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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Shirt Tale Tuesday: final chapter and PSA

Good morning friends
Yes it is true today is the final chapter of
Shirt Tale Tuesday, if you missed Part II click here.
I discussed the beginning stages of making a garment.
As expected, the pattern went together quickly.
I completed it on Friday March 22.
Once the pattern has been cut out and the necessary tracing done it was time
to sew.  

After a wee bit of dealing with a Bossy Bobbin, aka BB,
 everything went smoothly.  BB tried to be snarly and gnarly.
I pulled out my trust sewing machine book of magic.  BB decided I
was a force to be reckoned with and cooperation was inevitable.

Below is the top portion of the blouse.  I was especially happy with the 
roll collar.

When it is time to start sewing, here are are a few tools of the trade

Top left: blouse with only hemming of sleeves and the bottom of the blouse
Top Right:
Your eyes are not deceiving you...yes that is an ironing board and an iron
you MUST!! YES MUST!! press your seams as you sew so that each pieces fits together nicely.
Flat SEAMS are a must no puckering allowed.

Bottom right: 1. straight pins, 
2. a ruler
3. pinking shears. I use these for cutting out fabric
helps to keep certain fabrics from raveling
4. every day scissors
5. a seam ripper (I really needed this when Bossy Bobbin was
showing her butt
Bottom left: close up of my seam ripper it is a work of art.

Finished blouse:
When I buy garments off the rack, I am always drawn to unusual fabrics.
This is why I liked the pattern when I saw it. I wanted to use contrasting fabric

I love novelty buttons.  I used to JUST buy buttons BECAUSE
The pattern didn't call for a button here
BUTT(on) I thought it gave the blouse personality

Now for Mother Nature to send us some days of 70 or above
so I can pull out my capri jeans to wear with my new blouse.
I'm thinking my next project might be the same patter with
cap sleeves for the hot, hazy, humid days of a Dixie Summer

Stay tuned for a Sunday Selfie of my new blouse.
I love how it fits, it is light and airy and will be so comfy in the Summer.

Speaking of Tales
BIG PSA this Friday is Final Friday Fiction

Do Join us  it is such fun.


  1. Hari Om
    Well, I for one am very impressed! Can totally see you getting lots of wear from this and i think the button fits just perfectly. Brava! YAM xx

  2. bravo! apaws apaws!!! we love it and together with the capri jeans it is a fantabulous outfit!!! come on miss spring and bring the sunny weather ;O)

  3. The blouse looks lovely and the button adds the finishing touch. I very much prefer the materials you have chosen to those shown on the pattern.

  4. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I love that hand-turned wooden seam ripper. All I've ever had is nasty plastic!

  5. It turned out awesome! Love the color and the white button is the perfect little touch!

  6. Wow, that turned out great. That is such a pretty blouse. Good for you to do that. Have a terrific day.

  7. Oh yes, Mum says you must use the iron more often that the sewing machine....(and that also gives me plenty of opportunity to sneak in to the sewing room and snaffle stuffs while shes downstairs pressing)
    I finks you make a PAWSOME job of your new blouse A+++
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. It's amazing to see that fabric come to life!

  9. LOVE IT! You did a good job. I can see the craftsmanship in your work.

    on my sewing machine.........when the bad bobbin is acting up........I sometimes take the thread off it and put more on. That seems to be the easiest cure for it.

    Great job.

  10. We love your blouse and of course it's in your favorite color. That button does work well there too. We can't wait to see your selfie.

  11. I can remember making a blouse in Home Economics back in the day. It was the most pitiful thing ever. I know the teacher thought I'd be a terrible wife. I never got the hang of sewing.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  12. as a rule I don't like mix match fabric, but this is BEAUTIFUL and looks perfect together.. I love it and you really can sew. wow. my mother had all of this except for the hand carved part and she had the ironing board and iron, but did not use it. I am thinking that is why hers were not as pretty as yours

  13. this would look great with white walking shorts in summer or white capris. down here we live in white everything..

  14. That's some good sewing! Beautiful!

  15. Very nicely done! I wish I could sew.

  16. "The pattern went together quickly" LOL! If only. That doesn't happen around here. And a seam ripper in Oz is called a pick-unpick. Of course, I've ripped enough seams while trying to get out stitches to call it a seam ripper.

  17. What a pawfessional job Aunty HiC! We can't wait to see you modeling it!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  18. Oh, that is just lovely. You will look great in the denim and red/white combo!!! Mom is quite impressed with your skills. The button is an extra special touch!!!

    As for the ironing board, you made Mom laugh. She still irons all Dad's shirts, even T shirts!!! And a lot of her stuff too. Our human sister-in-law doesn't have either an iron or an ironing board!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. Oh my, I used to sew clothes all of the time, now I simply shop thrift! Good for you!

  20. I'm not sure if you have other friends who are struggling seamstresses but I really appreciate your tips. I need some pinking shears and of course, I already have my "good scissors" used ONLY on fabric! LOL! Your son-in-law did an amazing job on your seam ripper.

  21. Oh goodness your blouse turned out just lovely!!! And we think the button added just the pawfect finishing touch!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  22. WOW! That blouse is incredible! Err ... but ironing? NOT MY THING. Nope. I can do everything (and I can learn anything I don't know) ... but that. I've tried more times than I can count and it always ends with someone ripping the iron out of my paws :)

  23. I agree about that button - that your amazing mind's eye picked out and placed!!!! I love the cheerfulness of the colors and patterns. You are a very talented person! My mom loved to sew, and I learned but then I messed up my neck and sewing became impossible (how's that for a run-on sentence?!?).

  24. Oh, I LOVES IT!!!! And Ma has quit more than one sewing session over BB's!!! They are the worse! I agree, the button is pawfect! nows, Ma would like to place an order.....
    Ruby ♥

  25. What a PERFECT summery top you made - love the color, the pattern and most especially the BUTTON! You clever that you've made ONE - why not keep on going - you're on a roll (and I'm not talking roll collar here!).

    Hugs to Creativity personified - YOU!


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