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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wordless Wednesday from DownUnder and Quiz


Hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus

Today's photos come from, HER*, my roving photo journalist in 

Dubbo, NWS, Australia aka *staff of Dui and Roxy

Left:  taken mid morning May 13, 2021 

Right: taken just as the Sunset in Oz same day. Look at the colors!!

(reminder it is late Fall Downunder)

SHE sent this photo to Carol/Doodz mom, Lana/Frankie and Ernie's Mom
and to me.
As soon as Lana and I saw the cloud formation on the left we said it looks like
a whale and baby
Carol said the top cloud looked like a Manatee and the bottom looked like an
elk sitting (antlers to the left)

Tell me in the comments what you see in the clouds!!??


  1. that is a firework!!! we love the nature of oz... it is really da magic land of dreams ...

  2. The sunset is just gorgeous! We see the whale and the baby too.

  3. Hari OM
    yes, I see a whale below - but indeed it could be a manatee above! Oh those lovely Aussie skies... YAM xx

  4. It's 6:44 am, I am hungry ... I know it's not at all logical, but I'm sure I see bacon and eggs over easy ...

  5. Left photo-looks like a sea turtle or a manta ray top cloud formation. Bottom cloud formation does look like a whale but also to me looks like a fighter jet... without wings I guess, Ha!

  6. Yes, I see a whale. The top one looks like a whale tail breeching the surface of the what to me.
    Beautiful colors on the second photo.

  7. i see a whale having a baby. I miss She and the pups.

  8. I can see what both of y'all saw in the left photo but the first thing my brain picked up on is that it reminds me of an airplane sorta. The wing on the right side while it appears broken my mind didn't see that and the tail is where the elk antlers are. :) The photo on the right, my brain isn't registering anything. I think the orangey reds aren't processing correctly. Enjoy your fall in the land down under! Our weather is heating up in east Tennessee well before the official start of summer but not to far from the unofficial kick off (Memorial Day weekend). Have a good week! ;)

    Curious as a Cathy

  9. It's great to hear from Her and we hope Dui and Roxy are doing well. We see lots of different things in those clouds in the left picture but we see fire in that sunset picture.

  10. I see clouds. That's it, just clouds. They are both beautiful shots. Yes it's fall down-under.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

  11. I do see a big fish and a little fish!

  12. I also see a big fish and a minnow.


  13. My dark view of life sees a plane dropping a bomb, and the next picture the after-effect

  14. We see a lot of beauty in those photos. Please say hello to HER and the pups.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. We LOVE the photos in the new header. And they are terrific cloud shots.

  16. Okays, I totally see a whale and her baby, butts I also see a seal at the bottom! The other pic is just beautifuls!!!
    Tells HER that we miss her, and we thinks about her often, and tells Dui and Roxy that I gots margaritas waitin' for them! 😘
    Ruby ♥

  17. I definitely see the whale...and the right picture is just pure beauty!!

  18. Cool clouds.....maybe because David went flying today but I see a big plane and a smaller plane above it..........

    Hugs, Pam

  19. Lucy: The top cloud is the manatee, the bottom two are the whale and baby. Definitely see it that way.
    Xena: It can't be that unless the sky is full of water.

  20. We see a duck in the left photo and a beautiful sunset in the right. Wonderful


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