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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's photo prompt
We thank Mom Pam for all the effort she puts into finding 
these lovely photos for us.

All Aboard
This is a true story about a dinner train my peeps took.
Mom remembers the refurbished Carolina Dinner Train looking very much like this too.

To ride the rails all the day long would be divine.
However, to dine in one like this was sublime.
In 2001 to Aberdeen (NC) the peeps did drive.
In about 90 minutes, they climbed aboard the Carolina Dinner Train 
around about five.
When 'all aboard' was called the atmosphere came alive.
Everyone eagerly found their table...ohhhhhing and ahhhhing 
over the lovely table settings.  
The aroma of dinner drifted from the galley making their tummies churn.
Bells, whistles and rattling rails added to the charm.
Lamps gave off an amber glow.
As food service began, time slowed down over the next three hours.
Fine dining was enhanced by an ever changing views as the
train wound its way through the small Sandhills towns.
A grand time was had, visions of times gone by formed in 
everyone's head. 


  1. What a fun experience! My human has never really had a great dining experience on a train, since she's only traveled solo, and they seat alone travelers with other alone travelers. This may be fun for some, but for my human, it generally made for really awkward conversation and a desire to get back to her seat and the view, or a good book.

  2. Wow, the peeps caught the train from Aberdeen!

  3. oh that fabulous train is like the orient eggspress or da british pullman... what a wonderful idea to make a memory that way... well done!!!!

  4. How cool! Da only trains my momma has been on are subways.

  5. Hari OM
    Oh you know, Madi, I's a bit jelly green that your peeps got this experience - it's the sort of thing I would love to do, but I lived through TOGMs words!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Oh I WANTS to go on that train journey, sounds just PAWFECT
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. How pretty and what fun! We love your new blog header, Madi!

  8. That must have been a special experience. Mom's always wanted to take a short train ride.

  9. Oh, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful thing to do! I have done Amtrak but just short trips to St. Louis and our Missouri wine country. Found us some Duplin yesterday at Total Wine... :)

  10. That sure sounds like a lot of fun. Nothing better than a train ride. You all have a fantastic day.

  11. Oh yes, this was right up your Dad's alley wasn't it Madi. Being on a train, he was in hog heaven.

  12. That was very cool sweet Madi!

  13. Great poem Madi. That sounds like a wonderful dinner. XO

  14. Momma says that sounds like a wonderful dinner!

  15. That sound like it was a wonderful trip for your peeps Madi.

  16. Hmm, seems like it's time for a cat train trip! People sit in loungers, while cats enjoy the scenery...

  17. Now that sounds like a absolutely wonderful experience. It also reminded mom of when Mr Bailey took Miss Dory on a train ride for their first Valentines Day date. Sweet memories
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. Mom is a train puker.......but we loved your new header!! Hope you are having a good week dear Madi. Mags and Gus

  19. C...I bet this was a blast ....I always wanted to take my gram on one of those
    "murder mystery" train rides...she always knew who dun it before they did it !!☺☺♥♥

  20. I would love to do that, there is a dinner with a mystery train about and hour from us, my son and his wife went on it twice. it leaves in the evening and as the diners dine, 1 act after the other of a play is in each car. the ticket comes with one night in a hotel near by..

  21. Oooo so fabulous! We want to do that!

  22. Oh Madi and Mom this is wonderful - I could SEE and FEEL the fun of this dinner trip on a beautiful train. BRAVO! It's just what that photo brings to mind too.......

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  23. That sounds fabulous!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  24. What great memories. The hubby's dream trip is to do the Great Northern train from the midwest to the west and back again.

  25. madi and Mom, your train ride in that beautiful car sounded delightful!!! But we really want to know if we can have a ride on your school bus?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  26. That must have been such a fun experience for your peeps, Madi. We know how much your dad likes trains.

  27. You did the picture great justice with your excellent poem

  28. Oh, Ma has never been on a sleepover train! I would loves to do that! And it's been a long while since she's ridden a train period..sigh.
    Anyhu, loved the poem ~ FABulous as usual!
    Ruby ♥

  29. Oh Mama is whining how you and your Dad need to come to the west coast and join them for the Napa Valley Wine Train(tell your Mama to ask Google Girl about it).

    What a pawesome poem!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  30. That sounds like a great and fun adventure! Hooray!


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