What is money?

    Cindi Lou

  5. How good is your balance if the lid was up?

  6. You are quite the entrepreneur. Maybe you could give me some coaching, too! I am looking for some new opportunities in life.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Rofl regarding inflation! When will it ever stop?! You're such a 'doll' my dear Madi. Now, what do you DO with your mad money I'm wondering? There's a PetSmart nearby, I'm sure.

  8. And what will you be spending your Mad Money on?

  9. Great job taking care of Dad, Madi.

  10. Madi you are such a delight:) andMom and Dad are Lucky to have you!!!

    Don't spend all your "Mad Money" all in one place......

  11. Hehehehehe!!!!!!
    Oh girl, you has to haves a tuff job looking afters your dad. I gaves up on my dad awhile back...hehehehe! There was no hope fur him anyways.
    So, whacha gonna do withs your earnings? Buy some more Avon?

    Pees: It is raining heres too and my dork mom left her car window down last night...bwhahahahahahahaha!

  12. Madi that is great that you help your dad out by doing his morning inspection. We all take turns doing that - usually it is Barney, Virgil or sometimes Kirzon. Our problem is Dad is usually getting ready when mom is serving our breakfast - so we have to be fast!

  13. That's funny. Ozabella sits and watches Mike shave too. She must be following in the Queens foot steps!

  14. We wish we could have such a beautiful snoopervisor when we get ready for our day!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya know we luvsya, sweet Madi!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Madi,

    Let's go shoppin'!!! I can picks you up in da Harley. ;)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. I dunno. That's a pretty big responsibility, Madi. Maybe you ought to up your fee to, like, 100 green papers! Imagine all the cat nip you could buy with that!

    Our kittehs don't watch my dad shave. But Cap'n Ripley likes to go in the bathroom after my mom gets out of the shower and lick all the water off her legs for her. Plus, she gets a nice little exfoliating treatment as a bonus. But for some reason, she says, "ow, ow, ow! Ripley STOP! I just shaved!" Weird, huh?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. Hi Madi - you have a very important job there and you should definitely be getting paid!

  18. Hi Madi!

    Know what?
    When Momma was working I used to do the same thing. I would sit on top of the human litterbox and watch over her to make sure she put on her lipstick just right. You know when they are sleepy no telling what they would do.


  19. Oh Madi, Your dad shaves every day, and he's retired? We want our Dad to read this!

  20. What a good snoopervisor you are, Madi!! We know your dad couldn't get ready in the morning without your help.

  21. How would dad's ever get ready every day without out us snoopervisors? You do a great job getting your dad ready.

  22. That sure is a pawesome place to keep an eye on your Dad while he is shaving himself!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Good thing you are there to supervise, Madi! I need you over here too!


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