Monday, April 2, 2012


or here is the Cliff Note version
1. Even though Mom can buy socks 24/7 in any color at any store she had a desire to make a pair.
2. She has bought a gazillion patterns before she found one she found one she could make.
3. The sock pictured on last Monday was another flop.
a. itty bitty sock yarn
b. itty bitty (size C) crochet hook, very hard to see.
c. She is convinced the instructions WERE wrong again.
4. SO she bought different yarn and found a tube 
OK you are caught up....
After one SOLID week of working on the
insert HBO word, here is the finished product.

 OMC as if the color wasn't enough to blind me she shoved her smelly lovely foot in my face.
I was less than impressed.  She said Madi you better give it a 
good look and a good sniff.....'cause this is the last time you'll see it
Yep the old girl made one and she said there wasn't enough money 
in the lottery to get her to make another one.  She said there are some things in life that do not need to be repeated. This is one of them.  My BFF, Puddles told us the Mom of  Texas Doxie, MinnaK also made ONE last year.  We don't know what color it is but we'd like to make MinnaK's mom an offer she cannot refuse.   Mom will gladly send her sock to TX so that MinnaK's Mom has a complete pair....MOL
Respectfully submitted.


  1. MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL! We is laffin our asteriks off ofur here! Mebbe sumbody could use it fur a putter cover! We needed this funny today. Thanks fur the laffs. XOXOXOXO

  2. Have you thought of stuffing it with catnip and using it as a pillow? You'd still have to wear your sunglasses though. Hehe! Deccy x

  3. Hahahaha! Well, good for your mom for getting it done anyway, after wrangling with the heel. :-)

    We like the idea of turning it into a catnip pillow!

  4. Bwhahahahahahahahaha...OMD...I just tinkled on myself...and mum spewed her coffees out. NOTE: replace keyboard.
    Afters readin' da udder comments I thinks you could come up withs some uses furs ONE sock. It would makes a nice beer cozy too. I'm all game fur whatevers you choose as long as your mom don't wears them withs flipflops.


  5. We are just rolling around here crazy with laughter Madi! Hmmmm.... I could use the sock for a tuggy toy! Just sayin.
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. Very nice sock! Your mommy does great work!

  7. You have me laughing right out loud this morning! Even so, I find the sock to be quite lovely!

  8. can't stop laughing. this is hilarious. i must say, i do not agree with Jill, the sock is to say the least NOT lovely. LOL OMC too funny. I have an idea, use it to dust with, put it on mommy's hand and it is perfect for dusting. i have used hubby's old white socks, and this one is even better. OR roll it up for a cat hat.. still laughing.

  9. Oh got mommy laffing (I don't know WHY!) and she hasn't quit grinning YET! And it's MONDAY!

  10. Wow, we think the sock looks fabulous!!! Crocheting is a lot harder than I imagined so I think it is an accomplishment to finish even just one :-)

  11. LOL ... your mom makes me laugh! Why is it that you all like to smell our feet? Kramer takes a sniff ... must be my smelly feet as well!

  12. Oh dears momma just went **GASP* at the beautifulness of da Single Sock!

    You think your mom is odd....., my momma struggled to finish ONE sock last year. Butt guess what her did then. Her decided to try again, because it sounded like sock knitting was something her 'should' like. So her struggled through another sock.........butt used a DIFFERENT yarn. (her thought it was a pretty color) And now her has a third sock almost done with a THIRD (and different) yarn! poor momma has 2 and a half knitted socks........butt her still don't have a matching pair! I am convinced her is going into Single Sock production mode. Sigh.

  13. That is a Beautiful sock!!!! I'd love to have a pair just like it!!!

  14. She should just save the sock until the dryer monster eats one of her other socks, then she'll have a set!

  15. Hey, the last sock came out great! I've never heard of a crochet pattern
    for socks before!
    That is too funny! Sending this sock to Texas to get a pair! LOL
    Madi, I bet you would have been impressed if it smelled like cat nip!
    You'd be jumping all over the place with excitement! :)
    It must take a lot to impress a Diva!
    Chin scratches to you, if I'm allowed
    Hugs to Mom for starting off the week with a chuckle!

  16. Madi ask your mommy her user name on WWF purrlease.

  17. We were gonna suggest your Mom auction off the whole lot...we bet some crazypants peep (i.e. our Mommy) would pay good money for 'em! Nothing she wears matches, as you know.

  18. Oh too funny. We think that sock is gorgeous.Well done Madi's mom. At least you got it done. That alone deserves some applause. But I do think the joining of the two single socks is such a good idea. BUT we need a picture of the two together. Thanks for the pants wetting laugh. Take care.

  19. I like the color...

    lol...I'll buy mine cause at the rate of my project list, i'd be lucky to get a toe crocheted

  20. BOL! Madi you are so funny! My mom has been looking for a sock pattern.... But is too scared to pick one.


  21. I love the sock!!!!!!! It´s very warm, I think!!!

  22. Madi, it was a nice effort and all, but I am glad its over for you. Maybe if you plant it in the garden, then more will grow and she won't have to make any more.

    Loveys Sasha

  23. It's very colourful for sure and I bet comfy too.. You gave us a laugh.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. I can't help myself:
    SOCK IT TO ME!!!! :)

  25. BOLOLOLOL - OK, Madi, you have convinced the Momster that she won't be trying to crochet any socks for a long long time, if ever:)

    Nice try, Madi's Mom.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Well we think it is a very pretty solitary sock.

  27. Hahahaha Madi that is so funny. Aren't our Mom's incredible? One sock???!!! Hehehehehe

  28. Hahahaha!! Well, at least your mom will have one warm foot!!

  29. Just one???
    Well... I have to admit that one is beautiful!!!!
    Kisses and hugs

  30. well its bright and cheary...hehe..xx Speedy

  31. Madi I don't know how your mom could just stick her foot in your face like that but the sock is interesting :)

  32. Hey Madi, Jet here.

    My mom knits, and just like her terror of trying waitressing, she will NOT try socks, no matter what they say about new needles, new techniques, better patterns... hooray for your Mom attempting the scary sock!

  33. I'm not quite sure which is funnier, your original post or all these wonderful comments!! :)


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