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Friday, May 28, 2021

Final Friction, Nature and Feline Friday: Seaboard Cafe 30 years

 Final (non) Fiction Friday.

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Seaboard Cafe, I think all of who visit regularly know that we have lunch at our very favorite cafe, Seaboard, every week and sometimes twice a week.

May 14, 2021 was their 30th anniversary!! If I was a math whiz I'd tell you how many times we've had lunch there in the last 30 years.  

Rick the owner and his staff are like family and we have made many memories there.  Rick is absolutely crazy fun.  Almost without fail every week he asked as if we have reservations.  Sometimes he will come to our table to tell us we are "sitting in the no clothes required section"It always cracks me up!! About once a week, before I retired, I'd send out an email Physics Grad students telling them I'm going to Seaboard Cafe today come by my office if you need a ride.  In the mid 1990's most of the grad students were young men.  (By the time I retired we a good mix of male and female). One Saturday, after a month or two of arriving at Seaboard with about eight or nine young men Rick was in rare form.  He said to my husband, "do you know she is bringing carloads of handsome young  men  to lunch every week?"  My husband replied, "yes I know and there is not one thing I can do about it."  Each one of the handsome young men always ordered the Cafe special Hamburger.  It was and still is a huge!!

Here are a few pictures of a typical lunch at Seaboard

Seaboard Cafe has outside and inside dining and pups are welcomed to dine in the outside area.

 Everything is delicious.  I especially love all their Chicken Salads.  This is pistachio chicken salad and yogurt fruit salad
The apricot and almond chicken salad is delicious too. 

My husband will either order old fashion chicken salad sandwich, on toasted wheat bread or a BLT
Often we share a cranberry and walnut  cookie.....

Seaboard Cafe is located on the back side of Logan's Garden center.
The building was the former Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Station.
Below is piece of history from the days when it was an active Railroad Station.
My resident Train Brain told me this is an end of track bumper where passenger cars were parked.  Oh if those cracks could talk.

Nature Friday host LLB Gang  and Feline Friday  host Comedy Plus

Now for a wee bit of Nature Friday from Logan's Garden Center

You've seen this before.  Logan's has so many adorable home and garden
items so I'm showing you again.


  1. Loved hearing more about Seaboard café. Bertie especially is pleased to learn they have an area where pups are welcome. Gail is worried that the male graduate students might have taken the 'no clothes required' quip literally!

  2. we wish this wonderful cafe many many years more... we love such places and they should be there furever and ever.... and we love that chicken sandwich... any leftovers for two hungry pups?

  3. It is nice to find somewhere you really enjoy. When you have been going there that long the people become like extended family.

  4. There is nothing like having a favorite spot that you adore. The sandwich looks so yummy and the orchid is just gorgeous!

  5. The café sounds terrific, and it's cool they've been around for so long. It's good to stick with it when you find something you like.

  6. Great post about Seaboard and Rick. So happy you have Seaboard and Logan's to look forward to. I almost feel as good as there... almost. It is such a great Saturday lunch date!

  7. The Seaboard cafe sounds like a fun place. Mom thinks chicken salad with pistachios sounds dee-lish.

  8. Hari OM
    Well congrats to the Seaboard cafe for its first thirty and may there be multiples more to come!!! I think you oughtta now have lifetime membership and one free lunch a week. That'd work, right? YAM xx

  9. I think I'd luv that cafe! Great garden center too.

  10. I'm adoptable. Katie too. We'd LURVE to live there! YUM.

  11. your Seaboard Cafe is on my bucket list of things I would love to visit and never will... but i would if i could. loved the story from the past. I wonder how close the Seaboard Coastline comes to where you are. I would love to ride a train again. the garden shop is perfect for nature friday... Bob and I did breakfast at the same resturant every Tuesday and Sunday, our days off, for Five years. the place was Called Biff Burgers and they had the best short order breakfast cook with a tiny grill and the place was and still is done in Fifites Style.. that stopped when we moved here. we also had lunch once a week for about 5 years here at Country Buffet, a mom and pop, tiny kitchen buffet with only about 30 seats. they changed owners and it ended up closed due to poor food

  12. That sure looks like a nice place and a yummy good time too!

  13. We love hearing about your meals at the Seaboard Cafe. Congrats to them for staying in business for so long. How funny that conversation with the owner and your husband was about you bringing all those young men with you to eat lunch.

  14. You've talked about this restaurant before and I'd love to go with you. A good lunch is always welcome.

    I love the kitty garden art. I would like that.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hugs, my friend. ♥

  15. I always love seeing the Seaboard Cafe, it sounds like the food is scrumptious! Of course, being surrounded by all those young men must have made it even better LOL.
    What I really like is the fact that it is in such a lovely garden center!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  16. That sure must be the place to get a good meal!!
    Everything sounds so delicious.
    Lovely garden shop too!!

  17. I always look forward to your weekly lunches, and “finds” at Seaboard❣️

  18. What a wonderful place to have lunch. Dad used to have a few places he went when he lived in the city but out here there is nothing like that. Wish there was. Really nice stuff in the garden center. We want those black Cats

  19. madi....can ewe see hoe manee timez yur mom used de burd werd in thiz she lovez de thing......pleez send two her and dadz mindz
    eye that they knead ta bee eatin SEAFOOD ther.....any kind.....matterz knot...
    just knot...BURD !!! :) ♥♥

  20. That food looks good. It sounds like you have a lot of memories there- too funny about the carloads of men. :) XO

  21. Food good, service good: come back every time! They sure have it sussed. More companies should take a leaf out of their book.


  22. Everything looks delicious! Have a lovely weekend!

  23. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to have such a wonderful place to shop, eat, and enjoy the great outdoors. It's a lovely spot and I do believe if I lived there I'd be there a LOT MORE than once a week!

    Hugs, Pam

  24. I read your Seaboard story to hubby Jeff and we both were laughing out loud.Thanks for an early smile (and laugh).

  25. I love that restaurant! And it is in a garden centre! Thanks for sharing your stories! I live hearing about places that have a history for people. And I love the shots of the Garden Center and their items. Makes me want to go to the big city and spend some time in one.


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