Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last day of the Fair Food Facts

Happy Sunday and last day of NC Fair things. 
While I was sitting here in the Royal Madi Chair, Mom read some pretty interesting Fair Food Facts to me. I really expected to be starving when she finished.  I wasn't BUTT my TUSH felt bigger!!
Mom said she gained ten pounds just reading it.
Here we go!!

#10.  Corn on the Cob was the only healthy thing there.  It only had 50 calories; 150 with butter
#9.  1 piece of fudge has 150 calories
#8.  Corn dog has 300 calories
#7. Pulled Pork Sandwich and a Ham biscuit have 350 to 400 calories
#6.  Two cheese sticks have 400 calories
#5. 1 caramel apple has 450 calories
#4. Chili dog has 500 calories
#3. Funnel Cake has 600 calories
#2.  A cup of French Fries has 600 calories.....
OH MY CATS before we get to the grand finale we'll take a commercial break to tell you

Evidently Pigs do fly!!!!
#1.  A Krispy Kreme Burger with cheese has 1,500 calories...and we expect (but don't know for a fact)  1,450 of those calories are Trans FAT!!!  BTW the price of the KK burger is $6.00
Mom and Dad were very good they both had a biscuit and they shared French Fries!!


  1. That flying pig is interesting!
    Corn on the cob is my favorite! And my mom's too!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. A great Madi picture today!

    KK burger? No thanks. I'll have the burger with onions instead. :)

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    We knew there was a really good reason (other than the fact it sounds a little gross) to avoid the KK burger .... that's mega calories. And even though we really like funnel cake we haven't touched one in several years.

    Fresh corn on the cob sounds like the best bet and it is definitely our favorite.

    I think I have gained a few pounds just reading this post!

    Hope you all are having a great weekend.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  4. Blog Mom is glad she didn't know that about funnel cake when she was going to more fairs and things. But she knows now. The Krispy Kreme burger is not a temptation. She wants to know does she get to deduct some calories for not wanting one? Probably when pigs fly, huh?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. We didn't know what a krispy kreme burger was so mum googled it. Yuk!!! It said you can even have chocolate on your bacon! Mum said she likes chocolate and she likes bacon, but not together!

  6. I would stick with the corn on the cob too, mabe three of them! (with butter) Still better than all that other stuff!

  7. OMD! I think I just gained a few pounds reading this. Everything sounds SO YUMMY!!! And I always suspected that pigs fly (when no one is looking, of course!)

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Calories!!, I think moms given up on them!!
    Just catching up on your bloggie, moms only just let me back on the PC!!
    That post, things that go beep beep in the night, very funny so right to.
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Is corn edible without butter?
    I still would like a bite of a KK burger...Madi your Mom has convinced me I don't need to eat the whole thing! Wanna split it?
    MomKat Trish

  10. Suddenly, I'm starved!
    Love the flying pig!
    ~K and the Pups

  11. Madi, are you sure your parents weren't at some sort of 70's fest? Flying pigs? Sounds pretty strange to me! As you know, there is nnothing on that list I wouldn't eat! I think I will take a nap and dream of fair foods now!

  12. The flying pig is interesting to say the least.....I'll never eat a KK burger.

  13. Madi,

    How comes all stuffs dat tastes sooooo good is ALWAYS so bad fur you?...bummer. :(

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS You looks furry regal in da Royal Madi Chair today.

  14. Flying pigs???????? Our mom says things about flying pigs quite often, but we never believed her.......until today!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful foto of you in your Royal Madi Chair.


  15. Love the flying pig :)
    Great blog, enjoyed it!
    Short Poems

  16. Y'know I've never been to Krispy Kreme nor do I want to go...just the smell outside their buildings is enough to make you want to run away.

    And yes, those nasty trans fats. I on the other hand, just had another delicious scoop of freshly made apple crisp with oatmeal...and topped with fat free yogurt...did I do good? How come then, do I gain.


    Well, I'll be darned, pigs DO fly.

  17. Hi Madi, we just love the flying pig! Those were some very interesting food facts and in fact we are now quite hungry having read about all that food!
    Fortunately we like corn on the cob but we do like a little butter!
    What happened to your Sunday Steeple?
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  18. ps you forgot to wear your crown on that chair Madi, you still look very regal though xxx

  19. Wowser, Madi.......Now THAT is alot of foods in one place!! I am gonna have to google a Krispy Kreme Burger....never hear of that! I thinks I would rather have a Pulled Pork Sammich! Yummmm


  20. Glad these facts came at the end of fair season so I can forget them by next summer!

  21. Great pics of Madi! LOVE THE WINDOW!

  22. Holy GEEZ~!!! Mom just gained 10 pounds reading your POST! LMAO...And Ewwwww about the KK Burger. Mom HATES KKs. YUCK, she says! But the one time she went to the NC State Fair...she loved the Fried Pickles!!!

  23. Hi Madi! Me and my mom are finally BACK from the places we were at that I can't tell you about until tomorrow. Thanks for coming by to say hi to me even though I haven't been around.

    Okay, firstly, that picture of you is pawfectly PAWFECT! Nextly, I don't know why humans worry so much abouts calories. All they gotta do is eat what they want and then go chase rabbits or something. It's pretty simple, don't you think?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. Hi Madi! Wow, that list is depressing - why is all the super tasty stuff always so bad!

  25. Wow~~those are alot of calories. Too bad everything that is good is not really good, does that make sense?? BOL



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