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My Mind's Eye
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tilted and Plates

Red Japanese Maple color and black and white
I grew up with mostly b&w...I love vibrant colors
however, slowly I'm becoming a black and white fan.

First up Bella, Dui and Roxy and HER spotted this one DownUnder
1.  MOL 62....
makes me wonder if purr chance someone has 62 cats?!
 On NC plate so they either love North Carolina or they are NCSU fans
3. LIVLARGE:  Live Large then directly after it..
4. KEY2LIFE:  Key to Life maybe living large is the Key to Life
5. XOXOGMA4:  Hugs and Kisses Grandma to four
6. GPSY, Gypsy
7. BDPACK1: Bad Pack #1?
8. GOKYBLUE, Go Kentucky Blue for University of Kentucky on NC plate formerly from KY
9. PCEBSTIL:  Peace be Still?
10. SHOFER: Chauffer
11. "SHAKEN": on BMW
12. H2OSports: they like water sports
13. GRO N UP, Grown Up
14. RURALNC: maybe a farmer
15. @HOMEDAD, Stay at home Dad
16. XY - XY - XY: Mom to 3 boys
17. SOLARVU1, Solar View 1
18. WEB4You,  Web designer
19. ADWOMAN, Lady in advertising
20. GRACE07
21. HWY12N.S.  Highway 12 north south?


  1. Beautiful Japanese maple....ours is JUST starting to "leaf out" !!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. your yard is beautiful in color or black and white. I have always liked color best, maybe because we grew up with only black and white. I like it better now though. I went to an Ansel adams showing, with Florida's Ansel, Clyde Butcher. they had mural sized photos of their black and white work and it changed how I see them now...

  3. Such a beautiful tree! Ours is still leafless.

  4. That sure is one beautiful tree. We also like it in color. The plates are terrific. You all have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful tree. We always enjoy the plates!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Pretty photo and fun plates too!

  7. I saw a couple that I was saving for your thoughts, and danged if I can find them.

  8. Your Japanese maple is looking great. Ours are still a ways from leafing out. You always find such interesting plates.

  9. Hari om
    Nearly missed this! You did good on these today... #7 - bdpack is an electrical interface, so probs a sparky's car! YAM xx

  10. I truly like seeing the color of the Red Maple and I am a fan of black and white photography. Lovely Maple... looking very festive for Spring! Those are some good plates!

  11. My Japanese Maple is green. I wanted one the color of yours.
    It's beautiful.


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