Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday Tail...Tale & Mystery Mail

I was caught lounging w/o my tail wrapped around my body...
cause it was hot as blue blazes outside
A girl has to let things air out sometimes

This post is dedicated to BearCat and Ellie Mae...they always say the nicest things about
my tail.

Mom here:
Our solar eclipse experience.  We didn't have glasses but we did watch the event as it traveled across the country.  About 2:40 or 2:45 pm, all of a sudden I noticed how dark it was in the house even though the sun was shining.  At about 3:00 pm normal natural light returned in  the house.
As for Madi it didn't bother her one bit.
Tell us about your eclipse experience!!
OMCs I rec'd a mystery package on the afternoon just after the Solar Eclipse passed
over Madi Manor.  It had a very strange return addy on it and at least 87 stamps.
See below!!??!!

I'm thinking maybe there were some alien beings flying over my house and this fell out of their Eclipse Ship.

Well I bellowed to the one with thumbs, aka TOGM to come quickly to help me open it.
There was the wee box inside this big box

Thank goodness for the one with thumbs aka TOGM who was able to open the wee box.
OMCs there was an itty bitty kitty living in the wee box

I sniffed the itty bitty box
 I sniffed all 87 stamps
 Then I sniffed the itty bitty kitty's tush hoping to find a familiar scent
perhaps from someone I might know.
There was nuttin' in the big box or the itty bitty box to tell me...who GUESS WHO might be.  However, after careful inspection I noticed there were 87 very subtle clues.  I would like to say 87 thank yous to GUESS WHO!!!
Sincerely Mayoress Emeritus Madi


  1. We mowed the backyard and let the boys play outside before the eclipse. Everyone said the dogs don't look at the sun anyway so no worries. Of course, Pierre looks straight up in the sky so we made them come inside before the solar phenomenon happened. We didn't have glasses either so we watched it on the news. It did get dark here for a just a bit. Is that package from Phenny??

  2. oh another tuesday teaser ... is there a badge for the furst right guesser?
    we saw nothing of the eclipse... that are the benefits for living in europe, no shoe dazzle, no 6pm and no eclipse :o))))

  3. What a nice gift! I wonder who sent it? The eclipse was a non-event for my human - she had to deal with car trouble in the morning and missed it.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh that is from the Pencil-vane-ya flat-hill guys!!! They have been so absent from our scenery of late, but I know that they have been busy with milkbone harvests and stuffz like that - but how great of them to think you darlin' Madi!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Oh my, isn't that just the cutest! You were spoiled there Madi! I didn't see the eclipse, but that had more to do with being on the wrong continent than anythings else...

    Mara from Norway

  6. Neat present to you Madi. That was a sweet gift for them to send you.

  7. WE have no idea who the package is from. It wasn't from us. But it sure is a nice pressie.We did watch the eclipse with glasses, or at least the Mom did and it was totally amazing. Have a super day.

  8. wow, guess who did a magnificent job of finding the perfect cat for you. it is beautiful. Jake and I watched the eclispe on CNN and ABC and traveled to 3 states while the one with thumbs took photos of it all.. coming soon to a blog near you. MOL

  9. Those are really neat stamps. And of course things have to air out eventually.

  10. That was a cool surprise pretty Madi! We enjoyed the eclipse and I am posting what I saw on Thursday!

  11. Maybe just maybe the aliens dropped that package, when they visited us wif the eclipse. Dad put us in the big closet for safe keeping during it, i finks it was really hims that was scared...heheheheh mags

  12. We've been excitedly waiting for today after your Mom spilled the beans about your tail being featured today! We love it! I know people who comment always say nice things - maybe genuinely or not. But we think you are a truly beautiful girl, Madi ... and not just on the outside, but on the inside too. We hope you're still eating well and back to reminding your humans about their shortcomings (and really, is that job EVER done?!?!).
    ps - Just to clarify, we're referring to shortcomings ALL humans possess ... it's not specific to your humans ... just a funny way to appreciate the looks of displeasure we see you give your Mom. Believe us, if you met Momma, you'd be shocked that she survived as long as she has with HER shortcomings :)

  13. Oh my goodness! First - yes, your tail is so awesome! But also - WOW! What a special surprise!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: I always suspected that's what Blogville's zipcode is, but I wasn't sure.

  14. That was just the coolest gift from Guess Who!
    We watched the eclipse on our TV. It was amazing!

  15. Gail and I have no idea about who sent the present, but are most impressed by the number of stamps. We also note that the Blogville zip code is the same as the phone number of a big taxi company here in Aberdeen!
    Toodle pip!

  16. That was a nice surprise. We had 60 % coverage and clouds. XO

  17. What a lovely surprise!!! And we think we have a good idea who GUESS WHO is:)

    When it is hot, unwrap the tail. When it is cold, wrap it around you just like a donut or a honey bun:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  18. Madi, a cat has to do what a cat MUST do...tail curled up or allowed to fly free! The eclipse was fun; just a bit of something that brought everyone together for a few minutes. Mother Nature is awesome! Coolio gift, but so mysterious.

  19. We think we know who!!!!! How nice! Mom and Dad watched with their glasses on but made us stay in the house. They said it got chilly and kinda like dusk but not dark since we were not 100% close though
    Hazel & Mabel

  20. madi.....we hada kinda cloudee day but it terned like dusk heer in de land oh fish with T....in 2024 we will be like total lee in de dark just like nite time....de FSG watched de NASA site all aftur noon N got noe werk done frum what we heer...NASA'S site waz way kewl !! ☺☺♥♥

  21. Well....it looks like the sort of thing F and E would do.
    As for our eclipse experience, we watched it on the News....MOL!

  22. what a pawtastic prezzie!!!!! Like you, it became darker inside (not super dark, but darker) and outside looked like it was going to storm...but in a different sort of a way. We didn't have glasses either so we didn't look up. Plus we only had 80% of it here in Michigan. xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  23. We can tell by the cancellation stamp on the package who sent the mystery package. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from another Mayor Emeritus and his family. We wish they would come back to Blogville and we miss their funny posts.

  24. Surprise packages are the best because they're so unexpected.

    We slept through the eclipse, but the mom watched with those funny glasses. We only had 80% here and some clouds tried to ruin it, but the mom said it was pretty cool. Though it didn't get dark or anything like that.

  25. We have 87 guesses who it is from, what a beautimous wooden Madi cat!
    Jakey & Arty


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