Friday, October 7, 2016

National Smile Day and Sunflowers

Today Dory and Bros invited everybuddy to celebrate SMILES and SUNFLOWERS
I'm Smiling anytime I'm visiting my friends and their blogs because smiling is
about being happy and content.  Did you know it takes less muscles to smile than frown
so turn that frown upside down and 
S M I L E for the flashy beast!

Sunflowers and smiles go together 'cause they are happy flowers

Mom and I send lots of prayers and purrs to all our friends in Florida in the path
of Hurricane Matthew.  We are surely hoping it turns out into the Atlantic Ocean
away from land.

Added bonus we're doing the Fill ins today.  
Mom's answers are Red
Madi"s are Blue

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow, Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie ofMcGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. My favorite store is Bed Bath and Beyond, Pet supply Plus
2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for Madi:  I used to purr for a little furry sibling
3. At Halloween,  I'm unhappy because I don't like the door bell, I'm happy that we buy candy I don't like.  

4. I believe the supernatural, because I have seen the Maco Light on the NC Coast.  
Click here
if you have never read my post about it!!
   There is a ghost who lives in our ceiling fan in the den and often it tries to get me.


  1. I am purring lots for everyone who is in the path of this hurricane!

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yes first and foremost one thinks of and prays for those in the path of Matthew... Big smilies back at you darling Madi... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Our mom bought candy that she didn't like one year and that was the year she hardly got any trick or treaters!
    Our paws are crossed for anyone in Matthew's way♥

  4. Sunflowers are the very best. Looking good Madi. You all have a great day.

  5. I agree with you for the doorbell, we should have a silent one.... maybe one what sends electric shocks to the staff? that would be better...
    we cross all paws and fingers that matthew calms down of looks for another way where he can't do bad things...

  6. Prayers from me too Madi and Mom!

    Love the picture of you with the sunglasses Madi. I've never grown sunflowers, but have always wanted to try.

    Happy weekend.

  7. Mom luffs BBnB too. She'd never heard of the Maco Lights but it's an intriguing story. We hope y'all stay dry there this weekend.

  8. My mum likes sunflowers to because they look cheerful. I am purring for everybody to be safe from Matthew.

  9. Yipes! We never heard of the Maco light! How spooky!

  10. Fun that you are doing the Fill-ins! Love your pink shades, I have a pair too but they are checkered on the front!

  11. Those were great answers and I don't like the doorbell either pretty Madi, not even the one on TV!

  12. Our brother loves sunflowers! Probably because they are yellow and he's nuts over yellow. Awesome fill-ins! We hate the doorbell, too, but now we love it because... it kept getting stuck and breaking. Now we don't have one. That's the kind of doorbell to have!

  13. LVOE your glasses :-) Yes, its World SMILE Day! Sending lots of SUGAR's Happy SMILES. Golden Woofs

  14. We're smiling! We have a ghost who sometimes just moves the bathroom door back and forth a little....scares Bella badly.

  15. Awww Madi, just see your picture makes me smile! :-) You look so very cool in your pink shades. So you used to purr for a furry sibling? Do you still want one?

  16. Those are some rockin glasses. We thought you were Elvis. We don't like that doorbell either. It's nutty and bothersome
    Lily & Edward

  17. Oh no, the ghost in the ceiling fan! That's way scary, Madi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  18. WHEW! We are trying to get caught up reading the blogs today! Sorry we've been so lax -- it's all Mom's fault, of COURSE!
    We LOVE sunflowers and they always make us SMILE!

  19. A ghost in the ceiling fan?? Oh no!!
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  20. Bed Bath & Beyond is one my favorite stores, too! Could probably spend my whole pay check there! Sending lots of prayers to everyone in the the path of Hurricane Matthew.

  21. Beautiful sunflowers. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I must go read up on the ceiling fan ghost. I hope you have a nice weekend! XO

  22. OMD..What a wonderful smiley picture and beautimous Sunflower, Madi!!! Thanks so much for joining us today!!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  23. We love your world smile day picture. We don't have to worry about the doorbell at Halloween because nobody ever comes to our house. Since our house is on a country road and we live way back off the road.

  24. Sunflowers are the best.
    We heard about the hurricane Matthew, hope it turns away and not much damage done.


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