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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Madi's Dad: Guest Blog producer/director

Madi's Dad decided today was the day to bring the outside inside to


(translated...lets see if we can drive the Cat Crazy).

He comes running in the house, 'get the camera ready...where is Madi',

Well it is the middle of a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I say, I expect she is napping.

'M A D I', he bellows, come here.

The Diva thinks it is feeding time at the Zoo she comes

running...little does she know....
has decided it is time for her to meet her first


We (I'm in on the trick, this is fun) think she will be see Madi isn't happy

when her environment is changed even the smallest change.

she casually strolls around it taking in every single smell from

the outside world smelling high

then again smelling low

and finally giving it the Madi seal of approval she
sits down beside it never once blinking a laser eye....

The Joke is on us

Madi likes pumpkins or maybe just the new smells.

Once again Madi showed us who is the is the boss of the house

STAR: Madi 'Diva' Cat

Producer/Director: Dad

Cameralady: Mom


  1. Maybe she's waiting for you to turn it into a pie!

  2. Please read Jack's blog tomorrow if you get a chance! :)

  3. Wonder if she will still like it if it is made into a Jack O Lantern!

  4. Tell your mom to make pumpkin bread! It is good! Your daddy did a good job, are you going to hire him?

  5. Hi, Madi!
    Your first encounter with a pumpkin!
    Glad it was a nice meeting and you liked it!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Madi, once again you prove the theory:
    Curioustiy got the a cat!
    Who is this intruder in your realm?
    What are these smells from?
    What's it for? Too big to roll!
    The last shot looks like you're saying:
    Maybe I should keep an eye on this thing!!

    And I agree with Remington! :)

  7. Hi Madi,

    That pumpkin is bigger then you but your not afraid of it at all! We knew you were intelligent anyway, cause you can read big books!

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    P.S. Mommy is doing much better but hasn't been out much cause her face still looks like a rainbow. Not as pretty, but just as colorful! Tell your mommy, thanks for asking.

    Riley and Star.

  8. hahahha funny story sweet friends, but it's really true! Here I'm also trying to put my smell all over the place.It's not easy so I need to work hard! :)
    Great post, have a nice Sunday there!
    purrs and love
    ( We love Luna )

  9. Very cute!!! Funny too!!! Madi you are a very smart girl!! We love your posts!!!
    Hugs, Bambi and her Mom

  10. Haha! Madi, as we say...always keep the humans guessing...always give them the opposite reaction of what they are expecting! You are a true diva!!

  11. That is so funny Madi - you totally got the best of them!


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