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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Happy Tuesday: Rocky stalks Kat

Rocky stalks Kat:
Click on this link to get a great big giggle!!!

 Rocky was on the sun porch, Kat and Pup in the family room.
Rocky tries to get all scary but Kat is NOT at all impressed..Kat doesn't even
blink when Rocky



Good morning friends...
Tropical Storm Isaias was predicted to come smack thru
central NC last night into this morning. Dumping
3-6" of rain in parts of  our County...and possible power outage.
It will indeed be a Happy Tuesday if we have power!!!!

  Tuesday UPDATE

All good here, we had 4" of rain, power was out about 4 am but on when we got up at 6
other parts of our County had flooding.
350,000 w/o power mostly on the South Coast.
Favorite sis and BIL  of Angel Madi and the kitties are good
I rec'd this email

We’re okay, slept in a little after I locked kitties out of bedroom around 5:30.  Lots of noise from storm & Mia repeatedly banging blind.
We’ve got power & it didn’t rain in the kitchen.  
I had to giggle about Miss Priss aka Mia she is so nosy she has birds and lizards she has to check on each day
As for the water in the kitchen, after Florence 2 years ago, they had a waterfall in the kitchen ceiling so much wind and rain it leaked thru light fixture.


  1. Hari OM
    Sure hope that storm is less than the news workup on it. Loved seeing Rocky's stalking style. YAM xx

  2. We hope you guys stay safe (and mostly dry)! That video is pretty funny - we can only imagine the trouble those two boys could get in together!

  3. I hope you have power. Isaias will be visiting us this afternoon and into the evening and we are hoping not to lose power too. Stay safe!

  4. Hope all is well! Enjoying the Rocky and everyBODY videos!

  5. Good luck. I hate being without power.

    Rocky, buddy you know how to use that tail.

  6. Standing Ovation for the video of the stalker! Too funny and I do hope you have power this morning and are safe and sound and that it's not raining and blowing wind so you can go to your 1:30 appointment

  7. Rocky is a great stalker, but Kat doesn't care one bit. Adorable.

    I'm glad you didn't get the horrible weather they first predicted.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

  8. Poor Rocky, that was hard work for no Kat jump! We're glad y'all are okay, we got really lucky down this way.

  9. It's good to hear you and your daughter are doing well after the tropical storm passed through. We see on the news that it is quickly moving away to the north.

  10. That was an adorable video. Rocky's tail sure was going fast.

    We only got 1/4 inch of rain from the storm. We're glad everyone is safe.

    The Florida Furkids

  11. I hope our NC associate Angus doesn't get too freaked out. He hates storms! Glad to hear you're doing all right, and hope that big old storm goes away fast!

  12. cute little video! Glad the storm wasn't too bad!

  13. So glad you all are doing well during Isaias, and it's always fun to see Rocky and Kat!

  14. Oh my gosh what a time of it!!! I'll have to ask Katie's other fave brovver in Charlotte of he got any rain...

  15. So glad everyone did OK through the storm..........we had a heck of a lot of rain and a nice breeze from it - East of us some tornado watches but no tornadoes....BYE BYE I say!!

    Hugs, Pam

  16. rocky N kat yur moovee iz grate; rocky; ewe had sum reel stalkin goin on ther...yur tail toll de tale !!!!

    we hope everee one ree manez safe frum de stooooopid hurricane N hope de rest oh de seezon iz a calm one ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  17. Oh dear, Rocky is a feisty one!!! He is going to have to do a better job if he wants to warm up to sweet Kat (and Pup).

    Too bad about all the rain and power blips, but glad all are well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Rocky is funny, and Kat was totally unimpressed. Glad the storm wasn't too bad.

  19. Kat could care less! We’re glad the storm wasn’t too bad for you. :)

  20. Not even rain here in east TN, so glad nothing was damaged, no one hurt. Really enjoyed that video.

  21. We are glad you came through the storm okay. We got a lot of wind but not much rain.

  22. Oh, I loved the video! They are gonna have so much funs togethers!
    I am so happy all of you are okays!!!! I've been thinkin' abouts you guys and all the rain and wind you were gonna gets, really sounded scary!
    Ruby ♥

  23. That Rocky may have the moves but Kat figures as long as there is a door "Go fur it"
    Glad you are not all washed away. Whew

  24. We hope all is well with you. Storms are scary. Stay safe.


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