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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday Tale: Quilt update

I'll be the first to admit I jumped in the quilting pond with both feet; however,
I did have a life raft.  My SIL aka Pie Queen on speed dial.
Monday April 29th, I ran into a wee problem understanding how to assemble the border.
SIL/PQ was in Maryland visiting her daughter so I plugged "how to assemble a quilt border
into GiGi Google.  Once again she came thru for me.
Next step was to layer backing (kitty fabric) batting and quilt.
I went to Bernina for my batting.  I fessed up to being a newbie. Ursula gave me all kinds
of suggestions.  Rather than hand basting layers together she suggested using 
Odif 5o5 temporary Adhesive for fabric. 
Talk about quick...the layering went together licktey split.
I trimmed kitty fabric backing and batting leaving both about 2" wider than 
the quilt top.  Next step is quilting blocks.  Sassy will be my able assistant
for this step.  


  1. it's so great to see how so much beautiful things grow under your hands ... BRAVO!!!

  2. Looking great. I’ Almost—almost tempted to try quilting!

  3. It's looking wonderful, Miss Cecilia!

  4. It looks very nice! And Sassy will be singing!

  5. Wow, that is looking terrific. Well done. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  6. It looks wonderful! The colors are great.

  7. first you make a blouse and now a quilt. I AM IMPRESSED!!! you go girl!!! it is beautiful, can't wait to see it finished... glad you have your assistant on speed dial and friendly clerks at the store

  8. That's amazing and darn impressive too!

  9. Your quilt is looking great. Our mom would be more than happy to help any time with your quilting questions too. She uses spray basting for almost all of her quilts. The only one she didn't spray baste was a king sized one. That one the quilt club helped her baste on a basting frame.

  10. That's coming along nicely. My ghostwriter used to sew, but never had enough patience for quilting. Keep up the good work!

  11. Doesn't it feel good, that you've set goals for yourself, and you are mastering them? Good for you!

  12. Wow that all sounds incredibly complicated. What is batting? We thought it was something to do with cricket. And basting?? Surely that's to keep a joint of roast beef moist while it cooks??
    Bertie and I will stick to physics!
    Cheers, Gail.

  13. That looks great. I could never have the patience or skill to do that. XO

  14. So pretty and it's looking GREAT.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  15. You are doing an amazing job!!! We love what we see here!!! We bet you are ready to take on another quilting project very soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. C; the quilt is beautiful as is your header !!! to LIVE ther.....let me know if the house goes up for sale......yea, coz I've got 90 bazillion $$$$ just waitin to be spent ;) ♥♥☺☺

  17. That looks nice! How big is it (going to be)?

    Klem, Mara

  18. MY gosh I can't say how much I truly admire you. I would LOVE to be able to do that, but I have no sense at all...and I'd probably implode if I tried.

  19. It looks like it is going to be beautiful!!

  20. OMD, that looks FABulous!!! You did a wonderful job!!! I had Ma look up spray basting, cause Ma knows nothin' abouts this sewin' stuffs, and how cool is that??! I thinks you are gonna have a wonderful new hobby!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: when do I put my order in????? ☺

  21. That's going to be a real beauty of a quilt! I'm sure my sister Carol would agree with me (wink wink).

    Hugs, Pam

  22. It looks GREAT! Spray basting is SO MUCH EASIER than basting by hand! SO MUCH EASIER!!!! :)


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