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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Madi: Contemplates......

The Diva is pondering the need for a portfolio. She wants to be ready when
Hollywood comes calling. She needs feedback from her friends on the below pictures.

1. Left side more pensive pose....Sitting tall.
She thinks the length of her legs with vertical gray patches
give her a svelte supermodel appearance

2. Sitting pretty in the purrfect fe-lady paw placement. She says this stance displays
her symmetrical facial features, pink nose and green cat eyes

3. Best Diva posture, oozing feline aloofness.
Purrfect paw placement, right profile, muffin
handles sucked in.

Please let Madi know which picture best represents her Diva Catitude.
Respectfully submitted by her humble (one of us has to be)


  1. I love all the pictures but I think #2 is what I would pick if I could only pick one of them - it shows off her pretty eyes the best!

  2. I like #3, but she is beautiful in all of them. Does she get to go outside? My photographer friend tells me that outside shots are the best for animals!

  3. My vote is for #2, it show how sassy a true cat diva can be.

  4. Madi
    WE love all the pictures but our vote goes for #2. Those green eyes are like Scarlett O'Hara's and you know what kinda diva she was!

  5. We like's like Madi is saying "Don't hate me because I am beautiful!" What a true diva!

  6. Well Hey, Mom! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. It's a small world for sure. I used to work at NCState in the late 80's in the purchasing department. I moved from Cary 9 years ago in November to foster dogs for a rescue group. I ended up in Lee County by default; couldn't afford Wake.

    Madi has the exact same colors as my Smudge, but different markings. Madi is very pretty!

    I'll come back again soon!

  7. We vote for picture #2 where she looks shy and alluring. Or is that purring? We're not sure, we just know we like it!

    Riley and Star.

  8. Number 2! Number 2!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I vote # 2 also. Of course we really like all of Madi's pictures!!! She is so beautiful, Hollywood should be calling!!! And be lucky to have her!! Cute post!!!
    Love ya, Fern

  10. number 2 is my fave! Thats the one that will get her to Hollywood!

  11. Hi Madi
    I can't make a choise
    I love all your pictures :)))
    You are such a sweetie
    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. I'm sorry............but this is funny........

    Very good pics Madi..................

  13. My vote is #1. I like them all but that is the one I choose! You are a STAR Madi! You are beautiful!

  14. We love #2...and if you look closely (and maybe photoshop a bit)you can see a smile there...;-)

    Dory and the Mama

  15. Cecilia,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and your friendship!!!!!!
    Love you, Fern

  16. We love them all, but we love #1. You look like a TOTAL DIVA who is too good for the camera!

    "I'm too sexy for the camera"

  17. We like them all, Miss Diva, but we like #2 the best. Very forthright, staring right at the camera to show who is the star. :D

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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