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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

One of Madi's favorite nap chair at the dining room table.


  1. Oh Madi is so cute there! We had two kitties growing up that always slept on the dining room chairs - they each had their favorite! I think they know that their people sit there so it is nice for them to sit there when they can't sit on their people!

  2. Oh Madi!!! You are such a sweet kittie lying there. And mom just thought of one other small worldly thing...our Grandbeans that live near you...they had a Pomeranian named Madyy. Too wacky. We're gonna make mom meet you when she comes there!!! MOL

  3. Boy Madi, that looks like a really comfy chair!

  4. Nice resting place Madi! Plus you look cute and comfy.

  5. Oh Madi that just proves to me we are definitely related. I am in my favorite chair in the dining right now (snoring -- Mom adds) -- and to help give me some extra privacy, Momma adds Daddy jacket around the arms of the chair and voila I am in heaven. I sleep there many hours every day.


  6. Hi Cecilia and Madi,

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I haven't blogged since last week except to post last night's post. Little by little, hopefully, I'll get caught up.

    I'm feeling better now but I am still having trouble breathing through my nose due to the swelling. But hopefully, that will pass soon.

    Cecilia, I loved your post about visiting my son Jason and Haruka at the Saturday Market and especially, the photos. They told me that you were so nice and that they enjoyed meeting you. It cheered me up seeing their sweet faces and yours!

    Love to you and Madi,


  7. Is she hoping that you will drop some food?

  8. The diva....trying to look unconcerned but waiting for her lunch to arrive.

  9. Hi Madi and Mom,

    I don't know at this point if I will need surgery or not? Apparently, there was no displacement and the breaks are mostly horizontal. I plan to see an ENT when the swelling goes away. Thanks for asking.

    Also, yes, I do make Riley and Star's costumes. I'm not much on math or other clerical duties, but I love being creative!

    Stephanie, Riley and Star.

  10. Hi, Madi!
    That is a very good spot!
    I hope you have a happy wednesday!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Lizzie has a new favorite chair to sleep in too - the booster seat.. starting to switch Nora out of her current car seat to a bigger one... Lizzie has claimed it for the time being though. :o)

  12. Madi cute!!!
    I blogged about a chair to night too with a picture of Bambi in it.
    Love you, Fern

  13. Nifty hiding place you found there, Madi!!
    Do you jump up like a Jack In the Box if somebody comes by?!
    Long before I was on the scene, mom says Tigger the cat did that, too! Scare the daylights out of anybody not knowing he was there!!
    Cyber Chin Scratch to you!

  14. Madi couldn't have picked a better spot!!

  15. Its also my favorite place ^____^
    cute photo !!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Hang out in the kitchen.............good idea.

  17. Hello dear friend!
    What a cool and interesting spot to take a great catnap!!
    Enjoy it! :)

    purrs and love
    Luna We love Luna :)

  18. Cecilia,
    I remember that Happy use to sleep in a kitchen chair. First, Dads chair, for weeks then my chair, for weeks. That was years ago.
    Thank-you for your support on the picture thing!! I am going to try again this afternoon.
    Love, Fern

  19. Dear Madi,
    You looked so comfy in that chair that I went in the kitchen and tried to do that on our chair and fell off. I must be a little bigger than you....


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