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Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Wrong

Recently, I heard the peeps discussing the rising cost of gasoline; however, those kinds of things don't concern me so I continued to nap until I heard. 
Madi you need to get a job!! Let me just say, I quickly awakened from dreamland screaming in at the top of my lungs TO STATE MY THOUGHTS ON THAT SUBJECT!!
insert HBO words here...
 Mom said she found the purrfect shop for a 
DIVA to Work
 I told her I was certain using  work and Diva in the same sentence; was wrong on all levels. Then she said
"well Madi that is just how the cookie crumbles".  
Honestly the woman has lost her mind.  All of a sudden we're talking about cookies!!?? Trust me had there been any
cookie crumbs I would have seen them.
What are your thoughts?


  1. You already haf a job snoopervising the comings and goings at your house! What about all those staff meetings??? Obviously Mom needs a demerit!
    xoxo - Prancer

  2. I think you need to snoopervise on a nice soft pillow in the office and meow orders all around.

    Jazzi and Addy

  3. You definitely do not need a job. Madi, you must spend your day looking beautiful and bringing joy to others that is enough for you, unless perhaps you want to hold classes on feline beauty. You would be an expert.

    loveys Sasha

  4. We think jobs is for humans, and not for kitties. But if you do get a job, make sure it's in management so you can boss others around :-)

  5. You wanna come work with me in my Princess Jasmine Beauty Parlour? Its well paid and you get to meet lots and lots and lots of kitties :)xx

  6. Goodness Madi, what on earth is wrong with your humans? They surely realise that you are a Princess and it is their duty to wait on you!
    A job indeed, whoever heard of a Princess working. Well we expect you might be able to go and cut a few ribbons here and there.....................!
    Much love
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps we cannot comment from our own blog again!!!

  7. Madi, you can't possible take on another job - you are quite busy there now snoopervising the humans.

    Our Mom said she needs gas and of course, it went up $.12 last night - sheesh.

    Happy Friday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. the only Diva's I know are singers, can you sing?? thanks for helping remington back on line yesteray

  9. forgot to say, our Diva Dog Baby Girl does NOTHING but sleep, that is her job

  10. I am totally laughing! Your Mom is so funny! Don't tell her Madi but I'm with you on this one. A Diva never works!

  11. **GASP**
    her actually used the J.O.B. word in front of you?!?!

    I would suggest re-negotiating your current contract. Perhaps her needs to pay you, for all the stuffs you do around the house!

  12. HUH???? Arn't our jobs of protecting our humans enough to do? SHEESH! Stand your ground Madi!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  13. Woof! Woof! I was pooped for days took some time off ... Golden Laughs!!! Great for Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. WORK? Bwhahahahahaha...OMD, dat was a good one. Diva kittehs don't work! Da only work they do is tellin' their peeps WHAT to do.
    Ooooooh me, your mom so has it backwards.


  15. A job?????? Heck no, we won't go! I can tell you really let your parents have it with the HBO words. Love that picture. I do so love an independent woman who speaks her mind!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. Mom isn't serious? What would she and Dad do all day alone?

  17. NO NO NO! The Queen must NOT work! What is your mommy thinking? BTW -- thanks again for all of your help yesterday!

  18. Diva's and work are wrong in the same sentence!

    Happy weekend.

  19. Perhaps you could be a therapy cat... it just involve being stroked a lot.

  20. Darling Madi - it's Abby, your kindred Diva. This, my dear, is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard. Certainly, your parents knew when you agreed to live in their home that all bed and board is included in the contract. Perhaps you should pull out the "Diva Parental Responsibility Agreement" to gently remind them of this.

    Indignant Purrs,

  21. Madi, you Mom has gone 'round the bend!

  22. ha ha dearest Madi, you clearly must take control! only YOU know what is to be done and how life is to be lived! We are behind you! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  23. We can't believe what we are hearing. Before you know it you will collapse with exhaustion from overwork.

  24. Your job is snoozing and eating and just looking plain cute, Madi.

  25. Madi, a diva like yourself will never have to work outside your house! You do enough inside all day long! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  26. Diva or no diva, a cat's job is just to look so cute that it makes the human smile every time they look at you. And you are doing a fabulous job!

  27. Maybe the job could be as their mascot and have a photo of you in the window!
    They would have to pay you for your time and that translates into more Fancy Feasts!
    Better think this one over, Madi!


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