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Friday, April 12, 2024

Nature and Feline Friday with Rocky's Trek Report

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Dearest Auntie HiC

It is, I, Rocky reporting to you from Willow Beach Campground, (one of our favorites), on the Arkansas River, south of Little Rock. The campground was packed when we arrived, as this was a prime location for the recent solar eclipse. 

We arrived on April 9th to rain to find this  area has received *copious (I bet you didn't know I knew a *$5.00 word!! I am smarter than the average cat) amounts of rain with flooding recently & it’s pouring today. April 10th.
It’s a great R&R Day: Raining & Relaxing!

 Lots of birds & water fowl to keep me entertained. 

❤️ Rocky 


  1. Thank you Rocky for teaching us a new version of 'R&R'. Rain and Relaxing is something that's been happening here in Scotland quite a lot this spring!

  2. Hari Om
    What Nobby said... Hugs and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Me and dad love looking at these pictures as we sit here listening to the rain pounding on the roof. Dad's surprised I'm not off and hiding somewhere. Maybe I'm learning to accept all the noises that usually scare me.

  4. Wow Rocky really found a good place to camp. Sit back and enjoy some birds.

  5. Copious is a good word for the amount of rain that has fallen on Blighty this spring as well.

  6. Oh no on getting caught up in the eclipse madness. you were safer doing your R&R than out there in the madding crowds. hope the rain let up and you can all get out and about. we got 87 spits of drizzle rain and 30 hours of high winds the past two days. yesterday the sky was dark, the winds howled and I was afraid they would fall on the house. we thought at least we will get rain. we did not. just a fast moving 10 minute drizzle, the rains broke around us once again. today the winds are coming and bringing a cold front of 68 degrees straight from your neck of the woods

  7. Hi Rocky ~ that's a really good word, you must've already graduated from kittengarten and be in "furst grade"!!!

  8. We're having one of Rocky's R&R days here too. Lots of rain and a whole lot of relaxing.

  9. Great reporting and purrfect use of the word copious!
    Oh, we had lots of rain yesterday as well and I had to get through it for one hour, meeting Pieter's cardiologist appointment.
    So it was not relaxing...
    Rocky, you are in a first class beddie for observing the birds and water fowl—enjoy them!

  10. We are having an R&R kinda day at our house too, Rocky!

  11. Rocky, we're having a lot of the same R&R here (got home LATE last). At least it makes everything gloriously green and lush!

    Happy and safe travels!

  12. I'm glad you are having fun watching the water works sweet Rocky!

  13. Rocky, that looks like a very good view. Birds are always a bonus! Definitely looking green there. Enjoy your R&R Day!

  14. Wildlife TV is also our favorite thing to watch when we are out and about in CeCe!
    Sunny & Rosy

  15. Glad you have live bird tv. XO

  16. R&R and BirdTV both sound pawsome to us.

  17. We are having a lot of R&R days here too. We went away for a few days hoping to find better weather but that didn't work.

  18. Rest days are the best days. I hope you had fun even if things were a bit wetter and wilder than usual.

    Thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  19. I am praying you feel better soon. That was a great poem.

  20. Looks like a good view where you are camping Rocky.......lots of stuff to watch - better than TV!

    Hugs, Teddy

  21. How fun for you Rocky ~ hugs,

    Hugs to you and Angel Madi ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Doesn't Rocky look so comfy in his own private window seat!!! Happy traveling.

    Woos - Misty and Timber


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