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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Selfies


Timmy Turtle was about the size of your fist...very much alive just barely stuck his head out.  

The rabbit was in hopping in this yard in Leadmine Lake Neighborhood.  

He froze when he saw me

Great Blue Heron 
May 13, 2021 
Shelley Lake


  1. The "self-centred" turtle. Bwahaha!
    Go Timmy!

  2. I love how you can see turtles in every day life! I have only ever seen them in (petting) zoos and gardens, never in nature itself.


  3. It's a real treat for us to spot a box turtle. With so many ponds around us, all we see are the painter turtles.

  4. As expected, as you as a guest in their homes.

  5. At least Henry Heron struck a pose for you!

  6. Poor self centered Timmy, alas, he is doomed to forever be inside his house, not matter if pandemic is lifted or not... he can't change things or move them around, all he can do is move his house and himself.

  7. Oh how I do love turtles! Timmy was shy. Fun pictures for Selfie Sunday!

  8. Great shots. I love turtles- I used to have 2. :) XO

  9. We have a yard rabbit now that the cats are in prison. Also, a few squirrels that we never had with the cats. And, seems we have a bunch of chipmonks.

  10. You sure have some nice critter neighbors!

  11. Lots of great wildlife in your area..........we have tons of bunnies this year - more than any year Mom and Dad can remember. Haven't seen any turtles but I'm sure those closer to the lake than we are do!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. we haven't seen any bunnies or turtles so far this year We love them and we're sad they aren't here. I hoe the mean old coyotes aren't the reason.

  13. I love these selfies! We have a heron that hangs around in the water by our house. I love watching him walk. It's so funny! ~Ernie

  14. Maybe Timmy Turtle was related to the turtle in our front yard. I didn't catch his name. XOX Xena
    Lovely photos and liked the flower frames.

  15. A Tortoise and a hare! What a race that would be! Especially if the heron had a part to play in it! Timmy, Jack and Great Blue had purrfect selfies! Thanks for helping them be part it! We hope you had a marvellously happy day (Kozmo says cats have 4 tonsils, one more than humans, who knew)

  16. OMD, I agree with Cinnamon...tortoise and the hare! What a FABulous walkie!!!! Wells, we knows who won, huh?! BOL!! You have the bestest walkies!!! I bets there are some FABulous sniffs....I would SO loves to walkie with you!
    Ruby ♥


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